How Vicki Zhao Shed 30 Pounds

The prominent Chinese actress regained a lithe figure despite proclaiming herself as a food lover.

Forty-year-old Vicki Zhao (趙薇) is married with a daughter to businessman, Huang Youlong (黃有龍). Once voted the most beautiful woman in China in 2005 by and People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” in 2006,  Vicki’s bodily changes in recent years has come under the public spotlight.

In April 2017, Vicki’s plump appearance in a red dress at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards, which revealed her flabby arms and overall aged appearance, became a topic of netizens’ vicious gossip.

In mid-May 2017, she attended Leo Ku‘s (古巨基) concert in Hong Kong and her appearance once again evoked nasty comments from some netizens. Perhaps it was their vitriol which steeled Vicki’s resolve to put her weight loss plans into action.

Loses 30 Pounds

Within the short span of a month, the actress lost 22 pounds. Continuing her resolve, Vicki has since lost about 30 pounds in total. Appearing in Mainland reality show Chinese Restaurant <中餐廳>, Vicki appeared much slimmer with slender legs, sharper face, and youthful look.

In December 2017, Vicki uploaded stunning photos on Weibo of herself at the Hainan International Movie Festival in a black mesh gown with a red velvet belt, which showcased her supple waist perfectly. She looked slimmer than she was when filming Chinese Restaurant.

Secrets to Achieving Slim Figure

Some netizens have commented that Vicki is now slimmer than she was years ago in her breakout role as “Xiao Yanzi” in My Fair Princess <還珠格格>. They are all curious to know her weight loss secrets. Being a 42-year-old mother, she would presumably have a lower metabolism rate which will make it harder for her to slim down within a short period.

*Dieting Discipline- Calling herself a food-lover who is always the first to pick up and last to put down her chopsticks at the dining table, Vicky has attributed her slimming success to the mantra “eat less, exercise more”, and states simply that diet management is the most crucial.

*Homemade Fruit and Vegetable Juice- In September 2018, Vicki looked visibly slimmer than she did previously. She shared how she would drink her own homemade fruit and vegetable juice, with ingredients such as cucumbers, apples, tomatoes and bitter gourd, and also add garlic, onions, chilies according to preference. While the combination sounds unappealing, the actress would insist on drinking the her juice daily for her health and slimming goals.

*Swimming- The most frequent exercise Vicki does is swimming, which explains her slender legs. Vicki would sneak in swimming sessions during her filming breaks. In fact, she calls swimming the most effective slimming exercise which not only increases her muscle flexibility but also her lung capacity. A half-hour session is more than adequate in burning excess calories.

Source: Oriental Sunday

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  1. it’s also that she’s a celebrity, she has a whole team to support her, training, nutritionist, helpers. an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to do it on their own unless immensely overweight.

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