2019 TVB Anniversary Awards: Kenneth Ma and Kara Wai Win Best Actor and Best Actress

The 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards was held on January 12, with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) winning Best Actor for his performance in Big White Duel <白色強人> and Kara Wai (惠英紅) scooping up Best Actress for The Defected <鐵探>. Although Kenneth has been nominated twelve times for the award and Kara has received countless acting accolades, it was the first time both artistes won the top acting awards at TVB.

Working at TVB for 20 years, Kenneth’s rise was slow and steady. In recent years, he has become a audience favorite with his affability on and off the screen. When his name was announced for the Best Actor win, Kenneth looked surprised. He said, “I’m quite shocked this year! First, thank you everyone for your support! Even if there isn’t an award, I’ve won already…. This year, there are many strong contenders, perhaps I’m lucky. It was my good luck to act in Big White Duel.” Kenneth’s colleagues and fans were happy that the 45-year-old actor finally got Best Actor recognition after years of hard work.

Stunning viewers with her powerhouse acting in The Defected, Kara Wai deservedly won her first TV Queen. Though she has already won Best Actress three times at the Hong Kong Film Awards, the 59-year-old veteran actress said humorously, “It turns out I was even more nervous [tonight] than at HKFA! I’m very happy and grateful to encountered such a great script although it’s been 10 years since my last Hong Kong drama. My career started at TVB…if viewers don’t mind, I’ll film more dramas. The dramas I’ve filmed have all been high quality.”

The Best Supporting Actor award went to Kalok Chow (周嘉洛) for his performance in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞>. Nominated for the first time, the fresh-faced actor was shocked by his own win. Similarly, Best Supporting Actress Candice Chiu (趙希洛) was another surprise winner for the night. The Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈> actress thanked TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) for their mentorship and guidance.

Pakho Chau (周柏豪) won the Most Popular Male Character award  and Most Popular Drama Theme Song for Wonder Women <多功能老婆>. Although he wasn’t feeling well tonight, Pakho was ecstatic over his double win. He said, “I’ve never had this feeling before, maybe it’s because I have a fever now. I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the last decade. Initially I didn’t have confidence in my role, but producer Chan Bo Wah (陳寶華) believed in me, so she deserves the most credit.” He also thanked his wife, Stephanie, for being an amazing wife.

Selena Lee (李施嬅) and Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) were the double winners for the Most Popular Female Character awards. Both actresses starred in popular dramas Barrack O’Karma and Wonder Women last year. Selena admitted this award was very hard to get, especially as she faced stiff competition this year, “I remember Roger Kwok(郭晉安)waited 18 years to win an award. At the time, I told myself I hope it wouldn’t take me that long. Finally, I got this award after 16 to 17 years in the industry.” Selena believes that her hard work has finally paid off, and her filming in Canada last year has strengthened her as an actress.

Thanking the team behind Wonder Women, Miriam was happy to come across such a good script. “This drama embodies the spirit of women. Filming this drama made me reflect the meaning of my own life, and the problems that a woman, mother, and wife can encounter.”

Other awards winners include:
Best Drama: Big White Duel
Most Improved Actor: Owen Cheung (張振朗)
Most Improved Actress: Kelly Cheung (張曦雯)
Most Popular On-Screen Partnership: Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Selena Lee for Barrack O’Karma
Best Host: Liza Wang (汪明荃), Dickson Yu (余德丞), William So (蘇永康), and Sammy Leung (森美) for Liza’s Online <娛樂大家>
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lau Dan (劉丹)
Sources: On.cc [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]
This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com

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  1. HECK YES, Candice deserved her win!! So happy for Kara and Kenneth! Big White Duel as best drama though…? Barrack O Karma deserved that title.

    1. @flocky1 yessss she definitely deserved it. She did so well. Big white duel was ok but not that great barrack o karma definitely deserved it more It was more original and touching.

  2. The moment kenneth won it was like leo winning an oscar 2.0. kenneth was really derpy and didn’t know how to react. I loved how his best friends dragged him on stage when he was still in shock. Kara definitely deserved the award but I felt like tvb did selena so dirty by forcing her to share her moment with miriam. Truthfully miriram’s role wasn’t even a a fan favorite pakho and the rest of the cast carried the drama. This reminded me of the time when nancy wu had to share her special moment with kristal tin for that porkchop award.

