Anthony Wong Admits Having 20-Year-old Illegitimate Son

Making news earlier for meeting two half brothers that he never knew about, Anthony Wong‘s (黃秋生) family is more complicated than meets the eye. Taiwanese media reported that Anthony also has a 20-year-old  illegitimate son who lives in England. “If someone asks me, I will definitely admit it. This is the truth; I don’t want to affect William,” Anthony said.

His wife of 26 years, Ng Wai Jing (吳惠貞), with whom they have two sons together, knew of William’s existence. “She knew a long time ago.” Ng Wai Jing and her sons live separately from Anthony, who asked for greater freedom after many arguments in the early years of their marriage. Despite Anthony’s infidelity, the couple maintains a cordial marriage and still holds hands when going out in public.

William and his mother, Joyce, reside permanently in England. Anthony sends a monthly allowance to pay for his son’s school expenses. William has visited Hong Kong many times, and even met with his two half-brothers a long time ago.

Anthony did not regret his actions. “I don’t regret anything!” said Anthony, who did not run away from his responsibilities in taking care of William. Abandoned by his own father when he was a child, Anthony had struggled with his self-identity for decades. He vowed he would not make his own son suffer in the same way.

When he is free, William often comes to Hong Kong to visit Anthony. “He was just in Hong Kong. Last night, we had dinner together. Today, he returned to England,” Anthony said.

Sources: Oriental Daily, Sina

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  1. Anthony won’t be the only one. There will be plenty who have committed the same error but kept it hidden to protect image.

    1. @jimmyszeto Yes true, but at least Anthony did take responsibility for his actions and not only provides financially for his son but actually meets up with him, integrated him into his legitimate family, and does everything possible to fulfill his obligations as a father. Unlike a certain someone who refuses to even admit his illegitimate daughter exists let alone provide for her financially or even spend time with her. I don’t condone cheating of course, but the fact that Anthony took responsibility for his actions and did not try to sweep it under the rug or pretend it never happened speaks volumes and in my book, to be quite honest, makes it easier to forgive him for that transgression…as far as I’m concerned, Anthony’s image/reputation is still intact.

      1. @llwy12 Exactly what I was thinking too. NO way we are saying he’s a good man for supporting his illegitimate son but at least he took the responsibility for an innocent child. A certain someone who has so much money and yet never admits to that daughter as his is scum thru and thru. No matter how much money he makes how popular he is in both Asia/Hollywood, he’s still the lowest in my book.

  2. So William’s mom gave an interview to the media and said stuff which Anthony responded to afterwards. Looks like the woman got pissed off because Anthony found out that all the money he’s been giving her to support their son she has actually been setting aside at least half of it for her own family (she’s remarried)….so instead of giving the money to her directly like he had been doing, he’s giving the money to his son directly (which makes sense since his son is an adult now and can manage his own affairs). This apparently pissed the mom off and so she went to the media in attempts to dish the dirt on Anthony. Anthony in response basically doesn’t care that she went to the media, but the thing he IS pissed about is the fact that the mom Joyce had actually been abusing William all these years. He said that after he started giving money to William directly, Joyce kicked William out of the house and won’t let him go back. Also, apparently she once beat William to the point that his face was almost unrecognizable. Anthony is pissed and basically said he is willing to take all the blame, Joyce can hate him as much as she wants to, but William is innocent and to stop treating him so cruelly.

    What a markedly different response from the other famous celebrity who cheated and had an illegitimate child! Again, I don’t condone cheating however I’m also not naive enough to believe that celebrities don’t do it because obviously it’s common in the industry (like @jimmyszeto said, Anthony certainly isn’t the only one). However in my book, how the aftermath is handled sometimes matters more than the cheating itself. Anthony was wrong to have the affair, but he did the right thing afterward with taking up responsibility as a father and up to recently, remaining friendly with the mother for his son’s sake (and now it’s been revealed he was supporting his wife’s new family all these years too!). JC needs to learn from Anthony — if he isn’t able to take responsibility like Anthony did, he honestly needs to keep his you know what in his pants….

    1. @llwy12
      Well said and I do not condone cheating, but have a lot of respect for Anthony for being honest about it, facing it and taking responsibility for it unlike some people. I am sure many cheat in this business but they are just not caught yet or has had any kids to prove it. Yes, the aftermath and how it is handled is at times more important than the cheating itself. Jackie needs to learn a thing or 2 from Anthony.

      I feel bad for his son and what a horrible mother he has. Hope Anthony can protect his son and get him away from her. It seems like that mother was only using the son to get money from Anthony to support her new family. What kind of mother is that? She will pay for her bad deeds soon when karma strikes!

  3. @jimmyszeto @llwy12 @wm2017 i agree! It’s stupid to make a mistake but that shouldn’t define you. It’s should be what action you take afterward. Be a real (wo)man, confront your mistake, write the wrong and live/learn! Total respect for AW even though he’s opinionated, and has an in your face a-hole vibe. He’s alright bd much better standup guy than a lot of publicity stain/neg free people.

  4. Honestly! Who doesn’ have a past. We all humans, not saints.

    Anthony didn’t deny it. Thats already makenhim a good person.

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