How His Father’s Death Made Wong Cho Lam Into a Man


Breaking into the Mainland Chinese market with great success, Wong Cho Lam (王祖蓝) shared his turbulent career history with students at a school while promoting Asian Idol Action <亚洲榜样行动>. Throughout the discussion, Cho Lam would casually flash his wedding band, as if to show the world how happy he is as a married man.

Father’s Death Forced Cho Lam to Grow Up Quickly

While growing up, Cho Lam and his family lived under harsh conditions. As his father contracted a serious illness and was unable to work, his family of four had to depend on government welfare assistance for a living. They also incurred approximately $5000 USD in debts from paying for Mr. Wong’s treatment. When his father eventually passed away, Cho Lam took the responsibility of looking after the family. He studied and worked at the same time, expending twice or thrice as much effort as others his age.

At the beginning of his entertainment career, due to his short stature and plain looks, Cho Lam had limited progress. He was confined to roles such as children’s variety program host, and mascot for promotional activities. However, precisely because of the variety of jobs Cho Lam has experienced, he was able to showcase diverse performance styles onstage and onscreen.

Falling in Love with Leanne Li

Due to his family background and his lackluster career performance at the time, Cho Lam initially had many reservations about confessing his feelings towards Leanne Li (李亚男). When they finally admitted to dating, there were many who disapproved of the relationship. Cho Lam said, “As long as I’m content and show more of my inner beauty, the person I love and whom loves me will always think I’m the most handsome.”

Addressing the rumor that Cho Lam recently bought a multi-million mansion for Leanne and put her name on the title, Cho Lam said placidly, “Everything I have belongs to my wife, no matter what it is. Property prices in Hong Kong are so high…I’ll use them as a target to motivate myself, work harder, and take on more jobs. It is a must to work hard for the sake of establishing my family. You’ll be seeing a lot of me in the future!”

Wants to Be Angelababy’s Bridesmaid

Cho Lam also spoke about the third season of the popular Chinese program Running Man <奔跑吧兄弟> and praised his new team member, Lu Han (鹿晗), “He performed very well!” Cho Lam added that there were however plans to “sabotage” this new team member, which aroused a strong reaction from the crowd.

On the upcoming October wedding between Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Cho Lam revealed that he was very eager to be Angelababy’s “bridesmaid”.


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  1. I don’t know about anyone of you…but I would absolutely refuse it if my wife or gf insist on putting my name on properties that she bought with her hard earned money. This Cho Lam whipped boy is not just putting her name on it, he is putting her name as sole owner to all the properties he is buying.

    Maybe I’m a guy so I don’t understand this. But don’t you girls find it unacceptable at all? Or is this expected in the Chinese culture? Leanne is just accepting all the properties with open arms, would you do the same? In Western societies, this is gold digging to the max.

    1. @mike personally don’t think it’s an issue..for the guy to buy something and put it solely under her name or if the girl is capable and does the same for the guy. If they have complete trust with each other, I don’t see it being an issue.

      As I always say to my husband.. my money is my money.. your money is also my money… as typically, I manage our money better then him and since he’s willing, why not? As long as the other partner is not crazy and waste their fortune then it’s not a problem.

      1. @happybi
        Sorry but if I were a guy,I would never marry a girl that claims her money is her money and my money is hers. That is just not right at all. I have all brothers and would hate it if any girl automatically claims my brothers’ hard earned money as her own.

      2. @hetieshou I think I would feel the same if it was my brother and he is marry to a gold digger. But if my brother is someone who doesn’t manage his money well, then I have no issue if my SIL manage his money for him. It will help their relationship. I feel the same if it’s the other way around. If the wife is someone who doesn’t manage her money well, I don’t see a problem with the husband managing their assets. It’s a win-win situation. Also very important when kids are involve as they are a big expense!

