Benjamin Yuen’s 5 Tips On Maintaining Good Relationships with Mother-in-Law

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Benjamin Yuen’s 5 Tips On Maintaining Good Relationships with Mother-in-Law

A few days ago, netizens spotted Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), his mother, and his girlfriend Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) returning to Hong Kong from their trip in Japan. Discussion came about as to why Ben decided to bring his mother along, and when Ben was approached with the question, he answered, “My mother is actually the main character in this trip.”

Ben’s father, Tai Gor, passed away earlier this year. Ben told the press that their Japan trip was meant to be a relaxing vacation for his mother. He decided to bring Bowie, who has been dating since early 2018, along so his mother could have an extra companion in the trip.

“Of course, to prevent any future altercation, it is important to communicate and work on that relationship first,” said Ben.

The TVB actor then offered five tips on how to maintain good relationships with mother-in-laws. The first, and perhaps the most important, tip is to keep the girlfriend in the loop of what’s going on. Ben made sure to let Bowie know the purpose of the trip. “I told her that the this trip was to help my mother relax. In other words, if we are to talk about priorities, then the queen dowager is definitely the first,” he added with a laugh.

Next, Ben stressed the importance of being well-prepared. “Planning is important, but you have to take spontaneity into account. Sometimes when things don’t work out, you have to be flexible and have a backup plan. Fortunately, our backup plans weren’t used during our vacation.”

Third, the actor said the vacation itself must be parent-friendly. He said, “Pour tea for her. After a long walk, suggest to sit down and have a snack, drink some coffee. They’ll be very happy. After eating, walk some more and eat some ice cream on the way there.” Though that is a general tip on how to take care of one’s seniors, it is especially important for juniors to take their older seniors’ own physical condition into account when planning physically-active trips. Planning frequent rest breaks will be important—the mother-in-law can also use this opportunity to warm up to her daughter-in-law.

As for the fourth tip, Ben said, “Tell them that they don’t have to spend any money. I’ll handle everything. That way, they can truly relax and just go have fun.” When asked about the itinerary for their Japan trip, Ben shared, “We went to Tokyo. Hiked Mount Fuji and went to an onsen. Also shopped in Omotesando.”

Lastly, Ben said that it’s important to make sure that the “empress dowager” is traveling comfortably and safely. For this, Ben recruited the help of Bowie. “I wasn’t able to manage everything. The GPS is a great help, but it’s hard to drive and keep track of where I needed to go at the same time. With [Bowie] sitting next to me, I’ll have another pair of eyes to look at the map.”

Hopefully, that’ll earn Bowie a few more brownie points for being a helpful partner.


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  1. kokomo says:

    Wow. Looks like Benjamin is paving the way for Bowie to have a successful daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship in the future. Good for the both of them.

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