Yang Mi is China’s Highest-Grossing Actress in 2012

Reports are now out indicating that 2012’s highest grossing film actress in China is not Zhou Xun (周迅) or Zhao Wei(赵薇), but the 26-year-old Yang Mi (杨幂).

Mainland China’s Morning Post reported that Yang Mi’s 2012 films have grossed 1.14 billion RMB in the mainland box office as of December 2012, making her the highest-grossing actress last year.

Yang Mi has appeared in a total of nine blockbuster films this year, including the highly successful Painted Skin: The Resurrection <画皮II>, which earned 702 million RMB at the box office, the second highest-grossing Chinese film in history.

The young actress came to prominence after starring in the 2011 time-traveling drama Palace <宫>. She subsequently scored a leading role in the 2011 horror film, Mysterious Island <孤岛惊魂>, which raked in 90 million RMB in the mainland Chinese box office despite is meager critical ratings. Nonetheless, her eye-catching performance in Mysterious Island drew the interest of many famous Chinese and Hong Kong film producers.

However most of Yang Mi’s 2012 films received mixed to low critical reception. Aside from Love in the Buff <春嬌與志明>, a majority of her films received a below average rating. Her worst film was the action epic, Wu Dang <大武当之天地密码>, which received a rating of less than 4 out of 10 in most professional movie review websites.

Yang Mi also did not receive top billing in her movies. Aside from Hold My Love <Hold住愛> and Wu Dang, Yang Mi was billed as a supporting actress in most productions.

Source: ifeng.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I only had a chance to watch one drama serie she was in and I thought her acting was alright…nothing special…Is she too overrated?

    1. yeah.. i think her acting is medicore. not sooo great compare to others. i think shes kinda overrated

      1. I think many artists are way overrated these days so it is not just her…

      2. @Hetieshou i know a lot are overrated , but at least theyre acting is good^^

      3. Not all of the artists that are overrated can act well…

    2. hell, she is overrated. she was in that movie w/the b/f and it was on utube…stupid movie, none of them has good acting whatsoever. she is just lucky she has a pretty face, natural or otherwise.

  2. I watched one episode of Palace, don’t like the show, didn’t like her as well. And if she really made so much money, then whatever Hawick gave her must be peanuts!!!

    1. Hmm… She’s terrible in cutesy, rom-com territory. Like Gong or Chinese Paladin 3.

      1. If I am not wrong, the other title that Palace went by is Gong(??). I absolutely agree with you, somehow she managed to look like a mouse in Palace.

  3. she is a little over acting too,,,, i am sure she is overrated

  4. Excuse my skepticism that people are flocking to the cinemas to watch her. So I doubt the highest grossing tag.

    1. Yang Mi has many fans in China so I wouldn’t be surprised. ‘Mysterious Island’ grossed a lot of money mainly due to her fans ‘Mi fengs’ support.

    2. Mini Yang did i think at least 12 movie appearances alone in ’12, it’s not inconceivable.

  5. Yang Mi’s role is insignificant in Painted Skin. Her part made the movie boring as it dragged out the story line. Her role in Bullet Vanishes was insignificant as well, but I found humor in some of her parts. Zhou Xun and Vicki’s acting skills outshine hers, but she still manages to earn more and get more movie roles. As for Palace, I am still perplexed by its popularity as it is just another idol drama.

  6. The article said “highest grossing film” not “highest paid” actress. Well, of course, she would be considered “highest grossing film” actress since she’s in 9 films. But the credits of most of the films didn’t go to her since she was only cast as supporting so the article is somewhat misleading. A publicity stunt from her camp.

  7. I also find her acting so-so but she became an almost overnight sensation due to the series ‘Gong’ which was an adaptation of BBJX . It was refreshing to watch at that time as it involved time-travelling. William Feng ShaoFeng and Yang Mi made many couple-appearances together and they were very popular. It was also rumoured that William likes her alot. Not long after Gong, both joined HuaYi Bros. To me most of Yang Mi’s appearances in most of the movies were just supportive.

    William, on the other hand, had better parts (White Vengence, Tai Chi Hero, etc). I’m a fan even before he was in Gong. His mainland series were also good.

    Once BBJX was released, it over-rides Gong like a tidal wave**

    1. FYI, YM has never joined Huayi Brothers before, and FSF has been a part of HB before participating in Gong

  8. Yang Mi is no newcomer. She was a child star and had a role in a Stephen Chow film at age 4. Her fan base is HUGE which drives her popularity and exposure.

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