    2. #mike
      I do believe it has a lot to do w/Chinese culture. I mean, think about it would Americans only has one sole owner ONLY when they do all those prenups? Come on, you never know esp if you have money.
      This might be a bit out of topic but think that Tuna girl Jessica Simpson. When she married that ex 98 degs hubby, he has much more than she did back then so the dad manager of hers didn’t insist on a prenub or something. So somehow she ended up divorcing him and huge payback or something for that ex hubby. So there, mistakes mistakes she probably thinks at the time since she has nothing to lose since she has nothing but suprises surprises, tuna girl ended up w/a lot more than he had. Live and Learn. LOL..
      Ok, back to topic. This situation is unique, he is short, un-atttactive but somewhat talented and can make money while she is un-promoted, not popular at all, a passed MS. HK and an attractive one at that. So in this case, this dude probably had a lot to prove to the parents and the girl in order for her to be his trophy wife so I guess in a way he always feels he has to prove himself or else what other attractiveness is there for him? Haha lol…I am sorry this sounds harsh but like elderly used to say all the time…It’s a give and take situation, all relationship are based on something and in this case, money is a big factor for the acceptance to come thru or at least that’s how I see it based on how he stresses he has to buy her this and that.
      With that being said, I doubt any women will say ENOUGH is enough?? The dude is willing to shell it out and she’s not accepting it? I doubt you will see such a straight and arrow women in this day and age? Haha…LOL .. I mean if I would to get married to a guy like him and he’s willing to splash it to me sure I will take it BUT BUT I don’t see anything wrong w/a JOINT ownership???
      So it really depends on the person and situations, everyone is different, some are greedier than others.

  2. Both incredibly smart and incredibly stupid. Whatever it is have a prenup if possible. Anyway I don’t doubt his responsible nature as a husband and son. He had a hard life as with most others.

    1. #funnlim
      Exactly, she is incredible smart and he is incredibly stupid. haha LOL…what’s up w/a prenup if you have money? haha…It’s for everyone’s protection.
      This one I wouldn’t called her incredibly an obvious golddigger cuz at least this short guy is not bald, old enough to be her father like the other ones we hear w/those barely legal actresses who popped kids out before marriage. lol

  3. This is a complete financial suicide for WCL. They may be “in love” now, but who knows what will happen, 5, 10, maybe 20 years down the road. All it takes is ONE significant mishap then their marriage is over. At that point, WCL will be left with nothing, while Leanne will be laughing all the way to the bank. Keep in mind that Leanne was BORN and RAISED in Canada. She’s very westernized, for her, this has NOTHING to do with Chinese culture and having her manage the household assets and expenses (like many honger wives do). To me, she is gold digging to the max if she’s willing to accept all the assets that WCL provides in her name with open arms.

    1. #anon
      haha lol… good point, to her it’s western culture huh? lol..
      you know when i think of golddiggers, i am thinking of UGLY, BALD and OLD ENOUGH TO BE THEIR FATHERS so i am trying to cut this one some slack? lol like there are some love somewhere? hahhaa
      Cuz w/Isabella, Mandy something you know those it’s so obvious when they popped out babies out of wedlock so those it’s like GOLDDIGGING TO THE MAX? lol…

    1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      1. @freedalas well then Huang Xiao Ming must have a ton he needed to prove to “ugly” Angelababy, right? Any guy who gives extravagant gifts must be compensating for something rather than just loving his significant other a lot? How about Donnie Yen and his wife? Or Raymond Lam to Karena? Or Cathy Tsui and Richard Li?

      2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      3. @freedalas is Angelababy matched with HXM? Maybe after a load of plastic surgery and even if you say it’s never been proven, even HXM himself has revealed that she has her ugly moments. Personally I don’t find her attractive at all. So I don’t find them matched in any way. So why would he showed her with expensive presents? And if “looking matched” is all that matters, well then WCL can just get plastic surgery, wear 4 ft heels and he’ll be fine right? That logic is seriously shallow.

      4. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      5. @coralie
        Totally agree with you. I think freedalas is just looks looks and looks again. I see her openly praising Kevin and Grace in spite of the large age gap and Him and Tavia as well. However, in the midst of all that,she comes back and mocks WCL. I feel that she has some special hatred towards WCL that goes beyond just him marrying Leanne. I remember my classmate telling me that regardless of good you look,you will eventually get old anyways. Therefore, at the end of the day it is the inside that counts more. Sadly many in this world are still very shallow to realize that.

