Stitch Yu Eats Dinner with Brian Chu’s Family

Dating for two years, TVB artistes Stitch Yu (余思霆) and Brian Chu (朱敏瀚) spent the majority of their relationship apart due to long-distance separation. Although they talked on the phone every day, they realized they had separate dreams and it was best to break up. While few ex-couples can truly remain friends, Stitch and Brian still consider each other like family.

Stitch went to Taiwan two years ago to film for a TVB program. Originally intending to stay for three months, she ended up staying for two years due to work opportunities in Taiwan. Filming six variety shows and one Taiwanese drama, in which she played an assassin, Stitch hoped to film more diverse roles. While in Taiwan, she fulfilled her dream of travelling around the island, and also strengthened her relationships with her family.

Two months since breaking up with Brian, Stitch has since returned to Hong Kong.  Although many people expressed it was a pity for their split, she shared it was a mutual decision since it was difficult for them to maintain a long distance relationship. Both also have different goals for the future, and are busy with their careers right now.

Although Brian is open to getting back together in the future, Stitch commented, “He is concentrating on his career, which I think this is a good thing. I can’t predict the future, but at this time we are good friends.”

While dating, Stitch grew very close with Brian’s family, who regard her as a daughter-in-law. “Uncle and Auntie really like me, and they will regularly call me to talk. However we didn’t give them a heads up about our split, so they were very shocked when they learned the news. I had put a lot of effort into our [long-distance] relationship, and Brian and I talked every day. However, it’s hard when you don’t see each other for a long time–the passion dies out. We’re like family now; Auntie had prepared a full course dinner to welcome me home after I finished quarantine. Uncle also told me to come over for dinner whenever I am free.”

As she just ended a long-term relationship, Stitch wants to take the time to enjoy being single. Asked if she is looking to meet new men, Stitch joked that all of her friends in Hong Kong are mutual friends with Brian.


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