Benjamin Yuen’s Earning Power

Few people may know that Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) actually started his career in the entertainment industry in 1996 as a model. Although he was given many opportunities and went on to act in a number of films, his career never quite picked up and his popularity began to decrease. Benjamin decided to leave the entertainment industry in 2003 and sought to make a living as marketing executive instead.

After a few years, Benjamin decided to try his luck again in the entertainment industry. His winning of the 2007 Mr. Hong Kong competition gave him this second chance. Despite his tall figure, good looks, and toned body, Benjamin’s acting career remained lackluster, with audiences criticizing his wooden acting.

It wasn’t until in 2016’s Speed of Life <鐵馬戰車>, where he starred as the second male lead, did TVB finally decide to give him more filming opportunities. Despite the increased screen time, the audience’s reception towards him was slow to warm. However, his popular dentist role in A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> made him a household name.

With increased popularity, Benjamin’s money-earning capabilities also increased. He went on to participate in prominent dramas such as Line Walker: The Prelude (使徒行者2), Threesome <三個女人一個「因], Another Era <再創世紀>, and The Defected <鐵探>. In addition, he also has a multiplied number of commercials, endorsements, and sponsorship opportunities due to his masculine appeal.

With his heightened earning power and positive career outlook, Benjamin was recently seen in a new Audi. Furthermore, he may now be considering marriage with Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) with whom he has been dating for more than two years. When interviewed, the 38-year-old actor did not shy away from admitting that he hoped to move on to the next phase in life.


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