Cast Of “Lives Of Omission” Discuss The Finale (*Warning: Includes Spoilers*)

TVB’s smashing hit series, Lives of Omission《潛 行狙擊》, ended it’s run yesterday night. The cast and crew of “Lives” were gathered at KITEC (Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre) for the finale ‘live’ broadcasting event.

Upon watching, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) exposed that the finale broadcasted was actually the new and edited version. In the finale, Bosco Wong‘s (黃宗澤) Cripple Co. was destined to die, not by the hands of onscreen girlfriend Kate Tsui’s Paris but instead through the hands of Michael Tse‘s (謝天華) Laughing-Gor, who had shot and killed him.

Although it was still not sure whether the avid fans of “Lives” would love such an ending and unclear whether the finale ratings would hit a new high, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Fala Chen (陳法拉), Damien Lau (劉松仁) and etc still had a tremendous night of fun in front of more than two hundred fans.

Damien even showcased his “Chok” skills, which created a commotion from the crowd, such that even “Chok” expert Michael Tse had no choice but to concede defeat.

Michael smiled and professed that he would be exceptionally happy if “Lives” raked in a rating that started with the number four. (Michael meant a rating of 40 points and above)

Whereas for Fala, her character in “Lives” wasn’t as fortunate and had been arranged to die in both the original and alternative ending. Despite that, the alternative ending was filmed as they wanted Madam Jo to die in a more unforgettable and spectacular way such that Laughing-Gor would live with this regret for the rest of his life.

With such an ending, wouldn’t it meant that Madam Jo and Laughing-Gor wouldn’t have a chance to continue their predestined fate in the movie version?

Michael Tse replied, “Well, there can be a lot of methods, for example, recollection scenes. As for shooting a sequel to “Lives of Omission”, it will be decided by the company. If the audience wants it to be film, then it will be filmed.” Michael professed that he has the confidence to fight for TV King as his role as Laughing-Gor received resounding responses from netizens as well as viewers from the Mainland.

Fala’s Madam Jo death reflects Laughing-Gor’s pain

Fala expressed that she really likes this arrangement of “having to die sooner or later, somehow or another”, “Laughing’s agony and pain could only be truly brought out with my character’s death and following my character’s death incident, his actions would be more justifiable in the future, much more cool and unrestrained. I hope that the ratings would hit 38 points!”

As for tabloids magazines saying that she had exposed that Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫岐) has gotten married, Fala expressed that she has never said that, “I always place my work life separate from my private life. I won’t talk about other people’s matters.”

[Caption: Upon watching her character getting shot by Bosco’s Cripple Co., Kate Tsui was too into the scene that she started tearing up.]

Bosco’s Cripple Co. was killed by Kate Tsui’s Paris in the other ending

Kate Tsui revealed that in the other ending of “Lives of Omission”, her character, Paris, ultimately turned out to be an undercover and was arranged to kill Bosco’s Cripple Co. all by herself, “How the movie would turn out, whether Cripple Co. could be resurrected from the dead, is definitely something worth looking out for.”

Kate laughed and said that she didn’t have the power to request for another sequel to “Lives”. Kate also expressed that she was afraid that fans will be unhappy as there were too many kissing and intimate scenes, such that lesser males were coming near her.

[Caption: Kate Tsui’s Paris was shot on the chest by Bosco Wong’s Cripple Co. however as Kate suffers from a heart defect known as dextrocardia where the heart is abnormally located on the right side of her chest, she survived the ordeal.]

Bosco laughed and said that his character must die in the show, it was just a matter of dying from whose hands, “Now that my character has died in Laughing’s hands, I feel very satisfied as a villain must be killed by someone else, in order for the ending to be gratifying!”

Asked Bosco whether he had the interest to shoot the movie version or sequel to “Lives”, he replied, “If I come back to life, it must be on reasonable terms, there must also be a valid reason for my close shave with death. I hope to see the ratings hit the number four (40 and above).”

