Kristal Tin Opens Her Own Company

Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) recently announced that her contract with TVB has come to an end and she will be leaving her employer of 12 years. She did not attend the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony, and at the time it was rumored that she would be joining Louis Koo’s (古天樂) management company. Instead, the 42-year-old actress finally announced that she has opened a new company.

On Facebook, Kristal shared that she wanted to leave an environment she had grown comfortable in to seek new challenges and opportunities. She wrote, “Start! Everything’s starting…anew! I really like the word start. It can mean beginning, to initiate, a starting point, a grand opening, etc. Today, I am starting my work. Other than starting work, I have opened a new [fan] page along with a company. Thank you to my multi-talented assistant for sticking with me, and thank you to my wonderful clients who are supporting me in this new endeavor!”

Within a few hours, her page had over 70,000 likes and 140,000 followers. Her husband Chapman To (杜汶澤) also helped to promote with the message, “Kristal Tin’s new start and all new fan page! I’ve already liked, have you? Possibly the only thing in the world better than Chapman To’s Late Show…Rush in to like and share! Do you want her to sell all of my suits and turnips?!”

This is in reference to the popular game Animal Crossing: New Horizons which Chapman and Kristal have recently become addicted to. Kristal instantly replied, “Your turnips are at a good price; we need to sell them now! You can’t even wear all of your suits; our house isn’t big enough, so need to sell some!”

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  1. “Instead, the 42-year-old actress finally announced that she has opened a new company.”

    I hate to be blunt, but it won’t be successfu because you don’t have the managerial skills, the star power nor the money.

  2. This woman is full of *. Just a few days ago in another article she said she didn’t know what her future plans are cause life is unpredictable like COVID-19 so she doesn’t want to plan yet. A few days later, she starts a management company and opens a physical office. I’ve been there and done that. That’s not how business plans work. I’m sure she had a plan all along and this was her plan. There’s nothing wrong with being upfront with the media especially when you’re no longer a TVB artist. This woman is so manipulative.

    As for her new venture, I am not optimistic that she can do well. She doesn’t have the people skills that is required in this business. She’s a very blunt person by nature that easily steps on the toes of others. She seems like the type needs to be managed by a manager, and not emotionally grounded enough to manage others. I also don’t think she’s that well-connected in the mainland nor does she have deep pockets for this type of venture.

    Just take a look at Wong Cho Lam, aside from a few small acts that he was able to get for a few of his actor friends in his management company, he hasn’t been able to land any major projects yet WCL is far more connected in the mainland than Kristal is.

    1. @anon
      I doubt Kristal is aiming her business at the mainland. Mainland hates her husband and her for their political outbursts. They are blacklisted forever…

      1. @jimmyszeto to all you commnie loving ftard be PRO democracy PRO right is forth being blacked market by mainland China at all cost. It so surprising to see so many dumbasses on this site.

      2. @seriously
        I said stated a fact that ‘China hates Chapman To and Kristal’. It’s been over the entertainment news for years. That makes me pro communism and pro China. Yeah right!

    2. @anon This woman is married to Chapman To so what do you expect. Two loudmouth hypocrites = match made in heaven.

      Also, she’ll never break in the Mainland market (I doubt it’s even her goal) after what her husband said about the Chinese government few years ago lol

      1. @karina I couldn’t agree more. I always feel they are both #one of a kind/match made in heaven#. haha…lol..Both annoying as heck esp the so called hubby who got popular.

  3. Eh? Why does everyone here by default equates opening a company to building a big business to last multi generations?

    A lot of people register companies not for the sake of building scalable businesses but to take advantage of corporate tax. Let’s not forget that Hong Kong has the lowest tax rate (16.5%) in Asia region [extra: Singapore comes next with 17%]. If she books the revenue from whatever medium or jobs she will earn from under her company and still get business expense deductions (e.g. clothes, make up etc), her effective taxable income is very much lower than declaring her income as a self-employed person. Hong Kong also has no capital gains tax so being the sole or primary shareholder, she can effectively take out money from her business in the form of dividends and this will not be taxed either.

    People need to calm down and stop projecting those typical MBA textbook nonsense to assume all companies must have business plans, management teams or succession plans. Besides, opening a company makes sense since it is “safer” to sign contracts with clients using the company name instead of taking personal liability (though there are cases the corporate veil can be lifted but this is more susceptible to fraudulent and criminal cases).

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