Anthony Wong Loved His Mother Too Late

Last year, actor Anthony Wong (黃秋生) experienced many major events in his personal life, such as finding his long lost half brothers, revealing his illegitimate son, and the death of his mother Wong Chun Yi (黃尊儀). Earlier, he appeared on a Hong Kong radio show hosted by Joe Wong (王耀祖) and shed light on his relationship with his late mother. He admitted he was rebellious at a young age and it was too late when he learned to cherish his mother, who passed away nearly a year ago.

His Dark Expression

Despite Anthony’s cold exterior and people’s fierce impression of him, he is actually softhearted. It was his mom who taught him that facial movements could cause wrinkles, so he’s lacked expressions since he was little. It didn’t help that he was unhappy from a young age. “There was nothing to be happy about,” Anthony said.

However, after he learned how to act, he would make himself laugh by changing his voice. He demonstrated on the spot by humorously imitating the voices of Chung King-fai (鍾景輝) and Eric Tsang (曾志偉).

“Cute” is how Joe would describe the actor. The host pointed out that to personally prepare dinner for the crewmembers, Anthony spent a whole day preparing the ingredients and then started cooking at 4 p.m. because he was so nervous.

Anthony Said He Was Not a Good Boy

The actor revealed that he was a disobedient child, and it was already too late when he wanted to compensate. “When I was young, I was not a good boy. I didn’t care about my family and I would talk back and yell at my mother,” Anthony shared. “Of course, I accompanied her more when she became sick, but it wasn’t enough.”

At the beginning of her sickness, Anthony wasn’t able to see her at least once a week. He expressed, “At the time, she was still able to speak and call me, but actually calling was not enough. I once imagined that I would live with her in a big house that had a garden where I could push her out to enjoy the sun.”

Although it is too late now, Anthony tried hard to make it up to her when she was still here. Joe said he witnessed Anthony immediately rushing home to accompany his mother after rehearsals.

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