Brian Chu Learns to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Although 2022 was a great year in terms of career for Brian Chu (朱敏瀚), his personal life trended the opposite way. Besides breaking up with his girlfriend of three years, Stitch Yu (余思霆), his parent’s health also took a turn for the worse, falling ill one after the other. In the new year, Brian has a whole new perspective on how to approach life. Embracing his newfound popularity, Brian hopes for continued success and opportunities, but will also take time to reflect and not make hasty decisions.

In his most recent drama, Go with the Float (輕.功), Brian faced one of his most difficult challenges – filming opposite a baby. Recalling the experience, Brian was full of smiles and shared, “I have good fate with this baby. In another drama, this baby portrayed my younger self. The most difficult thing when it comes to filming is when you have to film opposite animals or children. The entire scene was quite reflective of how I felt helpless around a baby.”

In addition to facing a challenge during filming Go with the Float, Brian’s personal life was also wrought with difficult situations. Recalling his parent’s back-to-back illnesses, Brian expressed, “My mother had a heart attack, and my father was diagnosed with cancer. Coincidentally, my storyline in Go with the Float involved dealing with my mother’s passing. When I read the script, I thought it was similar to my own experience. The timing of receiving this role was perfect. It was also the most severe time of the pandemic during filming this drama. Everything came to a stop. From all this, I learned a very important life lesson during this time. With everything going on at that time, it seemed to be reminding me that I needed to slow down. There was a time where I charged forward without thinking too much, like how I went crazy with getting fit and went to the gym every day. At the time, I was forced to slow down and learn to enjoy life and not to push myself too hard.”

Turning 30 years old this year, Brian was asked whether he has set any new goals for himself. “I hope to do my best in every role I receive. I also really want to sing the theme  or subtheme song for a drama. I believe in the law of attraction, so I will keep thinking it!” On whether he hopes to start a new relationship this year, Brian said, “My time is occupied primarily with work. I am not against starting a new relationship. I will let things flow naturally.”

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