    1. @holiday i felt award should have one winner too but tvb seems like wants to give Miriam something which makes the award worthless

      nevertheless happy that barrack o karma wins something for recognition

      1. @sov1e there was really no point in giving the award to miriam. They didn’t give it Francis Ng and he was a film king, they didnt even give face to dicky cheung last year. Even though throughout the years kenneth lost but at least he didn’t have to split his porkchop with people. This was really a slap in the face for selena.

      2. @holiday I agree….I’m not sure why they had to give it to Miriam either. Kara was obviously already going to win TV Queen given her phenomenal acting (plus she is A-list actress and Film Queen many times over so basically a shoo-in for the award)…..Selena’s character was truly a fan favorite and her performance was well-received, so her winning Favorite Character made sense. Miriam, on the other hand, her win made no sense whatsoever….but then again, a few of the other awards didn’t make sense either and this is TVB after all so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised….

    2. @holiday LOL so funny that his friends dragged him on stage. Arent Nancy & Kristal besties though?? They were so happy sharing the award, crying for each other. It was a sweet moment

  3. Best Host: Liza Wang (汪明荃), Dickson Yu (余德丞), William So (蘇永康), and Sammy Leung (森美) for Liza’s Online

    I like how Sammy’s name is last when he was the one that carried the other 3. They would have been a mess without him leading the hosting.

    1. @mike totally agree, i felt as if Sammy was the one who lead the whole thing, William was occasionally talking, Dickson was just trailing along, and Liza was just a drag; definitely not a good host.

      1. @jcc10 Yup, the one who carries the program is usually the one who gets the least amount of credit….though in this instance, pretty much none of the hosts had to do anything as long as they were paired with Liza Wang, since she will basically get an award for anything she does, no matter how insignificant her role, as long as she is still with TVB (I would not be the least bit surprised if the award thing is actually written into her contract, lol).

  4. Very upset Selena didn’t win for Best Actress I was really rooting for her. Also surprised Barrack O’Karma didn’t win best drama, I found the story so compelling and interesting a script that TVB has never had. Big White Duel in my opinion is like a updated version of OnCall36 (which is funny cuz Kenneth Ma stars in that too).
    Also find it quite crap how Miriam and Selena both shared an award for Best Female Character. I found Miriam’s character boring and basic in Wonder Woman tbh.
    It’s like the biggest 3 contenders all get awards so they can all be happy family. But honestly it really sucks.
    At least Selena and Joel got Couple award.. Still so upset that Selena didn’t get an award, there’s still her TVB drama Forensic Heroes to be released but I know she won’t win an award for that.

  5. Felt bad and embarrassed for Selena having to share the award with Miriam who is much better in films than on television. The Defected should’ve won Best Series.

  6. This year award ceremony is a mess with awkward pauses. First, other than the presenters of best actress/actor and favorite female/male leading character were properly invited, the earlier presenters seem like an impromptu where anyone can be a presenter or they have kids giving out awards. TVB used to invite big stars to be presenters; in recent years, like due to cutting budget, they got their own staff to present but at least those are official presenters. Now, anyone and everyone can give the award. Even the presenters do not know what to do, resulting in awkward pauses and the cameraman does not know where the camera should focus on.
    Next, having two favorite actresses is a joke and obviously rigged. Initially, I thought they have “consoled” Serena by giving her the best couple award then would give Miriam the favorite female leading character and Kara the best actress. It is an insult to both Serena and Miriam to share the award though IMO, one doesn’t deserve.
    Having it so obviously rigged adds to the insult of not giving something to Philip Keung. He did not even make it to top 5 best actor while less deserving actors did.
    I don’t understand the best variety show either, 5 different variety shows actually won the category or did I miss out something?
    We knew Kelly would have won best newcomer though she would never be our choice. Congrats to Kalok Chow but I wish Eric Li won instead.

    1. @bearbear
      Chow Ka Lok’s win is an insult to many supporting actors in TVB. If Chow could win, any TVB actor should be able to win Best Actor Award. Chow’s acting was so bland and immature in “Come Home Love” and so unnoticeable too. Very very surprised that the Best Supporting Actor award was given to him in his very first nomination. He never won anything or was even nominated for any awards in his acting career.

