Ron Ng On His Father’s Death: “There Are Regrets”

With the death of his father, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) is slowing down his work. The filial son took a hiatus from his drama filming schedules in order to return to Hong Kong to manage his father’s memorial services and funeral processions.

On the seventh day since his father’s passing, one of the most important days in traditional Chinese funeral customs, Ron, his older sister, and his sister’s husband were spotted visiting a funeral home to continue to mourn for their father. His mother was not with them. Ron and his family stayed in the funeral home for about half an hour. Ron was teary eyed when he bowed to his father’s spirit tablet.

Although Ron was not in his best condition, he kindly stayed around for a few more minutes to chat with the reporters. Ron admitted that he and his father were very close and they interacted like best friends. However, like every child, there were times when he angered his father. He recalled one memory where he shattered his father’s favorite teapot, and he received a severe spanking because of it.

However, his favorite memory of his father was when he gave Ron a bicycle as a gift. Ron said, “I really liked it. I liked it so much to the point that I didn’t want to replace it, and bought spares to fix the worn out parts myself.”

Although busy with his career, Ron would always make time for his parents, and would spend his free days vacationing with his mother and father. He also shared, “A while back, I purchased a massage chair for my father, and wanted to give it to him as his Father’s Day gift. But my father never used it in the end.”

Ron said he failed to fulfill his father’s wish before his death. His eyes turned red and said, “When my father was still in the hospital, he kept telling me that he wanted to go back to his hometown. But because of his body’s condition at the time, the doctor didn’t allow him to leave the hospital. So we told him that we would take him back when he recovered. It’s a pity…”


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