Benjamin Yuen Eager to Be a Dad

Getting married last November, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) are trying for a baby.

As Bowie comes from a wealthy family, Benjamin has faced pressure to prove himself. Bowie’s father, Cheung Wong Wong (張煌煌), who made his fortune through his intimate apparel business, had gifted the couple $40 million Hong Kong dollars as down payment for their home. Facing the gossip that he is a “Soft Rice King,” Benjamin once boldly retorted, “I don’t need to pay the mortgage on the house?” Benjamin also stressed that he will work extra hard so that his salary can support both of them after marriage.

Since Benjamin is the only child in his family, he has a bit of pressure as well. While Bowie’s father is also said to want grandchildren, Benjamin will respect Bowie’s decision on baby planning, especially since she enjoys working and he does not want to affect her career plans.

However, Benjamin realizes that preparing for a baby takes time. He has been priming his body by eating plenty of oysters at a recent dinner with Bowie.

The actor has also been consulting a lot of parents in the entertainment industry, and hopes to learn a thing or two on having children. Many people recommended that Benjamin consult with Nancy Sit (薛家燕) and Kelly Chan (陳慧琳) and learn their “baby making secrets.”

Source: East Week

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  1. Part of the problem is when men marry younger wives. They’re in different stages of life. Bowie is still starting out in her career and may not want to put it on pause but Ben is already 40 of course he’s eager to have kids, he’s not getting any younger.

    1. @HBC1 agreed. men and women who marry each other when there’s big age disparity often means there’s life stage related differences as they get older. not to mention the problem with older spouses is their tendency to be jealous of their younger spouses when they catch other genders’ attention. most don’t end well…

  2. Bowie –29
    I wouldn’t say ambitious but wants to try new things
    Ben — 40
    Ben, don’t worry, she will give you babies soon

    Grace– 30
    Actually a go getter but wanted to be a mother, like it’s her natural instinct
    Kevin — 52
    Mad respect to this man to never having said publicly he wants children now in an interview

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