      6. @freedalas
        Boy,you are truly unbelievable. Honestly, you need to realize that a marriage should be more than just looks and money. If that is the case in WCL and Leanne’s case,then time will tell. If she still stays with him through thick and thin, then she does love him and is not only in it for the money. There is more to anyone then what meets the eye and that is honestly something you need to learn. Did you ever learn to not judge a book by its cover? I learned that when I was 5 years old and it was one of the biggest and most important lessons of my life.

      7. @freedalas
        You have some intense hatred for WCL that goes beyond what any of us think. If you want to see mismatched looks, did you ever see Shui Ling and her husband,Chen Jian Bang? I think Shui Ling is even more beautiful than Leanne and her husband is not great looking either. However, they are very happily married and she loves him more than he loves her. He only writes a poem or sings her a song and she is happy. She really admires her husband and looks up to him,but in terms of looks,they are very mismatched. That is just one of the many examples of couples who are happy in spite of having mismatched looks. There is more to any marriage or person rather than just looks.

  4. Honestly, while it’s “smart” to think of the future and your assets, if that’s all you’re really thinking about when you marry someone, then maybe you don’t love that person enough.

    I think WCL buying Leanne costly presents is his way of showing her his love, trust and ability to provide. She doesn’t have to wonder about having a roof over her head and he feels that’s the least he could do for her. This is also a Chinese tradition, in a way.

    Now if you’re a Westerner, maybe someone doing so much for you makes you seem like a high maintenance gold-digger. But I think it’s highly romantic that someone is willing to forsake his all to prove his love. When it comes down to it, women never says no to security. And when a guy voluntarily gives you everything, what more can you hope for in love?

    1. @coralie

      “Honestly, while it’s “smart” to think of the future and your assets, if that’s all you’re really thinking about when you marry someone, then maybe you don’t love that person enough”

      If your response was directed at me, then here’s my 2 cents. Money and assets are not the most important attributes in a marriage, but it’s definitely one of the most important. By the sound of it, WCL is willing to buy all significant assets under Leanne’s name. Does love mean that I need to provide all my assets under my wife’s name to show how much I love her? NO! How about buying significant amount of assets under her name? Again! NO! The way I see it, it should either be split right in the middle or assets should be divided independently. That’s the only way I see how a successful marriage should work.

      “I think WCL buying Leanne costly presents is his way of showing her his love, trust and ability to provide. She doesn’t have to wonder about having a roof over her head and he feels that’s the least he could do for her. This is also a Chinese tradition, in a way.”

      That’s fine! But if you read this article along with other recent WCL and Leanne Li articles. You would know that he’s trying to buy the world FOR Leanne. Please explain to me how this is logical for both parties.

      “Now if you’re a Westerner, maybe someone doing so much for you makes you seem like a high maintenance gold-digger. But I think it’s highly romantic that someone is willing to forsake his all to prove his love. When it comes down to it, women never says no to security. And when a guy voluntarily gives you everything, what more can you hope for in love?”

      In the first paragraph you claim that money and assets shouldn’t matter when it comes to love. But the paragraph above is an oxymoron to what you said earlier. If love means spending all the money I have to provide her with “security” and fancy her then it’s NOT love, imo. Love requires both parties to work together to achieve their goal. Not lopsided where one party puts in their life savings, and in a blink of an eye when a relationship turns downhill. They lose everything overnight. Maybe it’s just me, but I can never put my full trust in ANYONE. I will always be skeptical.

      In the real world, if two people have such great disparity in income, then the party that makes the most money should suggest a prenup. If the woman says no or feel offended, then she probably isn’t worth it.

      1. @anon no I wasn’t directing this comment @ you but more so towards the sentiment expressed on this topic by all users.