Virginia Lok self-professed that she has TVB’s blood flowing inside her

TVB’s production and resource director Virginia Lok (樂易玲) also attended the event that night, apparently undeterred from the rumors that she was planning to leave TVB or had lost power, “I won’t leave today, I won’t leave tomorrow, I have TVB’s blood flowing inside me.”

What about rumors that she was poached with a huge salary? Virginia responded, “If you asked me, I would definitely say yes, if not I won’t have any “face” left. Actually, why would I want to leave? There’s no reason for it. Everything is currently status quo. We have been holding meetings as per normal and discussing about work for the next year. The matters and people working in the company have remained the same, everyone gets along well with one another.”

Virginia expressed that she has worked for TVB for eight years now and through these eight years, her EQ (emotional quotient) has increased significantly. Virginia also remarked that Stephen Chan‘s (陳志雲) EQ was really high as he could be calm and composed when faced with problems and solve them with a clear mind.

As for the legal department of Hong Kong filing an appeal against Stephen, Virginia responded, “I really do not know. But I see that everything seems to be operating as per normal. As for those recent rumors about me, I won’t be affected by them.”

Source: Mingpao

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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    1. @edmwer:

      Hi! It’s actually stated as a caption below the photo of Kate crying, “Upon watching her character getting shot by Bosco’s Cripple Co., Kate Tsui was too into the scene that she started tearing up.”

      Heehee I think you might have missed seeing it somehow! 😀

      1. Actually I did read that hehe 🙂

        But I was wondering hmmm how come she still has not gotten out of character. Fala didn’t cry did she?

      2. Kate is not filming anything yet after Lives of Omission(so is Michael Tse), so it makes sense for Kate to still be in character.

        Meanwhile, Fala is starting that Chung Mou Yim series and Bosco has been filming with Stephy for almost a month.

  1. I feel bad for laughing every girl he’s with she ends up dying!
    First with Karen, she dies of course
    Then with Aimees character
    Then madam Jo is it a curse or something?
    Sorta wished Jodie didn’t die, laughing ends up alone again XD

    1. Laughing Gor’s bad luck on woman, maybe pursue the other side???

      1. [**Spoiler**]Perhaps Laughing Gor should pick a smarter woman who has better instinct to wait for backup instead of trying to be an “Arnold Schwarzenegger”

      2. Looking at Bosco and Michael’s puckered up pic, maybe laughing will choose the other side. Strange things can happen in prison…

        Bosco could come back in the movie as bichael’s long lost twin brother, So sing fung. He or Paris could go UC to seek revenge against laughing.

    2. Pak Kiu has passed on his bad luck to Laughing. Pak Kiu’s wife survives. 😛

      1. Haha yes, Pak Kiu’s gfs also died. Maybe his wife is luckiest because they got married?

      2. [**Spoiler**]Pak Kiu’s wife is luckier. She(what’s her name) and Jodie are both not the brightest cops, but Jodie is more unfortunate LOL

      3. @ Fox

        Or maybe his wife is more ‘hak sing’ then him. Can deflect his bad luck. 😀

    3. Don’t worry. Laughing will find a Karen and Madam Jo lookalike later 😀

  2. A cliffhanger of sorts, how sad sort of… Sad only because it will be a while before we know what follows

    1. Yeah TBB, we know. You want the viewers to watch the movie. Yeah..and the whole series sums up to – Please watch the movie. Darn.

  3. “Virginia expressed that she has worked for TVB for eight years now and through these eight years, her EQ (emotional quotient) has increased significantly.”

    Somehow I find it funny when Virginia refers to herself with a high EQ. So she has only worked with TVB for only 8 years? Did she rise form the bottom up or did she come in with her current position?

    “Virginia also remarked that Stephen Chan‘s (陳志雲) EQ was really high as he could be calm and composed when faced with problems and solve them with a clear mind.”

