Kristal Tin’s 23-Inch Waist is Thanks to Chapman To

Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) is already 42 years old. However, the award-winning actress continues to maintain a fit physique. Coupled with her maturity, confidence, and healthy lifestyle, Kristal emits an aura of elegance and charm. After receiving acclaim for her acting, Kristal released her new album Saturnian last year. Proud to showcase her figure, Kristal appeared nude on the album cover and received much praise from fans.

Recalling her earlier days of unhealthy choices, Kristal expressed that she once had a 30-inch waist. Most of the excess weight was evidently noticeable on her arms and belly area. Finally, she decided to lose the weight and successfully shed 11 pounds. In comparison to her 30-inch waist, Kristal now boasts a 23-inch waist. In addition to following a healthy regimen, Kristal also stays conscious about her eating habits and exercises religiously.

Kristal pointed to her husband Chapman To (杜汶澤) playing a vital role in her healthy lifestyle. Chapman often prepares food for his wife, which is usually high in protein. Chapman also makes sure to keep things interesting and cooks a variety of foods, including fish, chicken breast, avocado, and other vegetables.

A netizen praised, “A man who can cook is the best!” Kristal sweetly responded, “Mr. To is really going crazy when it comes to cooking. He even makes the yogurt I eat for breakfast by himself!”

Source: HK01

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  1. Having met both of them before and interacted quite a bit, I can honestly say this lady got really lucky. Chapman To is super nice, easy going, friendly, and chill. Her, on the other hand, one word to describe her, B****. Man, she thinks she is all that. Really can’t stand her. I enjoy her acting just fine but as a person, yuck! With her looks and her personality, she got lucky to have someone that can stand her. Not to say Chapman To is perfect because he certainly isn’t with his past cheating history and his outspokenness. But he can do better for sure. And from the sounds of it, he seems to treat Kristal very well. Lucky lady for sure.

    1. @gnomageddon I think both are #perfect# for each other. If you think she’s a Biatch…the other is also no angel. haha….lol 2 of a kind if you asked me. Both have this “I am all that” kinda attitude just from interviews and functions but perhaps that’s why they are a match made in heaven. haha lol…

    2. @gnomageddon I’d say Chapman To is lucky to have Kristal because not a lot of women can forgive cheating. He betrayed her, which says something about his character.

      1. @luye true, not a lot of women can forgive cheating but unfortunately, a lot do. I still wouldn’t say he is lucky to have her though because despite his cheating, there are way too many stupid women that would be willing to throw themselves at him, regardless, so he is fine with or without her. Unless she is his absolute true love, then yes, he is lucky she forgave him.

      2. @gnomageddon
        i don’t think he cheated on her. i think he cheated on his ex-gf with her. his ex filmed some soft porn movie to pay his debt too if i remember correctly.

      3. @gnomageddon Just because “women throw themselves at him,” that doesnt mean he should cheat on his wife. It’s not a valid excuse. Kristal seems like she would be fine without him

      4. @luye I never said that cheating is acceptable or excusable in any way and I clearly agreed with other posters saying a faithful man is the best. But what I am saying is that the fact of the matter is there would still be women wanting to be with him, despite his cheating. And Kristal is a prime example of that. If we were to judge his character based on his infidelity, we ought to also think about the women who forgive men that are unfaithful as well, right? Gracious? Sure, if you want to call it that. Dumb? Probably more in line with my mentality. Insecure? Absolutely. Why else feel the need to stay with a man that cheats on you if you truly feel and believe you can live life without him? We won’t know if she would be fine without him or not because that’s hypothetical. Perhaps she would be, but for whatever reason, she doesn’t seem to think so, thus, ultimately choosing to forgive him and stay with him instead. So maybe she feels she is better off with him, than without. Right? Oh well, to each their own.

    1. @jimmyszeto Absolutely agree with you. A faithful man is better than a wealthy man that cheats a lot like Alvin Chau. Haha I guess @wm2017 is right. Maybe they both deserve each other lol.

      1. @m0m0 I think she is as good as if not better than some past popular fandans like Jessica or Charmaine. She is missing the great scripting of the past. She is mature looking so that limits her roles, but she is versatile in drama or comedy. She isn’t someone that I would seek out for a series, but I would think her presence would be a positive if I were already Interested.

      2. @potatochip

        I think Kristal is a better actress than Jessica Hsuan but not as good as Charmaine. Unfortunately for Kristal, her acting and look isn’t as versatile compared to the other two in terms of the types of roles that she can play and can play it convincingly. Kristal isn’t convincing outside of her typical over-the-top bitchy/badass/loud mouth roles that she gets at TVB. Jessica is similar to Kristal in the sense that she can only play goody two-shoe roles and her acting ain’t even that good. Charmaine can play both convincingly.

      3. @potatochip
        Kristal’s acting is good and she has put in a good number or years at TVB when other actresses of her level disappeared after ATV stopped making dramas. It was a 2nd life for her and she definitely made the most of it. One of her last series Destination Nowhere, her performance deserved to win another ‘Best Actress’. She’s beef consistently good that she probably has 5 or 6 award winning performances. However, I think she has chose the right time to retire from TVB. She isn’t as popular due to association of combined arrogance with Chapman To and the her strong political views. Her face is just not attractive to watch anymore as lead now and age is becoming a factor. I agree with your rankings that Kristal ranks between Charmaine and Jessica.

      4. @jimmyszeto Besides Line Walker, I really don’t find Charmaine interesting. She has played many roles, but to me, is not all that convincing. Perhaps, it is my bias, but I still remember how awful she was when she started. Objectively, she has improved significantly, but still lacks that special spark for me.

        Krystal has more consistency. But you’re right that it is probably a good time to retire. Or at least take 5 years off and come back in more mature motherly roles or something. It’s unfortunate, TVB really needs the talent right now.

      5. @potatochip @jimmyszeto i agree that her looks limit the roles that she can get. I think Krystal’s acting is better than Jessica & Charmaine. She has been able to handle some difficult roles extremely well, such as Phoenix Rising & Destination Nowhere. Her most recent drama, Girly Days is also pretty good

      6. @jimmyszeto I am going to confess that I haven’t seen “When Heavens Burn”. I had taken a 10 or so years break from TVB at that time. I am not sure what possesses me to go back to watching these series in the last couple of years, lol.

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