Kristal Tin Achieves Success in Creating New Company

After working with TVB for 12 years, Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) ended her contract with the station and opened her own company. Moving fast to create her company, Kristal employed one assistant and created a company page on social media.  As fans quickly came to her support, Kristal shared an update of her business on her company page.

In less than a month of creating her company, Kristal’s business page already has 140,000 fans who followed and liked her page. While Kristal is grateful that she received constant phone calls for work opportunities, she is also thankful for all the fans who shown concern for starting a business during economically turbulent times.

Sharing her success on her new company, Kristal wrote, “Opened for less than a month and my income is already comparable to half a year of salary of working at the station. Maybe it’s because my base salary wasn’t that high! Thank you to all the customers for their support. I hope that the company can operate amid the outbreak without any cuts to anyone’s salary, and that I can even give out a bonus [to my assistant]!”

In regards to the direction of her company, Kristal confessed that she currently does not have a long-term plan but provided the following basic principles:

“1: If you want to promote products, I must have tried the products and think that they are good. If your products cannot meet my expectations, I will not endorse them no matter how much money you are paying me.

2: I hope in the near future, I can produce some women-themed programs

3: Do something to give back to the Hong Kong community. I understand that it is not easy to really help those in need, but I should not give up just because it is hard.  Therefore, I intend to narrow the scope and try, step by step, to achieve the vision of being able to spread positivity with each other!”

Kristal is working hard to build her company from the grounds up and will be looking into recruitment when necessary. As many netizens are cheering for Kristal’s company, they are also praising Kristal for her perseverance and courage.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. Never really understood this company of hers.. Is it basically another entertainment industry company thing? Like WCL? Or it just just Idk her thing like her own brand?

    1. Sounds like Kristal opened an artiste management company, although she may be the only artiste signed on now. Since artistes earn income from endorsing products on their social media and live selling, Kristal’s rules are a guideline to what type of offers she will accept: only products and causes she believes in.

  2. After all these articles promoting her new business, I still don’t know what it’s doing exactly.

  3. This is a “management” company?
    It sounds more like a Youtube channel to me. LOL

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