Hunan TV Host, Qian Feng, Accused of Rape

Hunan TV’s popular talk show Day Day Up <天天向上> host, Qian Feng (錢楓), has been accused of rape by a female artiste who goes by the display name Xiao Yi (小藝).

In a Weibo post, Xiao Yi shared that the rape occurred two years ago. Continuing to relive the nightmare in her mind, she has suffered insomnia every night, and fallen into deep depression and a pattern of self-harm.

When she noticed that Hunan TV’s 10 program hosts had signed agreements promising to be role models for society, she felt angry over Qian Feng’s hypocrisy. Prompted by the Kris Wu (吳亦凡) case, Xiao Yi decided to expose Qian Feng’s sexual assault. As she believes that she is not the only victim, she hopes that others can stand up to tell their stories too.

Claiming to be a native of Southern China born in the 1990s, Xiao Yi started working in the entertainment industry after graduation. In 2018, she was invited to film for Day Day Up, but did not have any interaction with Qian Feng. After filming, she returned to the hotel that was arranged by the television station. She suddenly receiving a message from the crew stating that their host wanted to get to know her. As someone who had watched Hunan Television since childhood, she felt very happy to be able to film for Day Day Up, and was honored to have the chance to learn from the hosts.

Meeting Qian Feng at a small bar, Xiao Yi was plied with alcohol throughout the night and became very tipsy and disoriented. Suspecting she was drugged, she woke up the next morning to find herself naked on a hotel bed. By her side was a naked Qian Feng. She immediately called the police, but there was no follow up.

Afterwards, Qian Feng begged for forgiveness on his knees and said that he would give her money. She refused the money, and only wanted justice and hoped that he would be punished by the law.

Xiao Yi later shared three video clips of CCTV footage, which showed a woman with orange hair being dragged by Qian Feng into an elevator. Clearly, she was unable to stand by herself and had no energy.

Qian Feng’s management company, Hunan TV, has now halted all his work until further findings in the investigation.

Source: World Journal

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  1. If this is true then i am really disappointed in him. As i watched him in the China Variety show Day Day Up, although he is not my favorite host but he is very funny and keep cracking jokes and make everyone laugh including me. Even Yibo the type do not laugh easily cannot control over his humor. But if this is true hopefully the variety show will not be cancelled due to his actions

  2. I’m very disappointed with this news. I like Qian Feng a lot. He is one of my favourites in Day Day Up. He is always so funny and nice and very 佛系. I never expect him to be like this. This is more shocking than Huo Jun news.

    1. Let’s not decide until the case is over. I am tired of all these cancellation based on mere accusations.

  3. Innocent until proven guilty. In the day of cancellation and false accusations, I will wait for evidence. In the pictures all I can see is nothing worth seeing. If he has done this before, then there would be more. But don’t forget, she waited 2 years to reveal this, it could be money issue and usually the man is dragged thru the mud without much proof. So it should be innocent until proven guilty. Rape and consensual sex turned ugly are 2 different things.

  4. I am waiting on investigations on this too… it is not clear as Kris Wu’s case was. I am sure the Chinese Police are working all round the clocks these few months… dealing with many accusations.

  5. These type of assault charges are always difficult to bring to a conviction. She might be stepping out now because of the recent success with Kris Wus charges.

  6. just like what a celeb manager once said, girls need to keep an eye out and stay away from rich/famous men.

  7. I find the victim’s account of things pretty credible. She has a police report filed the day after the event, she has a recording of her confrontation with the police about her case status, video clips of her being dragged into the hotel room, corroboration of witness accounts of the molestation in cab/being drunk, Qiao Feng’s own admission of having $ex with her, her own rejection of money…I don’t know why the police said she doesn’t have a case? The only thing it proves is that the police she went to two years ago are completely incompetent with r@pe charges and the govt just wants to save face by not pushing the envelope on why they failed her so bad

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