Vicki Zhao, Alec Su Reunite in Reality Show “Chinese Restaurant”

Chinese actress Vicki Zhao (趙薇) will lead the new season of Mainland Chinese reality show Chinese Restaurant <中餐廳> as operations manager. The show, which sees celebrities taking on both front-line and kitchen duties in order to get their restaurant up and running within 20 days in an overseas country, has proven a hit with viewers. The first season which starred Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) was shot in Thailand and the second season was filmed in France.

In the recently released trailer, Alec Su (蘇有朋) can be seen exclaiming “I want to book an air ticket!” on the very first day of filming as he was thoroughly exhausted by the demanding work and long hours.

Backbreaking Work

Alec’s pair-up with Vicki is one that has been highly anticipated by fans, thanks to the immensely popular Chinese palace drama My Fair Princess <还珠格格>. Initially rejecting to appear on the program, Alec only relented after a very long phone call from Vicki and a face-to-face chat with the director.

Viewing the first season of Chinese Restaurant, Alec had underestimated how intense the show would be. “I thought it would be very comfortable and heartwarming, and that I could enjoy beautiful scenery and good food every day. When I got on site, I realized I had to do everything (on my own), from dish washing, sourcing ingredients, cleaning up, and hygiene control. Standing while working for over 12 hours a day, I couldn’t even straighten my back after the dish washing sessions!” he said. The show made him realize how tough it is to operate a restaurant.

Shu Qi (舒淇) and TFBoysKarry Wang (王俊凯) were also stars in the second season of Chinese Restaurant. Shu Qi, Vicki, and Alec admitted to “being old”,and nicknaming themselves “Fu Lu Shou” (福祿壽), after the Chinese three star gods personified as three elderly men.

“Chinese Restaurant” Trailer


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  1. Why news now in 2019? This 12 episodes variety was already broadcasted in early October in Mainland China and was No.1 rated variety show during broadcast period.
    Many preferred this season as all 5 members got to showcase their cooking skills, instead of leaving the cooking to just one person. The atmosphere was also very harmonious and humorous.
    It also established the cooking talent of the youngest member, then 18 years old TFBOYS leader Wang JunKai, who cooked more dishes than his seniors. Shu Qi said he was a talented chef delayed by entertainment industry.

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