Anthony Wong Moves to Taiwan

Known for his outspoken pro-democratic views, actor Anthony Wong (黃秋生) has been consistently vocal about his dissatisfaction with the Hong Kong government. As chaos continues to ensue in the city, the actor came to lose all trust and hope in the government. This may have incited his decision to leave the country for good, as he confirmed that he would be emigrating to Taiwan on social media.

Anthony initially posted a photo of himself at the Hong Kong airport and revealed that he was going to be filming in Taiwan. The next day, he made a post again and wrote, “I’m in Taiwan right now. Under 14 days of self-quarantine. I’m enjoying myself.”

Nothing appeared unusual as Taiwanese netizens welcomed him excitedly. But Anthony made a startling revelation when a netizen joked, “Just naturalize in Taiwan!”

He admitted that his emigration plans are “in the process,” and he even went further to express that he deeply enjoys the air of freedom in Taiwan. While netizens and Taiwanese rapper Dog G (大支) sent their congratulations, his decision also sparked heated discussions online.

Netizens are Questioning Hong Kong’s Future

For someone who has been advocating for democracy throughout the years, Anthony’s move to another country has inevitably triggered unsettling feelings among Hong Kong citizens. It provoked them to reconsider their future in Hong Kong and planted doubts on whether they will ever regain their freedom and safety.

Anthony had shared his feelings on the current political situation in Hong Kong during the earlier protests. He previously said, “The future of Hong Kong depends on Hong Kong people to fight for it. I am a very proud Hong Konger, and I extremely admire the courage and bravery of young Hong Kong people.”

Despite his faith in the younger population, it appears the worsening situation in Hong Kong and his disappointment in the government forced him to have no choice but to seek refuge in Taiwan. He even encouraged Japanese people not to visit Hong Kong at the moment. “Don’t travel to Hong Kong right now because the cops are really crazy!” he said.

Source: ETtoday

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  1. I respect Anthony Wong as an actor, but when it comes to his political views, he has no clue what he’s talking about.

    He always appeared as a white worshipper than someone who can view political issues with objectivity.

    This may be shocking to some but according to the Human Rights Freedom index from the Fraser Institute, the USA is ranked 17th, while Hong Kong is ranked 3rd in the world with the most freedom.

    1. @anon Have you not seen videos of police violence in Hong Kong? How could you still think that Hong Kong is free?

      That index is from 2018, they were free then, but not anymore since last year. The violence has escalated. The HK police have been freely beating up citizens and arresting pro-democracy legislators. They are now pushing for a bill to make it illegal to boo the Chinese anthem.

      1. @anon Interesting how you completely disregarded that the HK is ranked 27 in personal freedom, and the primary reason as to why they’re ranked 3 in Human Freedom is due to them being ranked 1 in Economic freedom.

        @teaalltheway You claim that being able to protest is democracy, but what is democracy if protesting for a whole year hasn’t resulted in any governmental or political change? Surely you can understand how frustrated the people are, and that violence is simply a by-product of this frustration. Violence should be condemned, and so should political suppression.

      2. @bbqhands
        Its irrelevant to their overall standing of 3rd rank. Their economic freedom being the main driving force of why they are ranked 3rd is just your opinion.

        Not to mention even if you only take personal freedom into account. THE USA is ranked 26th in personal freedom, only one standing ahead of Hong Kong at 27th, which renders your original point. By your standard, the personal freedom in HK is just about the same as the USA which shows these rioting clowns even more retarded for rioting and setting their city on fire for months.

      3. @anon ”… why they are ranked 3rd is just your opinion.” No, that’s literally how they calculate the scores. (8,7+8,91)/2≈8,81 – Hong Kong’s current score.

        Personal freedom in HK has been decreasing since 2008, while USA has been increasing. Surely that’s a good enough reason to protest rather than wait for a couple of more years for the PF to fall behind every modern country and THEN to protest?

        Perhaps to your surprise, the report 2019 only accounts for 2017. ”We use 2017 as the latest year in our index because it is the most recent year for which sufficient data are available” page 16. So in conclusion, the data is too outdated to account for what has happened in 2019. Facts don’t lie??

