Animated Film “No. 7 Cherry Lane” Brings Back 1960’s Hong Kong

Directed by Yonfan (楊凡), his animation debut No. 7 Cherry Lane <繼園台7> will bring audiences back to 1960’s Hong Kong, a decade of successful economic growth for the former British colony but a period of political turmoil for its neighbors back in mainland China.

Set in 1967, the film tells the story of an English literature student who gets involved in a love triangle with the student he tutors, and the student’s middle-aged mother. It features the voices of some of Yonfan’s frequent collaborators, including Sylvia Chang (張艾嘉), Vicki Zhao (趙薇), Daniel Wu (吳彥祖), Alex Lam (林德信), and Kelly Yao.

Kai Yuen Street, which is where the story is mostly set in, is located in Hong Kong’s North Point, where it was once regarded as “Little Shanghai” during the 1950’s. Famous Chinese writers such as Stephen Soong (宋淇) and Eileen Chang (張愛玲) once resided there.

No. 7 Cherry Lane itself is based on the short story A Night Drunk on the Spring Breeze <春風沉醉的夜晚>, written by Yonfan himself.

The film is set to compete in the Toronto International Film Festival and for the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Mtime

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