Daniel Wu On Hands-on Parenting

Turning his focus to Hollywood lately, it has been 4 long years since actor Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) last returned to Hong Kong. Without the burden of being an idol, the 49-year-old is content to put his family in first place, and most hopes to become a “good father to his daughter”.

Hands-on Parenting More Rewarding than Expected

When Daniel’s mother had a colorectal cancer relapse in 2014, the actor moved to America with his wife Lisa S. and daughter to care for her. He later decided to stay put there to care for his father, who passed away a year ago, on the eve of his 93rd birthday.

Having been in the States for 9 years – his daughter Raven is now 10 – he was initially worried that he would find it boring to keep staying at home during the pandemic, but later realized how much he enjoyed raising his daughter hands-on, and even took to sharing snippets of his parenting experiences on social media, such as of himself applying nail polish for her!

Now that Raven is entering her rebellious teenage years, Daniel spoke on the tougher parenting challenge. “(I) might not like certain aspects of what I see in her, but these are all stuff I’ve been through when I was young, so I’d let her realize them herself, or let her realize her own mistakes through exploring, sometimes you have to let her stumble, to let her know the pain of falling, and how to get up; if you often hold her tight and never let her fall, one day when you’re not around, she’d not know how to handle problems,”

Daniel shared his observation that the young generation nowadays often throw in the towel on encountering challenges, giving up at the first instance. He shared that despite this, “life is full of endless difficulties and challenges, so I have to find a balance, if I mention it too often, she’d find (me) naggy, and would never listen to any of what you say, so I’ve to (pick my battles) and speak up depending on the circumstance, I feel that this is a very important topic in life, at least at this stage for me, it’s pretty interesting,”

“Balding” Male God with Dad Bod?  
With a photoshopped picture of himself with a protruding belly and receding hairline making its rounds on Chinese platform Xiao Hong Shu, Daniel has been worrying his fans. However, the one-time “male god” confesses, “Now that I’m old, I don’t really mind what others think, I hope that other than my appearance, they will also notice more of my life or the projects I pick and other roles,” What’s most important for Daniel now, as he puts it, is “my own family, how my daughter views me, I hope she sees me as a good father, it’s that simple”.

Source: MPWeekly

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