Zhao Wei Flies to France?

With speculation swirling about Chinese star Vicki Zhao Wei’s (趙薇) whereabouts, the actress was rumored to have flown to Bordeaux, Southwestern France via a private charter!

Netizen Shares Update from A Friend  

Recently believed to be blacklisted and named as a “tainted artiste,” Zhao Wei had her name stripped from her repertoire of works, including My Fair Princess <還珠格格> which catapulted her to fame. One of China’s biggest stars, the 45-year-old appeared to have disappeared recently, and even her good friend actress Yuan Li (袁立) commented that she has been unable to locate her.  

According to the netizen who heard from a friend in Bordeaux, Zhao Wei arrived via a private flight to Bordeaux. He wrote, “My friend is right there in Bordeaux–after getting wind of the news, he went to the airport and saw Zhao Wei!” He added that she had landed at the airport around 2:20 a.m. local time on August 27, and was seen by his friend leaving the airport in a private car. “She boarded a Toyota–it swerved real quick in the carpark, and was gone!”

There was also talk that her husband Huang Youlong (黃有龍) had been waiting for her at the winery for some time. Igniting another wave of chatter online, some doubted the veracity of the news, while others believed it was authentic as Zhao Wei had indeed acquired a winery in Bordeaux years ago. 

Zhao Wei first visited France in 2008.  In 2011, Huang Youlong bought the world-renowned Château Monlot in St Emilion with its eight accompanying hectares of vineyards as a gift for Zhao Wei. The following year, Zhao Wei acquired Château Patarabet, her second Bordeaux winery, and set up Cellar Privilege, a Bordeaux-wine based trading company.

Source: HK01, Cellar Privilege

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Well, that is just a rumour…to leave the country even on private charter plane is not the same as getting in a car and drive from one town to another.
    If Zhao Wei wants to leave, I doubt it is easy… As even private plane need flight permission to leave China air space… Honestly, I wish there is more research done before a article is published.
    I am surprised a confirm news like Zheng Shuang being fined for her tax evasion is not reported but such rumours of Zhao Wei is posted…
    Anyway, whether Zhao Wei had ran away or not, we should just watch and observe first.

    1. Does she (they) live in Singapore full time? Perhaps she wasn’t in China when this event happened. I was wondering about that.

    2. I agree and finally some on this site are not so one sided and jumping straight to one side right away. Many things are just rumors until further notice. If she was truly condemned by the government then she would not be able to leave so easily.

  2. Does she (they) live in Singapore full time? Perhaps she wasn’t in China when this event happened. I was wondering about that.

  3. very suspicious. she might really have some old dirty secrets that she doesn’t want the ccp to pin her for.

  4. So creepy scary that one has to run like a criminal.
    How on earth did she offend and do wrong except she was the representative agency of that guy + Japanese Yasukuni / Nogu shrine associations?

    1. You should research it more instead of reading articles like this on here. She did a lot of dirty and bad things through the years. But just not sure if it is all true or not. It is not related to the entertainment industry though.

  5. Possibilities of her going to France:
    1) For vacation
    2) For family
    3) Just doesn’t wanna deal with the lousy Chinese media
    4) She had to attend to 1 of her 4 wineries i.e. someone wanted to buy one of her wineries and she needed to be present
    PS I am pretty sure any under investigation is told they may not leave the country depending on the seriousness of the crime. So if she really did depart from China, then that clears her of a serious crime. If she departed from elsewhere, then it’s not even related to China.
    Be kind.
    Be logical.
    Be sensible folks.

  6. I think one theory as to why Zhao was banned is. I could be wrong though:
    “Zhao and her husband were banned from China’s securities markets for five years for market violations in 2017 after regulators discovered their company failed in a takeover bid for an obscure animation company.” So 2022 is coming up and she would be able to re-enter China security markets unless…….

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