      1. @orchid123 Didn’t follow his storyline in “Come Home Love” so my guess was he was at least promising in his acting (wrong guess). To be honest, I hardly knew most of the final 5 for Best Supporting Actor nominees, other than Owen. Besides Owen, I thought the rest were in the 3rd/4th line-ups of the cast. Was really shocking not see any of the more experienced supporting actors in the list.
        It is sad, really, that the actors and actresses of TVB, supporting or worse, leading ones, aren’t on par with their acting.

      2. @bearbear
        Kalok Chow’s role in “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” was Kam Sing On, an incompetent university student, and the grandson of Hung Shu Gan. He was a useless youngster in that sitcom. I did not even notice him (or his acting if any) at all.

        Lau Kong, a well-rounded actor, lost to Kalok Chow in Best Supporting Actor award. Lau Kong received tons of compliments in his character, a bookstore owner (Mr. Lam), in “Barrack O’Karma”.

      3. @orchid123

        Personally feel that Chow Kalok did very well as Kam Shing On in LAB. Have been following LAB since the very beginning. His flair for comedy is undeniable. Many people say that his acting is influenced by Stephen Chow, but regardless, he did justice to the character of Kam Shing On. Not sure what the hate is about. In no way was his acting bland or immature. The character is immature, AND he portrayed it well. Kalok being given the award is a combination of 4 factors: his good acting, LAB’s good ratings, TVB’s intentions to promote him (and yes, TVB needs young blood) and his general likeability with the audience. Your amount of hate is astonishing.

        Lau Kong is a veteran, but his acting can be tiring to watch. Always grumpy with the same constipated expression.

      4. @pooh
        “Lau Kong is a veteran, but his acting can be tiring to watch. Always grumpy with the same constipated expression.” ………… first time I got this kind of comment about Lau Kong’s acting.

        I am not a regular viewer of “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”. Among all the artistes in that sitcom, I noticed Kalok Chow the least. I don’t hate him, just don’t think he is noticeable at all for his acting and for the Best Supporting Actor Award. There are a lot many other good supporting actors, beside La Kong, in TVB, and I am sure very few audience would think Kalok Chow deserved this award.

      5. @orchid123 Yup, exactly….in addition to Lau Kong, there was also Hugo Ng, Ram Chiang, Savio Tsang, Jimmy Au, John Chiang, etc. (and tons more)….there’s no way that Chow Kalok would’ve out-performed any of them, no matter how “good” his fans claim his acting is, especially in a largely unnoticeable role in a sitcom that is not widely watched by TVB’s target audience. I actually thought it was weird that, during the ceremony, they did official top 5 (or top 3 with Best Series) with all of the major awards (Most Improved, TV King and Queen, Favorite Characters) except for Supporting Actor/Actress…other than having the hosts ask some of the artists who they would choose for the category amongst the nominees, it was never clear who actually made it to top 5 in that category….I wonder if TVB did that on purpose to play down Chow Kalok’s win so it wouldn’t be so obvious who he actually beat out for the award…

        @pooh This is also the first time I’ve seen such comments about Lau Kong’s acting (from that comment, it’s obvious you haven’t watched any of his older series). Perhaps it’s “good news” for you then that, before the ceremony, Lau Kong revealed in an interview with reporters that he will be leaving TVB effective Tuesday (which is the day his contract ends) — he’s not retiring, as he’s still got the “acting bug” in him that prevents many of the dedicated, lifelong actors like him from ever leaving their craft, but he just won’t be filming for TVB anymore (he didn’t say specifically why, but from his tone during the interview, it didn’t sound good)….so I guess that means you won’t have to see his “constipated expression” any more going forward….

      6. @llwy12

        Won’t deny that I indeed haven’t seen Lau Kong’s older series, but I have to say that I haven’t really enjoyed his acting in recent years. Law Lok Lam, Lau Dan and Ram Chiang (among others) are much better veteran actors, in my opinion.

        Hugo Ng was nominated in the BA category, so he stood no chance at BSA.

      7. @potatochip Yea…the number of veteran / senior artists that TVB has lost over the years is astounding…and almost all of them fine actors/actresses too….pretty soon, TVB is not going to have anyone to give the Lifetime Achievement Award to…. 🙁

      8. @pooh
        Totally agree. LAB is hilarious and he is really effective in portraying that role. I am equally surprise he won this award but can see why.

