[Style] 2021 Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party

The Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party in Shanghai was the hottest place to be on March 31, as top celebrities were recognized for setting trends and being fashion icons. Below are some key looks from the awards event:

Zhao Liying in Guo Pei

Ni Ni in Gucci

Angelababy in Dior

Victoria Song in Giambattista Valli

Yang Zi in Georges Chakra

Cecilia Liu Shishi in Chanel

Jackson Wang

Simon Gong Jun in Louis Vuitton

TFBoys’ Karry Wang

Li Xian

Zhang Binbin in Fendi

Nicholas Tse

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  1. My favorite look from the ladies is Ni Ni’s Gucci dress. It’s very elegant, and love the bows at her shoulders. For the men, Jackson Wang looked stylish in his gray ombre suit and love his diamond accents. While most male celebrities wore black, Gong Jun’s colorful LV suit was certainly memorable. As for Nicholas Tse in jeans, he looks ready to dash off on his motorcyle at any moment.

    What’s your favorite look? Share your thoughts!

  2. So Nicholas Tse was wearing Nicholas Tse? As for the ladies, Cecilia Liu. Cecilia Liu slightly inched out NiNi. Reason: it’s no longer winter, but spring NiNi. Velvet and bling bling chains? Nini is so pretty, she could have won with the guava-colored bows on her shoulders alone. ZLY was a work of art, but not as practical as Cecilia Liu. Angelababy, girl, what happened? Red lips. Yes. Muted pink dress. Yes. That dress? NO.

  3. I have been on this Jackson Wang thing lately, I just don’t understand how a man is so damn good looking lol.

    My two favourite looks are Ni Ni and Simon — top is Simon, I love that suit so creative

  4. I thought majority of the celebrities were all beautiful. I do have my top two favorites: Jackson Wang and NiNi

  5. My fav is NiNi and Jackson Wang. NiNi’s red carpet style rarely failed, she’s simply gorgeous and she is always the one wears the dress not vice versa. Jackson Wang is getting more good looking day by day….

    ZLY’s dress is fabulous on it’s own but I don’t think a person as petite as her can carries such a gigantic dress.

  6. I am a huge fan of Jackson Wang! He is amazing in many ways. But I can’t help but noticed that his nose is quite different from what it looked like years ago during his Got7 days. If you look at his old photos (showing his side profile), you will see that the tip of his nose turned up very cutely then. His nose tip no longer turns up now…. Just saying….Before someone comes along to say this, yes it is his face, he can do whatever he wants with it!!

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