      4. @bbqhands
        The whole reason why the protest happened was due to the extraction bill which they ended up scrapping ages ago, even though it does not effect normal law abiding citizens and specifically states not for political reasons. So Yes there has been change…

        So why did they STILL escalate protesting violently, likely due to frustration of HK people, the glory days of HK are gone, housing is unaffordable.

        Don’t tell me you really think HK can become an independent country? HK is part of China, 2047 period. It is in every benefit for HK to have close relations with China (2nd highest GDP), even Shenzhen has a higher GDP than HK now, their water, electricity, come from mainland, doesn’t make any sense what HK ppl are doing to their own home sad :/

      5. @iciel Well have you not seen the protestors beating up innocent people, man burnt alive, man dead because a protestor thrown a brick. The police are literally doing their job, to control the protest and protect normal citizens.

        In any western countries, they use the same measures, in US you would probably get shot dead if you slit a policemans neck, in France yellow vest protest batons, tear gas ect. were used. Being able to protest is democracy!

        The fact that no one got killed by policemen, but innocent citizens lives have been taken away by the protestors speaks volume.

      6. @teaalltheway
        Hong Kong has alot of freedom that many HK’ers are blinded and brainwashed by western influences (USA, Canada, UK, Australia), etc that have their own personal agendas.

        Their fears and worries are irrational that are not supported by real-hard data as evidenced by research groups like Fraser Institute and Cates Institute.

      7. @teaalltheway I do see those videos and I do condemn protesters that take violence to that level. But, I see more videos of HK police beating up completely defenseless citizens, even CHILDREN. You do not hear of lost lives in HK because guess what? They cover it up. There has been missing people and people turning up dead that were ruled as “suicide” all over the country. If you choose to turn a blind eye then there is nothing else we can say.

      8. @iciel So you choose to believe in these conspiracy theories… even the mother of one of the girls who committed suicide said not to use her daughters death for political agenda, disgusting respect the dead. And are you joking, this is not a movie, you really think the police are going to go and kill random people of no importance?? Would require massive coverup, makes no sense, the rioters started everything first. HK people are crazy, the life they want to live is that murders can escape to HK roam free, i can smash buildings, hit people, kill people and that doesn’t matter we don’t need policemen blah blah. Bunch of idiots who are racist.

      9. @iciel “The HK police have been freely beating up citizens ” – Please Google US cops & shooting deaths of unarmed citizens. Has been going on for decades. Just got a few new incidents these past few weeks. I might be wrong, but have not heard of an actual shooting death of a HK citizen by HK cops, yet.

      10. @pocky I never say that the US is better. US cops are just as bad. If your skin is anything other than white you should be very afraid of cops in the US.

      11. @pocky Yes, you’re right – US cops shoot & kill unarmed citizens, especially African Americans. However, that doesnt make it OK for any cops anywhere to beat up unarmed citizens. It’s NOT OK to abuse power.

    2. @anon interesting, have not heard about the rankings.

      Personally I’ve seen videos where protesters verbally harass bystander citizens for no good reason which was disheartening to see. I think the protesters aren’t as innocent as they want to be seen as.

      And isn’t it hypocritical that a wealthy celebrity like Anthony Wong can boost about moving when regular citizens can’t do the same?

      1. @karina Have you seen the latest press freedom index? China rank 4th! From the bottom! As an actor, be able to speak or do his art freely is like press freedom, and with HK being held so tightly by China, he won’t have that freedom any more, therefore, better off move to Taiwan. I just saw someone comment about Taiwan, it’s a place where Chinese can be Chinese without the need to deal with the communist!

      2. @littlefish

        LOL! Anthony Wong is an entertainer, not a journalist. His opinion is his own opinion and has no journalistic value. This article has nothing to do with Press Freedom in China. Way to tie this in with your anti-China views.

      3. @anon “ His opinion is his own opinion and has no journalistic value“ – Lol! Said that to the rich millionaire dude who berates XJP and now has vanished off the face of the earth. Or the many ppl who reported what’s going on inside Wuhan during the lockdown and now also have vanished. Those are basically normal ppl who turn journalist by just reporting what they have seen through their camera lenses.