        And that’s great that you feel everything should be split right down the middle. I call that a roommate and not a significant other cus I wouldn’t be so calculating. But in the end, love is a faith based belief. You love so you do loving things. It’s that simple. And for WCL to take that step and give Leanne everything, he’s just expressing his love. The thing with faith is that it isn’t reliable and it requires utmost trust and devotion towards each other. Those who are able to withstand it considers it very rewarding and fulfilling. As Winston Churchill would say, we make a living by what we get but we make a life out of what we give.

  5. The question that the rich always pose to their poorer respective partner isn’t “how much do i love you?” but rather, “how much are you going to take from me if we divorce?”

    It’s calculating, cynical, SMART, practical and good business practice in general. But relationships aren’t business and shouldn’t be considered with a business mindset. It’s about considering each other partners for life, for better or worse, rich or poor, etc. And when that happens, they’re no longer just a liability but a person who you treasure and are devoted to. If that’s the case, what’s wrong with showering with gifts?

    1. @coralie

      There’s idealism then there’s realism. If what you say is true about love and marriage than why is it that most couples when going through a divorce, begin nickle and diming one another?

      Reality is marriage is a business these days. That doesn’t mean it’s all about money, but the financial aspect of it plays a HUGE ROLE and WILL always be taken into consideration. You’re telling me that if a BILLIONAIRE marrys a commoner, he will NOT do what it takes to protect his assets incase of a divorce? There’s NOTHING romantic from a man’s point of view of losing their family fortune if a divorce is imminent. This may sound shallow, but I personally know of several couples that had taken these preventative measures, not because they wanted to, but because the differences in their income was just TOO WIDE. You’re telling me that BECAUSE they’ve taken these security measure that means they don’t LOVE each other? HA!

      If LOVE is SO PURE and UNDYING, money shouldn’t even be part of this discussion, but it is, spoken in this article, and your reference to providing “security”.

      1. @anon no it’s not an oxymoron. You don’t have to shower women with gifts to prove your lov, but for some this is their way of proving it. So you and I don’t have much of a say about whether doing that makes sense or not. And while money isn’t the end all be all factor in a relationship, you also agree it plays a huge role in relationships. I agree, but that’s also why again I don’t see anything wrong with what WCL is doing. And then you also brought up the point that money shouldn’t matter…well, who’s the contradictory one here?

        It’s a timeless argument. Men go for looks and women go for security. But times are changing now and guys can go for sugar mamas and women can become breadwinners. It’s becoming a balanced equation where men and women both look for the same thing – whether each other can provide. If one can provide more, and willing to provide more…who are you and I to say nay?

      2. @coralie Exactly! I don’t find him insecure for doing what he is doing. If this is how he show love, why can’t he if he is capable of doing it? If my husband do the same for me, I would gladly accept! I do not see it being a problem. Leane could be the one who manage money better so if he has complete trust in her, I don’t see it being an issue that he leave things for her to manage. Is she a gold digger? No I do not think so.. with her looks she can probably go for an older guy who has more money than WCL. But for her to pick him, I believe she loves him.

        Yes I am a romantic and when they started dating, I was rooting for them as they were an unlikely pair. But they made it to marriage and I was very happy for them.

      3. @anon
        Good points anon! It all goes back to the old saying that guys love “se”(beauty/looks) while the girls like “cai”(money/talent). However, these days,women are more capable of making their own dough instead of just relying on the guy.

        In this case, WCL seems to be doing all of the work to earn money. What is Leanne doing? She should help earn money too since it is not like she has kids to take care of. Also, just because your husband or whoever offers something it is not like you have to take it. Things can get ugly if you ever divorce and all…

  6. Only time will tell if Leanne’s just a gold digger or if she does love him despite his physical ( shortcomings. Good luck to WCL.

  7. Why does everyone think he is stupid? To me he is the smarter 1. He bought the Assets under name but it doesnt mean she can just take and go. Im sure all the assets still have a large mortgage, which also mean high monthly repayment which Leanne can not afford to pay on her own. By the time the asset is paid off, Leanne will not be young anymore.

