Kristal Tin Announces Her Plan to Leave TVB

In a recent interview, Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) officially announced she is leaving TVB in a couple of months. Though she’s worked at the station for 12 years, she stressed there’s no need to feel regret because it’s a natural step, and she still has a good relationship with the station. Like many former TVB artists, she believes it’s time for her to venture out of her comfort zone and improve herself through discovering the world beyond TVB.

Since the 2013 TV Queen did not attend the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards a few days ago, reporters asked whether her absence was due to her departure. Kristal laughed and said, “Everyone knows I’ve become a traveler in the past six months because of my wanderlust. I will be leaving TVB soon, but it’s not why I didn’t attend the ceremony – it’s because I wasn’t in Hong Kong.”

The actress also denied rumours that her decision to leave was influenced by political attitudes. “During these 12 years at TVB and including my time at ATV, I have already collaborated with numerous actors and directors. Although TVB is a very good platform, I wish to explore the world and see what else I need to improve on,” Kristal explained.

When reporters asked the actress if she would miss the station, Kristal expressed, “This circle is always round, so you never know what the future would bring. Who knows, you might be see me again at TVB someday. We also don’t know if I’ll see my colleagues again or not outside of TVB.”

Regarding her plans, Kristal firmly stated she would not sign a one series per year contract with TVB. “Personally, I don’t like to leave a previous path that I could go back on. I do have some plans, but I’ll reveal it once everything is confirmed and solidified,” Kristal said.

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  1. Congrats to Kristal for hopping off of a sinking ship.

    I can’t imagine her working in the mainland due to her vocal support of her husband’s political stance. Also, mainland production companies would be concerned about hiring her.

    So all that is left is the HK movie industry which is the most likely path where she will be heading.

    Unless she wants to join ViuTV with her husband where he had been stuck for the past few years which won’t be much different than TVB.

    1. @anon Earlier, it was rumored that Kristal, along with Nancy Wu, would sign with Louis Koo’s agency. I think Kristal would be very fitting for the HK film industry.

      She can also film for ViuTV, do stage plays, or host for radio station.

  2. Another one bites the dust. I’ll miss Kristal.

    I wonder who else will leave this year. We’ve already lost Lau Kong, Kristal, Eric, who will be next.

      1. @anon he announced he’s leaving TVB. he didn’t explain why; said he can’t offer more explanation…possibly due to a censor placed by the station.

      2. @coralie Lau Kong sounds jaded by TVB’s management. While he didn’t directly state the reason, but he implied that it was natural for actors his age to leave and that many things have already changed at the station.

        We’ll be posting Lau Kong’s interview about his resignation later today. Please stay tuned.

      3. @coralie

        I am personally saddened by this news.

        Last I’ve heard, an interview from late last year, he stated that he was planning to slow down his overall work output yearly, but he made no decision to retire in 2020, nor halt his projects completely this soon.

        I think it’s either a health issue or a TVB management issue as they have declined to renew contracts of greenleaf actors in recent years.

        Another reason to not watch TVB for me.

      4. @anon He actually made the announcement when interviewed by reporters during the anniversary awards on Sunday. His last day is today (some of his students posted pictures they took with him on his last day…). From his interview, pretty sure it’s not health issue, as he said he has no plans for retirement and will still be working…

        I’m saddened too…not over him leaving the hellhole that is TVB, but at the treatment he received that compelled him to feel like he has to leave. He said when he made the decision to leave, he couldn’t sleep for 2 nights straight— THAT’s how dedicated he was, losing sleep over having to make the decision to leave the company he worked at for 37 years…hearing that saddened me because TVB is definitely not worth losing sleep over…

      5. @anon He didn’t say anything about how he was treated…in fact, he specifically said not to ask him why he’s leaving because he can’t explain it. But you could tell from his tone he wasn’t too happy. When he was asked if he was attending the ceremony because of his nomination for BSA, he made it a point to say forget about it, that he’s been at this company long enough to know how the game is played…he also emphasized that the only reason he attended the award ceremony was to support his series (Barrack O’Kama) and the team.

  3. Noooo! Really love Kristal’s acting in TVB. Hopefully she still works in the entertainment industry albeit away from TVB. She’s one of the only if not one of best actresses in TVB currently.

  4. Aiks.. another good actress leaving TVB. She’s a good actress & not many good actress left in TVB.
    All the best to Kristal

  5. She acts well. I always enjoy her show. Remember how good she was in the show where she was an editor who was forced by life and turned corrupted. She did so well in the scene when she killed the reporter!

    Based on comments here, most of us think the same about her acting skills

    However, strangely enough, many hongkongers do not like her.

    Either we have different set of expectation re acting or they just have a personal issue against her

      1. @oligodendrocytes it was not very interesting in the beginning, but watch how she was cornered at every turn, took her first payoff and how she desparately cover it one layer after another, you will be awed by her potrayal of the character. I think not many can do it the way she did!

    1. @conan2209 i think HKers dont like her because of her political views. She even disabled the comment section on her Insta, which shows she receives hate comments

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