Vicki Zhao Resurfaces on Social Media

When rumors began circulating in 2021 that Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) was involved in a controversy involving the Chinese government’s crackdown on Alibaba Group’s founder, Jack Ma (馬雲), the actress suddenly vanished from her social media platforms. Speculated to have been blacklisted from China’s Internet servers and streamlining platforms, Vicki has primarily remained out of the spotlight for the past two years.

Recently, the 47-year-old actress has resurfaced online. On her birthday, she posted a selfie and recorded a message to fans. In the photo, Vicki wore minimal makeup and appeared happy and content while celebrating her birthday, seemingly unaffected by the year-long ban. Greeting fans on the recording, Vicki said, “Thank you everyone for coming here today, and then not leaving immediately after. I received all the birthday wishes. I hope each and everyone one of you is happy.”

Fans were excited to see Vicki back on social media platforms and left encouraging messages. Some wrote, “My goddess, you are back! I hope you’ve been well,” while others joked, “A missing person has returned.”

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    1. FBB is back, but she’s back in Korea and the West. China can’t control other countries.

      1. How is she ‘back’ in Korea and the West when she never lived there? She’s free to work and travel out of China, but still has a house there.

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