        And hey, criticising China is ok where it’s due, not like you who always have to bring the US in for every argument when no one even mention the US. AW is moving to Taiwan, not the US? Lol.

        “ It’s only a matter of time when HK will recede to full control by the CCP whether you like it or not. D;” – yes, because China can’t stand a free HK, or a HK that is proud to be under westerner’s laws. They are doing a lot of things to make sure HK will no longer be as glorious as it used to be. And that anything that is belonged to China must obey china’s laws, first HK and still trying to do so for Taiwan. China is bullying every other nations it can if they dare to speak up and criticise China. I hope you do see the faults in China and not get so offended when ppl wants to stay clear of being under China’s rules!

    3. @anon His dad is some random white boy who abandoned his white-worshipping Chinese mom. Obviously white worship runs in the family. What a failure of a family.

  2. who wants to stay in hk anyway, sky-high real estate, high pop density.

  3. I’m currently in the states. Everyday I stare out my window at all the ppl ignoring safer at home laws by walking around in groups without wearing masks. When I check the news, I feel desensitized to number of ppl that have died in the U.S., and fear for myself after I graduate into a non existent job market

    Hell, I wanna move to Taiwan too!

  4. I like AW for his acting.

    That said, he’s just the same as the Chinese ET-ers who vocally support Chinese government, yet hold US or Canada citizenship. So they all should ne “judge” the same with the same ruler if you choose to judge.

    This is an prime example of “do as I say, but not do as I do.” Talk big, talk loud. At the end of the day, everyone’s #1 priority is him or her selves. This is like saying “HK-ers, yea fight for your freedom, fight the government; but see ya later alligator.”

    Regardless of what his political stance is, I enjoy his acting. At least he’s doing his job right lol.

    1. @jjwong I’m not gonna hold him for the “do as I say and not as I do”, because so many people have gone missing in China :/ especially during this pandemic, did you hear about this one rich dude that basically berates XJP, and then vanished pretty much shortly after? He still hasn’t been found yet! Also maybe that’s why AW move to Taiwan lol, so he can say whatever he wish to without worrying of being abducted and never see daylight again!

      1. @luye I liked him in LoS too. It had a good cast, minus the youngsters like Myolie, Kenneth, Ron, etc. Surprisingly I thought Wayne was the weakest of the veterans.

        @littlefish I’m not surprised someone mysteriously vanish in China =/ I don’t judge AW for migrating either nor do I really care; I’ll still watch his movies/shows lol. Yea if you have the means for a better and safer life, of course then do it. We all live for that after all. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy.

  5. @luye I liked him in LoS too. It had a good cast, minus the youngsters like Myolie, Kenneth, Ron, etc. Surprisingly I thought Wayne was the weakest of the veterans.

    @littlefish I’m not surprised someone mysteriously vanish in China =/ I don’t judge AW for migrating either nor do I really care; I’ll still watch his movies/shows lol. Yea if you have the means for a better and safer life, of course then do it. We all live for that after all. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy.

  6. @anon, You don’t know what you are talking about. Look up the Freedom Of Press 20220 index by Reporters Without Borders, HK ranks 80, a loss of 7 places from last year.

    For people who like what the police is doing in HK and think HK have freedom, go back to China and you will see what the future of HK holds.

    I see no hypocricy with Anthony Wong wanting to emigrate. Who wants to live under CCP??

    1. @afan202 agreed. a gov’t that can censor you, hide dangerous information from you and arrest/jail/kidnap you for any and whatever reason they want is definitely not one you want to live under.

      i am no fan of HK, either, though. i think that despite all its touted benefits of years before, in recent years, those benefits are now gone. property prices have skyrocketed, disparity of the rich and poor are increasingly apparent, there is no freedom of the press, and everything is either in a state of inertia or just looming violence.

      comparatively speaking, TW is a much better country than either mainland China or HK right now. so can’t blame the guy.

    2. @afan202

      You don’t know what you are talking about if you think HK police are doing a bad job in contrast to how police in EU and America would’ve handled these protesters given the circumstances last year.

      In the end, yours and my opinion doesn’t matter. It’s only a matter of time when HK will recede to full control by the CCP whether you like it or not. D;

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