Carina Lau and Tony Leung Find Surrogate Mother For Baby

According to Hong Kong tabloid, Oriental Sunday Magazine, Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) and Tony Leung (梁朝偉) found a surrogate mother to carry their baby. Carina and Tony took the advice of their good friend, Sandra Ng (吳君如), and found a surrogate mother agency in the United States in May to fulfill their wish to become parents.  Allegedly, after waiting for another few months, the baby will be arriving!

It was understood that since Carina Lau and Tony Leung got married, they have been unable to conceive a baby together. Due to their busy work schedules and advancing age, Carina has been unable to become pregnant. Seeking a surrogate mother in the United States may have cost the couple a hefty fee!


Jayne: Congratulations to Carina and Tony if in fact they are waiting for the birth of their child via surrogate mother delivery!

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  1. Perhaps Andy Lau can consult Tony Leung about this matter – had the tabloid spreads about Andy and wifey praying for a child is true…

  2. Congrats! I really hope this is true, and I do hope Andy consider the idea too.

  3. Finally they look for surrogate mom. Good for them and hope the child will looks like Tony and Carina mix.

    1. who know maybe they will just get a randon baby made in china hehe.

  4. Hm.. Interesting but I wonder how things will turn out?? Will Tony and Carina allow the surrogate mother to be a part of the baby’s life and all?? In a sense, the baby will have 2 mothers and 1 father.

    I wonder if they considered adoption? I think that would have also been a great alternative as well..

  5. I also wanted to add congrats to them and maybe Andy and his wife should ask Carina and Tony for advice regarding this matter…

  6. Is the mother and father (in this case, Tony and Carina) allowed to know who the surrogate mother is? I heard the surrogate mother can become attached to the baby even it’s born because it’s been in her stomach for 9 months and may not want to part from the baby.

    But congrats to the couple! 😀 They should prolly have done this earlier. Tony is 49 already! 😮

    1. Anyone whose career is handling these cases here? 😀

      There should be legal black and white signed agreement; I suppose. Just so that the surrogate mother won’t run away with the baby.

    2. By using surrogate mother…is that mean …they use tony & carina sperm & egg…or they use tony’s sperm but surogate mother ‘s egg? i’m confuse here..

      1. Here the quote from the site: How does a surrogacy work?
        There are two types of surrogacy. 1). A genetic surrogate is where the surrogate mother is also the biological mother. This is where surrogate’s eggs are and inseminated (usually artificially) with the intended father’s sperm. 2). A gestational surrogate is where both the egg and sperm of the intended parents are joined and the pre-embryo(s) are placed into the surrogate who will carry and deliver the child. The gestational surrogate has no genetic link to that child.
        So they can choose which ever way they want.

  7. Congrats to them, but I think it’s sad that a woman doesn’t have the bonding/feeling how her child is when the baby is growing each day in her womb.

  8. congrat to carina and tony, hope be good parent for kids.

  9. And I think carol , carina and demi moore should ask for kelly preston advice…she’s get pregnant at age of 48 …yarr ….

    1. congrats but so it means an outsider will be a surrogate for their baby?

      1. Yes, it means another woman will carried the baby for Carina. After give birth, the baby go with Carina and Tony, and the surrogate mother get pay money for this.

    2. Many women here in USA are giving birth at age 38-40 without any problems with today advance healthcare.

      1. But Carina is older than that so it is much harder for her.

  10. Good for them! Thats the cost of putting off marriage because of career. Good luck to both of them

  11. wow even Chinese celebrity are having their surrogate mother. Wow good luck to them!! 🙂

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