      9. @orchid123 well, Chow Ka Lok is supposed to portray an “immature” character in Come Home Love, given that the show is a comedy. He has a lot of supporters. I dont see an issue with giving someone an award, even if it’s their first nomination. I think if nominated, everyone deserves a fair chance.

    2. @bearbear Now that you mentioned it, there really werent presenters invited. Not that it’s a big deal, but interesting point. I remember they invited GEM one year.

      It was funny when they invited Crystal Fung on stage to present because of her single status lol.

      The kids were super cute and funny though. It was touching that they had kaikai present the award for Oppa (Pakho).

  7. Wow. People who I like actually winning awards? Congrats to Kenneth and Kara! I thought Kara was really good in The Defected but was surprised that they gave her the award.

    And yay for Selena! Too bad she had to share, but at least she finally gets much deserved recognition.

    Candice was good too. For me, she does tend to stand out in each drama that I see her in.

    Wished Eric Li got some praise too, but was not surprised he didn’t.

    1. @potatochip i know right…actually pretty satisfied with this year’s results. TVB making improvements in giving the audience what we actually want

  8. I am so out of tvb these days I hardly recognise some names. Some deserving for that work, some for the work output but frankly deep down many of them I know aren’t that good. It is a celebration of mediocrity. So.e performances are great like kara hui.how can you not let her win, winner of how ma bg y movie awards and she was great except her series was terrible. I was surprised Philip wasn’t in top 5 of anything.shows he may not be as popular as we think he is. Selena got it raw. I doubt miriam and her got equal votes. Miriam is popular but not that popular for tv. Frankly best series shouldn’t be big white duel. I saw it, every excruciating episode of it and all I can say is story wise, it was a waste of time.and that was how I felt when watching this award show. The show itself deserved an award like how our comedic duo said.and they were right and can tvb get a clue and let them host every major event from now on? The series were mostly between ok to dear lord that was excruciating.

    Anyway I did a live tweet for anyone interested. Yep, I’m so out of it.


    But the veteran part I wont argue.

    Come a day no one else to gove award to since dead, too old, gone, broke contract, etc.hopefully 2020 is a better year.

    1. @funnlim To be honest, if we look at all the awards, aside from the 2 major actress awards (favorite character and TV Queen), the rest were given to people whom TVB can still promote…basically these are the ones TVB is going to rely on in the coming years, which to me is sad because majority aren’t good.

      Definitely the category I had the most problem with this year is supporting actor….so many veterans had good performances this year and not a single one of them got into top 5? And then they give the award to someone totally unknown in a role that no one really cares about and his performance wasn’t even that great to boot…..seriously TVB??? That was the biggest WTF moment for me. I mean, I already knew Eric Li wasn’t going to get anything, since he’s no longer a TVB artist (plus when I saw him attend ATV’s Miss Asia pageant a couple weeks back, pretty obvious he blew any chance he might’ve had)…but if not Eric, there were plenty of other supporting actors who were deserving, yet TVB chose Chow Kalok…speechless honestly!

      In years past, the Best Supporting Actor award was the only category I still cared about enough to watch the ceremony, since that was the only category that had “deserving” artists nominated year after year…this year completely ruined that. In my book, the Anniversary Awards is now similar to JSG Awards (unwatchable and laughingstock)….thank you TVB for making it so easy for me to now break from you guys completely. Good riddance!

  9. Joe ma was funny tho in his observation action how he was husband to 2 very famous ladies sitting there, showing how old he is.

    How come audiences isnt made up of real fans? Felt very empty, very forced.

    Funniest moment was teasing kenneth and natalie. Hey Nancy’s there! As long as not Jacqueline.

    1. @funnlim Yea, agree about the observation with Joe…what I found funny was that as soon as he said that Kara had played his wife 20 years ago, immediately the series he was referring to (At the Threshold of an Era) popped into my head…I don’t remember which series he was in with Miriam though (unless he was referring to movies)…

      The other highlight for me in an otherwise boring, poorly put together awards show: Kenneth’s segment….no comment on whether Kenneth should’ve won or not, but I did like his acceptance speech, especially that bit about his mom, which I thought was really cute (and funny), lol….and it was indeed sweet that his FOS family (minus Kevin, who was probably watching from home) were all onstage together supporting him (Jazz Lam actually looked more excited than Kenneth was, haha)….