    I see Stephen to be a person with a high EQ and a person with wisdom. 🙂

    1. I don’t know whether she come in with the current position or not. But, she didn’t work from the bottom. HK wikia stated that she entered TVB as high executive. She already has a lot of experience and connections before she entered TVB. She used to work for Mano Fong in Shaw Brothers. After she got married, she left entertainment circle to help her husband’s business. She rejoined entertain circle after 13 years of hiatus when Mona Fong invited her to join TVB.

  4. This drama is definitely not a rewatch for me. The characters were especially fake and the ending was bad (too many boring, long, and unnecessary scenes!). Though the story is good there are just too many plotholes for me to really take it seriously. I did enjoy my month of Laughing Gor entertainment though.

    1. I think the story is bad. First half is ok, second half went down the drain of insulting viewers’ intelligence after Laughing went undercover again.

      Cast performance are fine overall. I have severe grunge for the story, but not the cast.

      1. IMO although the story was bad (I agree), it had potential to be a good crime thriller. The thing that bugged me the most were the poorly written characters. First off, we have the main characters that don’t do much to the plot except looking good/boss/romantic interest(s). Second off, we have the supporting characters who ACTUALLY drove the plot and made the story more interesting, but they were either given a sloppy ending or no ending at all (what happened to T Two? He’s a pretty important character to me). Overall, bad characterization and bad story telling.

        I agree completely. Second half of the story was a total insult for the audience.

      2. “First half is ok, second half went down the drain of insulting viewers’ intelligence after Laughing went undercover again.”

        I think the first half was better too. However, I still found it forgivable since the popularity of Laughing Gor was as a result of him as an undercover. Laughing Sir may not have generated all the ratings and honestly, the story would have been less interesting if Laughing remained a cop through the whole 30 episodes. It would have been quite boring to watch. I liked Laughing’s unconventional ways of training his subordinates.

        I also noticed the second half did not feature many of the supporting cast anymore. Mandy Wong and the rest of the CIB team became background characters and then suddenly they become the center of attention at the last scene. o.O

      3. Did anyone else find the story a bit slow-paced? 30 episodes doesn’t seem like a lot and it’s TVB’s normal standards for a grand production these days, but if it wasn’t for the main characters, particularly Michael and Paris, the story was a bit slow for me. However, I don’t know if it would have been better if it was cut down to only 25 episodes.

        I also found KK Cheung’s character very forgettable for a triad boss. He appeared quite late and right now, I’m having trouble recalling his downfall. There was buildup and his character didn’t appear so stupid, but the fact that he trusted Ding Man (Candy Yuen) so much was a bit unbelievable since it wasn’t true love between them. Why would he let her know where the storage area is if he didn’t trust her?


        There was nothing said about Mandy’s character anymore. In the beginning, her character seemed to have more potential for development, but she was never really an undercover before other than that one failed mission, if I remember correctly.

      4. Chriselle, everyone in the drama suddenly becomes stupid in the second half. If only there’s a “facepalm” emoticon

      5. Chriselle, I didn’t abandon the drama in particular because of “Michael”(Michael SSP, not Michael Tse) and “Paris”. Their interactions are unique and different from other lovey dovey TBB pairings.

        I’m not a “Laughing” fan, so it doesn’t bother me whether he’s an Ah Sir or an undercover, what made me grit my teeth was the loose and weak plot. I’ll give the screenplay team a benefit of doubt, they might be forced to come up with the script within a packed timeframe, and hindered their creativity from developing more.

      6. @chriselle:

        I think KK trusted ding man enough for her to be one of his transporters. She was also his scapegoat in case they were caught.
        U mean u don’t remember how he got caught, right? B/c that butt naked stabbing is pretty unforgettable.
        Remember he kicked his mistress out b/c his wife was back in town, thus giving laughing the opportunity to seduce her.

        As for mandy, I’m glad they forgot about her. She already put lap chang in the friends zone then suddenly she is going to give him a chance b/c Derek told her to? No thank you!
        Btw, I think MC Jin did a good job as Chapman To’s successor.

