Notable Chinese Variety Shows to be Cancelled

China has been constantly revising its entertainment and television censorship guidelines. One of the most recent rumors was that they would not be allowing artistes who have had plastic surgery or foreign artists to appear onscreen. Now it is reported that Hunan Television plans on cutting all of its variety shows in October.

This includes Day Day Up <天天向上>, which is in its 14th year of broadcast and is a fan favorite. The show released a message saying that they would be taking on a new and improved version. Longtime host Wang Han (汪涵) also shouted out to the audience, “Let’s fly towards the future on our imaginary wings.” Many believe this was a goodbye before their last episode.

Another show rumored to be cut is Chinese Restaurant <中餐廳>, which recently had Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Chen Linong (陳立農) join its sixth season. The show announced  they would be delaying broadcast due to scheduling issues.

Starring Cyndi Wang (王心凌), Promise for You <星星的約定> also announced that it would be delayed. Hosted by Dylan Wang Hedi (王鶴棣), Hello Saturday <你好星期六> has started to air reruns leading to speculation about the show’s future.

Netizens pointed out that it is not just Hunan Television, but many other stations will also be cutting their variety shows as there will be two very important national meetings in October. The halting of the variety shows is reportedly related to the recent negative news surrounding popular variety show hosts.

Day Day Up’s Wang Han had previously been the brand ambassador for a financial product, but his reputation took a hit when the company was investigated by the police for illegally absorbing public deposits.

Happy Camp’s <快樂大本營> host Xie Na (謝娜) was recently accused by a real estate agent that she and her husband Jason Zhang Jie (張杰) had purchased their home in an illegal private deal. They stated that they had taken the celebrity couple to see a mansion in 2019 but after seeing it twice, they did not end up buying it. However, the couple ignored the real estate agent and signed the contract directly with the owner. Zhang Jie and Xie Na later issued a statement through their lawyers denying these claims, and accused the real estate agent of fabricating the story.

Source: World Journal

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