  10. I actually almost missed the awards show this year because I’ve been so out of TVB and barely watched anything. I only watched it because my mom (being the die-hard TVB fan that she is) had the TV tuned to the show. Seeing how much of a joke the ceremony was, I almost wish I hadn’t watched it. Most of the presenters sucked (I mean, formally invite someone, don’t just pull a random artist from the crowd and have them present), there was no live audience (they had to get all their artists to sit down there to fill up the empty seats), and most of the awards were given to people who either didn’t deserve them or people who we expect to be in top 5 didn’t even make it. Probably the only award I actually agreed with this year was the Lifetime Achievement Award.

    This year’s show proved one thing that I’ve been saying for at least a decade now — TVB is becoming more and more irrelevant…people in the industry won’t give them the time of day (hence the lackluster presenters for the past several years) and audiences don’t even want to be bothered to go in and watch (though of course this year, part of that has to do with the current protests)…overall though, majority of people don’t care about TVB anymore.

    1. @llwy12

      Yup, my sentiment exactly.

      I can’t remember the last time I watched a TVB drama. In the past few years, I’ve been watching Shaw Brother productions – about one production per year.

      I just finished The D*ke of Mount D**r 1998 starring Jordan Chan. Though I’ve seen it a few times before, it’s more interesting and enjoyable re-watching 80’s and 90’s TVB dramas then the garbage they put out these days.

      I also find myself googling 90’s actors and actresses to see what they’re up to if I haven’t heard from them in awhile. Most of the time, they are either not with us anymore, or they’ve completely disappeared from the entertainment industry leaving me more emotional than any TVB drama produced in the past 20 years at TVB (except Last One Standing featuring Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng – that one is the only classic of this century to me).

      1. @anon Actually, to me, Shaw Brothers nowadays isn’t any better than TVB in my opinion (I’m honestly still kind of pissed that TVB tried to revive Shaw Brothers after so many years and ended up tarnishing its legendary reputation…but that’s another topic for another day).

        The DOMD version that will always be the most classic for me is the 1984 version with Tony Leung and Andy Lau (same goes with all the Jin Yong adaptations…80s are the best, lol).

        The way you feel about 90s TVB dramas and artists is the same way I feel about the 80s, which was technically my generation. And yes, I agree that majority of what TVB puts out nowadays is garbage and the classics from the 80s/90s will always be the best. I used to re-watch a lot of old series too, but it’s been a lot harder to do that the past couple years because of the emotional toll with so many of the artists I grew up watching no longer around (either they’re dead or they’re retired or they’re no longer active in the industry, etc.)…and it’s not just series – variety shows too, which I used to follow as closely as I did series….for example, the old anniversary galas and JSG awards shows from the 80s/early 90s, which I like to re-watch every couple years, but this time around, I had to shut it off halfway through because I got so depressed seeing all the artists who are no longer here (and of course, being reminded time and time again how much the HK entertainment industry has deteriorated over the years doesn’t help). Whenever I hear news of yet another veteran artist leaving us (there are a few every year who do), it saddens me to no end….definitely makes me cherish the veterans still with us even more!

      2. @anon @llwy12 I recently watched Looking Back in Anger and it’s so good. I can’t believe I waited this long to watch it. I immediately started searching Deric Wan. He was so handsome back then, a phenomenal actor and excellent singer

  11. Feels bad for Selena. Miriam did not deserve that award.

    Big White Duel probably won Best Drama due to its big budget. 🙁 No Barrack O’Karma.

    Was there really no competition for BSA that the young guy from Lo and Behold won?

    The most deserving award was probably Brides Faraway 3 for non-drama.

    Obviously Kenneth Ma won partly he waited until all his competition left and also pity points from the scandal last year.

    Although Ben Yuen isn’t amazing, he definitely got the short end of the stick as his role in TD was award-winning. Bad timing for him and Philip Keung. Both got beat by Pakho Chau.

  12. Not sure why the hate for Chow Kalok. He is a promising young talent with a flair for comedy. LAB has been a good watch partly because of him.

