Carina Lau Denies Finding Surrogate Mother

Reports emerged yesterday claiming that Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) and Tony Leung (梁朝偉)–who were eager to become parents–took Sandra Ng’s (吳君如) advice to find a a surrogate mother to carry their baby. Allegedly, Carina and Tony traveled to the United States in May to find a surrogate mother agency to research the matter.

Last week, when Carina was eating out with Tony’s mother, reporters asked her about the surrogate mother rumors. At the time, Carina replied with a smile, “Whether it is true or not, I will not answer!” Carina’s response increased the authenticity of the allegations!

However, on her blog yesterday, Carina responded to the recent rumors through her simple response, “It’s nonsense!” Perhaps it was Carina’s attempt to stop the rumors from spreading further.


Jayne: If Carina and Tony did want children, why not consider the surrogate mother option? They can certainly afford it!

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  1. i know she denies it, but to me she did or not did i am still say congrat to her, hopefuly she can has chance to be mother.

  2. I think if she want to be a mother,,, she could have done it long time ago…. Surrogate thingy is not my cup of tea,,,I rather they adopt a kid instead of separate the child and the mother…

    1. I agree and time will tell so there is no point in her lying like that. I would also rather adopt a kid since I am also not crazy about the surrogate mother thing. It is strange to me to have another person carrying my baby.

      1. @Kwan,,,, I know it is still technically her ( Carina ) how would the kid feel when he/she grow up? I am sure the media will bring it up

      2. @ Moon16

        “@Kwan,,,, I know it is still technically her ( Carina ) how would the kid feel when he/she grow up? I am sure the media will bring it up”

        That his/her parents want him/her so much that they try all ways to bring him/her to this world?

        But, of course there will be possibility that she will want to meet her surrogate mom too at one point.

      3. HeTieShou, adoption is a really lengthy process. It can take many years for it to happen wheras surrogacy I guess is a little easier to come by and at least it’s genetically yours.

        Moon16: Even if the media brings it up, I think that if they do a good job bringing the child up it shouldn’t be a major problem. I mean Nicole Kidman just recently had a baby via surrogacy and everyone knew about it. It’s not like it’s a secret. Something would be extremely wrong if Carina and Tony decided to hide this from their child.

        Kidd: Legally the surrogate mother cannot have anything to do with the child after she gives birth. So I think it would highly be unlikely the child will ever find its mother. Not to mention Carina may choose to use her own eggs if it’s due to the fact she can’t carry but her eggs are still healthy and fertile.

  3. She’s too old to do the mother thing……that’s what happens when she screwed around all those years with so many people while hanging onto Tony… want to be a mother now? She should just go buy a dog and leave it at that.

    1. Lol, I sense of sarcasm.

      I’ve always wondered about Carina’s share of rumored male lovers. Do you guys think it’s true?

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