Bosco Wong on Owning a Restaurant: “It’s Very Troublesome”

Besides being a popular actor, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is known to be a savvy businessman. He  invested in several properties and opened a restaurant in Hong Kong last year. Aside from filming, Bosco’s hobbies include collecting wine and vintage cars. With his increased property investments lately, his goal is become the next “Property King”.

Since youth, Bosco has enjoyed cooking and hoped to become a chef. In 2011, he invested in Overtime Restaurant in Malaysia with other partners, but eventually pulled out his shares. He learned from the experience and applied it to running his current restaurant, Oystermine, in which he has a $4 million HKD stake in it. Although it appears that Bosco has fulfilled his childhood dream of being his own boss and a restaurateur, it is not as easy as it seems. To succeed in such a competitive and volatile industry, Bosco invested a lot of time and effort into the business.

“I brought trouble onto myself. There are a lot of things to consider. It has been troublesome in turning it from an empty store, to selecting furnishings, to designing the menu. Every time the chefs and front staff have meetings, they start at 1 am. I go to the restaurant and join for the latter half of the meeting, which lasts until 4 am. It’s like filming an extra series on the side,” Bosco explained.

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Although it is rumored that Bosco’s salary is comparable to Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) in Mainland China, Bosco denied it, stating that his first requirement when accepting a film is not money, but to see whether or not he likes the script.

After having been with TVB for 10 years, Bosco wanted to tackle a different market and work in a different environment for a change. In 2012, he finally ventured out and took the lead male role in Hong Kong film, Love In Time <等我愛你>, opposite Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣). This year, Bosco’s representative film project is Men Cannot Be Poor <男人唔可以窮>. With an increased presence in the film industry, Bosco hopes to be able to work with good friend, Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), in the future. He exclaimed, “I hope to work with Carina; I don’t even mind playing a random male pedestrian character.”

One of the friends and mentosr Bosco is thankful to have met is Eric Tsang (曾志偉), who continuously cast Bosco in many of his Lunar New Year film productions. Besides Eric, Bosco disclosed that he has also learned a lot from Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and his wife, Jamie Chik (戚美珍).


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  1. Hope he won’t give up his acting career. I love his acting as I think he’s a very versatile actor. But too bad most roles taken by him didn’t really help him to shine. Pity that he is one of the underrated actor. I find him wayyy better than Kenneth Ma and Moses to say the least.

    1. Totally agree and B’s voice is way better than KM and MC too.

  2. According to Chinese Face Reading, I think he will have tones of opportunities (whether in acting or investing) once he hits his 40’s. He has nice face symmetry and an extremely nice nose. His lip crease is also narrow on the top and wide on the bottom too…that’s a sure indication that he will live past his 50’s and will continue making money!

    1. As long as he keeps his lips moist, he will never run “dry” on money once he hits 60’s. (my grandparents used to read people’s face for money)

      1. I don’t know what you look like :P. But it’s best I don’t read it. I can be quite honest about what I want to say.

      1. Yes and no. It’s scary how accurate face reading is at times. It’s also one of the reasons why wealthy men are so picky about picking their wives. You don’t want to pick someone who will bring misfortune.

  3. Bosco is looking more and more effeminate these days. And he sure knows how to network with A-list people in the industry; even Liza Wang is his god-ma. He’s one very shrewd fella indeed.

  4. Well…Duh. If you are working hard, it is going to be just like that.

  5. i totally agree that Bosco is better than Kenneth Ma. I love his acting, he can be bad and good guy.

  6. Bosco’s acting skill is improved a lot. Hope he gets a chance to be movie king soon

  7. i really love Bosco’s acting he’s acting is improving way better then Kenneth Ma!!!! he can film as a bad guy and good guy!!!:)
    but Kenneth’s acting is bit not that good!!!

    1. agree his acting improve by heaps and bounce but a disappointed on the relationship between Myolie and him

    2. Anybody’s acting is better than Kenneth Ma. That guy can’t act for sheet, he’s only popular cos he portrays a likeable goofy personality in real life.

  8. From Bosco’s D.O B, he belongs to a moderately strong Geng Daymaster with weak wood elements.

    At this Rabbit (wood) pillar, Bosco is supposed to make quite some handsome money (mostly from his acting career) but because of his recklessly ambitious spending & ill money-management capacity, i doubt that he might be as good & financially successful as he claims himself to be.

    As Bosco’s Dragon pillar (age 37-46) is approaching, I expect he might encounter lots of surprises which would be far beyond what he could have expected to achieve.

    Let’s see then…..

    (Good money making skill doesnt necessarily translate into prosperous life/abundant riches. One must know how to manage & lock his wealth)

  9. I agree, Bosco’s acting is definitely superior to Kenneth’s. Bosco probably has the best acting skills of his generation at Tvb. But somehow I like Kenneth better. There’s always something that Bosco says or does in real life that makes me *facepalm*.

  10. One of the best younger talents. Plus youngest of his batch of siusangs.

    He just needs to get better tvb scripts…

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