    1. @pooh
      “A flair for comedy” in acting will not make an artiste get the Best Supporting Actor Award for sure. It took Dayo Wong Tse Wah a long long time to get an award in TVB, and he is famous for his comedic acting.

      Stephen Chow only got famous for his comedic acting after he entered the filming industry.

      1. @orchid123 – Actually there are several actors/actresses who won supporting roles in a comedy drama. Just to name a few in recent years:

        Jerry Ku – Divas in Distress
        Benz Hui – Bounty Lady
        Ram Chiang – Come On, Cousin
        Mandy Lam – Lo and Behold

        I think it takes a different kind of actor to do comedy. It’s not as easy as it seems to make people laugh. Not everyone can do comedy well. Even the best actor may not be able to do comedy well if you don’t have that ‘flair’. We shouldn’t disregard the acting skills of a comedic actor.

      2. @kokomo
        I agree with you that “It’s not as easy as it seems to make people laugh. Not everyone can do comedy well”. However, an artiste needs to have good acting before he/she can act comedic roles. A “flair” helps, but it does not always work and make the acting outstanding. Kalok Chow might have a tiny bit of “flair” (as you said), but he did not have good acting. He is only 24 years old, a very new actor with very little acting experience. He signed up for TVB acting class in 2015, and started acting a minor role in in 2016.

        With his very limited acting experience and his acting in , I don’t think he deserved the Best Supporting Actor award.

        Jerry Ku – Divas in Distress
        Benz Hui – Bounty Lady
        Ram Chiang – Come On, Cousin
        Mandy Lam – Lo and Behold

        All the above artistes, who won Best Supporting awards, are veteran artistes with outstanding acting, so they deserved their awards.

      3. @orchid123 age and experience should not discount you for an award. In the logic you have presented, a mediocre actor who has been in the industry for X amount of years should automatically be deserving.

      4. @kuks Well said!

        I also thought that Chow Kalok was one of the most deserving wins of the night. As an avid follower of LAB, his acting has really improved over the years and quite honestly, he carries many of the scenes he is in – even when he’s among veterans. Amazing comedic timing.

        He’s young and inexperienced but he has the talent and works very hard. After enjoying his consistent performances on LAB, I began to notice him in other variety shows and performances. He’s a darn good dancer too and puts a lot of effort into it!

        I also felt that he put most of the other award winners to shame because his acceptance speech was so good and he’s so well-spoken for his age. He came off as very thankful for the opportunities he’s been given, didn’t stutter, and didn’t try to force himself to cry.

      5. @kuks Age may not necessarily be a determining factor, but experience definitely is. Unless the person is a natural born acting talent (which, let’s face it, very few people are), you learn acting through training (i.e. acting classes) and you hone it through experience (i.e. incorporating life’s ups and downs, learning from mistakes, etc.) as well as practice (i.e.: playing a variety of roles and continuing to develop your skills). The truly serious actors who see this as their passion and lifelong career may further expand those skills through even more extensive training (i.e. acting academy), but majority will at least have gone through the “experience” and “practice” stages. With Chow Kalok, I don’t think people are “hating” on him per se, but rather most are angry at the unfairness of TVB giving a newbie with no acting experience outside of 1 role in 1 series and who is still in the learning stage, an acting award – which, by definition, implies that his acting was “the best” out of all those nominated…if everyone else who was nominated were newbies at the same level as him (little to no experience, still learning, etc), then sure, him winning makes sense….but when every other nominee in the same category (I’m not just talking top 5, but EVERYONE who qualified for a nomination in Supporting Actor) has way more “experience” and “practice” than him and, more importantly, because of that experience and practice, were able to put in way more nuanced, polished performances than him, then it doesn’t make sense for TVB to say his acting is “better” than all of them (which, by virtue of giving him the “best supporting actor” award, is exactly what they are saying). And also, by giving the award to him, TVB is essentially eroding the credibility of the BSA award, which some of us are upset about because up to this point, that was the one award in the entire ceremony (outside of Lifetime Achievement) that was relatively untouched by TVB’s disjointed politics and still had a little bit of “fairness” associated with it (which it obviously doesn’t have any more).