    Doesnt Hong Kong have 50% asset split when separating? If they do then doesnt matter who own the asset, they will still have to split.

    1. @1nit Property prices tend to increase more than decrease. Assuming relationship breaks down she can sell the properties. Since she paid nothing into them, she doesn’;t need to count her losses. She just sells and take the balance sum.

      That’s why I said he is smart and stupid. Smart to put them in her name and stupid because if things break down she can just walk away with the properties.

  8. I am not sure of the laws in Hong Kong but property rights aren’t as simple as it looks.

    If the two were to divorce, WCL is still entitled to part of the assets. If WCL can prove he paid for the down payment and mortgage for the houses, Leanne may not be guaranteed the full amount of the houses. In fact, Leanne may end up with nothing if WCL hires a good lawyer and claims it was a gift in their marriage. In the event of a divorce, the “contract” is automatically broken and the gift may be returned to the person who gave the gift. It all depends how good of a lawyer they hire. Even if Leanne sells the houses before they are divorced WCL is still entitled to the money gained from selling the houses.

    WCL is not stupid (like some of you claimed), he is fairly smart and he knows what he is doing.

    1. @mihn
      Good points! I have a good feeling that WCL truly knows what he is doing. If their marriage ever breaks down, he will not walk away empty handed.

    2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      1. @freedalas I don’t have to think this is TVB drama, I know a good lawyer can change the outcome of any case. In real life, it happens on a daily basis. You think law is fair and by the books? Keep dreaming in your little bubble.

        In case you don’t know different countries have different laws and I have already claimed I am unsure of the laws in HK. Just because you open your mouth on the Internet does not mean you know what you are talking about. In this situation WCL and Leanne are also a married couple, so there are also martial rights to be considered. I have seen with my eyes gifts (engagement rings, cars, houses, dogs, clothes, etc.) being returned to the person who gave the gift, even when there’s prenup or written in black and white.

        What have you seen? Some messed up vision of how Leanne is some gold digger who’s only after WCL’s money? If that’s the case then Leanne must be pretty stupid. WCL isn’t that rich, the houses are leased and its not fully paid for. She should find some other rich dude that can buy the house in cold hard cash so she doesn’t have to worry about the mortgage. You’re pathetic.

      2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      3. @freedalas

        You are obviously looking for some attention online which is why you keep on trolling. I can’t see a mentally healthy individual commenting in every other article about WCL this, WCL that. You have some serious issues and need medical help.

        On the other hand I don’t need to think or wish, I have seen it with my own eyes. I know it for a fact and its an undeniable truth. You can go on living under that rock of yours and continue telling yourself these twisted lies as some sort of comfort. It’s pathetic how individuals like yourself thinks they know the truth with a few random quotes or articles written by the HK paps. It’s beyond pathetic and truly a waste of bandwidth.

        If you don’t know anything about law, you should spend more time learning about them. Using “common sense” doesn’t get you really far in life. Being ignorant is no self defense and hardly ever works.

      4. @freedalas

        If you can find me a written law that specifically states that being ugly or short denies them the right to assets in the event of a divorce, that would be great. I highly doubt you will find anything remotely close. Go ahead and yap away with that big mouth of yours, that doesn’t deny WCL his rights.

        As long as you continue to troll and be stupid, I don’t have to try to impress others.

      5. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      1. @hetieshou Leanne is MCI which means she won the Miss title twice. So it is a certificate to prove that she is a beauty, even if you think she is not that beautiful.

      2. @alluka
        Sorry but to me just because you win any pageant does not necessarily mean that you are automatically beautiful. But even if she was,she should honestly help her husband earn money to provide for their future family. Carrying the financial burden alone is very hard.

  9. Honestly, I don’t know why so many people question WCL and LL’s relationship. Why can’t we just accept that perhaps LL is actually in love with WCL as a person? He might not be a looker but I think it’s unfair to assume that LL is that shallow. I recall that in an interview or variety show, their relationship definitely looked genuine and you could tell that LL values the way WCL makes her laugh and his general patience with her.

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