        So yes, perhaps some of the “anger” is misguided in that people should be upset at TVB for once again making bonehead award decisions (which none of us should be surprised at this point) rather than at Chow Kalok who has no choice but to accept the award that is given to him (though that doesn’t change the fact that many of us felt he was undeserving). TVB probably should’ve given him Most Improved instead…but oh well….

      6. @llwy12 I agree with you that it takes time for an actor to build up experience, but these awards should not be based on how much experience an actor has over the years. These BA and BSA awards are about recognizing how well an actor performed in a drama in that particular year. If a more newer actor portrays a character in a drama really well that year, there is no reason why he/she should not deserve the award. If the awards were based on experience, then all the winners every year would be all the old veteran actors.

        Now with that being said, I don’t really know how well Chow Kalok performed in Lo and Behold since I have not really been following that drama. So I can’t really say if he deserves it or not. I’m just speaking in general.

  13. Wow…. congratulations to Kara & Kenneth. Kara really deserved for this award. She is really a good actress. Selina…..got chance to be TV Queen. Work harder.
    Ben Yuen…. hope you get an award soon.

  14. This is a very lacklustre year for Anniversary awards. Not much competition and even within the competition, not a lot of noteworthy roles.

    Best Actress: Kara Wai deserves her award if you consider the overall span of her career. Selena was great in only one role I’ve seen of her, which although makes her a good actress, does not make her the best. Miriam won for her clout, end of story.

    Best Actor: No comment.

    Best Supporting Actor: Who?

    Best Supporting Actress: For someone who’s only had a few scenes in a role that isn’t too difficult to portray, Idk how I feel about Candice. TBD I guess.

    Most Improved Actor: Predictable, though Phillip should’ve won. His roles are way more difficult to play onscreen than any of Owen’s.

    Most Improved Actress: Predictable

    All green-leafs, long time background/supporting actors basically have zero to no chance of winning once they’re past a certain age. Expecting TVB to consider them is a joke and not within the realm of possibility, unless you’re thinking of Lifetime Achievement Award. A paltry pity award IMO. They deserve better than that. But for the most part, they’re resigned to that fate.

    1. @coralie “ All green-leafs, long time background/supporting actors basically have zero to no chance of winning once they’re past a certain age. Expecting TVB to consider them is a joke and not within the realm of possibility, unless you’re thinking of Lifetime Achievement Award. A paltry pity award IMO. They deserve better than that. But for the most part, they’re resigned to that fate.”

      Yes and no. TVB had created award categories in the past to reward veterans like this (remember those “Professional Acting” awards or whatever they were called?)…and in the early years of the awards (back in the late 90s), they also had more award categories that veterans/green leaf artists were eligible in….yes, some of those awards may be pity awards, but that’s better than not getting any recognition whatsoever (especially the veterans who have worked for TVB 20/30/40 years and have put in consistently good performances for decades)….the fact that TVB can create random award categories to recognize certain artists tells me that it’s possible to “consider” the green leafs, it’s just whether TVB management cares enough to do it. This year (and last year too, technically), it’s obvious they don’t care…

  15. Yay!! Kenneth finally get to win best Actor and also happy for Kara too. I knew Kelly will win most improved actress since she’s getting so many promotion and good to see Owen Winning most improved actor. Maybe Raymond Lam might be Winning best Actor next since he’s returning for his Line Walker 3.

    1. @cutie777 haha.. raymond lam, possible as welcome back award from TVB but I hope it doesn’t happen. Let’s see his performance

      I’m definitely on vincent for legal maverick 2- looking forward to that

  16. Miriam’s name and award seemed like an after thought after they awarded Selena then Do Do hands them another envelope and goes there’s two recipients for the award.

    Miriam may be a great singer but her performance was cringe worthy in Wonder Woman, she’s too old to play the part. My bf who doesn’t watch TVB drama saw clips and kept saying she’s Alice, Rebecca, and Pakho’s mom. LOL The love scenes she had with Pakho was hard to watch and gave me goose bumps.

    Selena got robbed having to share the award.

  17. Kara is a great actress and a deserving winner. As for Best Actor, honestly the winners get more boring each year. Kenneth was a shoo in but it was more of a long service /pity award than a well deserved win. There’s hope for other wooden actors to win, following in his footsteps.

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