      7. “As for mandy, I’m glad they forgot about her. She already put lap chang in the friends zone then suddenly she is going to give him a chance b/c Derek told her to? ”

        What’s wrong with Mandy putting MC Jin in the friends zone? If she doesn’t see him as a potential romantic partner, she can do whatever she wishes. I didn’t see Mandy as giving MC Jin another chance and if the script meant it that way, it did a pretty bad job. I don’t they ended up together, did they? I remember when MC Jin came back to CIB after completing his duties as a UC, he exchanged a congratulatory glance with Mandy. It felt like they were friends only, nothing more.

      8. I definitely think they were implying that ah mung was gonna give lap chang a chance.
        He was like “I was a UC too, where’s my gift?”
        She blushes and replies “duk la, I’ll give it to u later.”
        If she had liked him before, it’d be okay. But it’s like she couldn’t have Derek so lap chang is the back up guy.

  5. I felt so sad when I watched the very last episode on Friday. I had a feeling that Fala would die so in a way I wasn’t surprised but I think it would have been nice to see her and Laughing married or at least hand in hand and walk away in the sunset. Still, life isn’t like that and things are never perfect. I have never seen the film and will not see it either if they do another one. I wonder if they’ll do a third TVB series though. Guess it all depends on how the audience responds. I shall miss watching this drama and wished that it had been a bit longer.

    1. There is no such ting as a perfect ending in TVB’s production rotten brain personal.

  6. Can someone help me please. Who’s that guy who plays the part of one of the triads. He appeared towards the last couple of episodes and sort of fell in love with Fala – of course not knowing that she was a policewoman. She met him in a musical shop and she played the violin and he was mesmerised by her and then she was invited on go on his yacht and he tried to make love to her but was saved by Laughing. Anyway, this guy’s face seem so familiar to me but I can’t place him. Is he a director and maybe just do bits here and there. Would appreciate an answer.

      1. I’ve seen him around before, but his name never stuck to me. If his mouth/lips were crooked before, it wasn’t obvious. It was distracting and obvious in LOO.

      2. At first, I thought he was cute. But it turned out he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
        Not sure if his smile is crooked, but I think he needs a haircut.

    1. He is a supporting actor since 2003 – from “Sunshine Heartbeat” YUCK.

      I will say he is noticeable in Forensic Heores I and II with more scenes and dialogue.

  7. Thanks – at least I can sleep happy now – its horrible knowing half the facts only -lol…

    Didn’t watch “Only You” but remember now in Forensic Heroes – that was probably where I saw him. Never noticed his crooked mouth. What a disappointment he turned out to be in LOO as I thought he was the good guy.

  8. I’m starting with eps 1-2 today and dunno why, I think E.U is even more interesting than LOO :(. Hope the next part will be better.

  9. Fox, are you just starting to watch episode 1-2 today? We are talking of “Lives of Omission” – right? Did you record it and just started watching it now on dvd or do you mean its just being aired in the country where you live in? Here in UK, it finished last Friday; same as in HK.

    1. I watch on tudou, dun chase the series everyday. I’m thinking of jumping to last 5 eps because eps 1 and 2 are kinda boring.

  10. I finish skimming throughout the series today and I dun think I’ll make a plan to watch it in full.

    First, I like the couple of Paris and Bai Co over the main Laughing – Mdm Jo. Mdm Jo is definitely one of the worst moment of Fala. I really like Fala, but this role shows her weakness in acting. Look at her crying face in the scene with Damien make me feel so tired. She is pretty, even when she cried, she still looks pretty and that’s all. It’s one of example for her performance this time. Fala was so much better. Maybe the rushed filming time make her acting that bad.

    Second, the ending, I find it’s quite unrealistic. Why need to kill the character of Fala all the times like this? Paris has more serious injuries and she is alive. Why don’t give Mdm Jo a chance to live? And the last scene in the prison is kinda ridiculous. Wanna have Laughing part 4,5,6,7,8? Stop milking the character.

    I totally don’t understand why Laughing should do all the stuffs? Meh, don’t tell me that in the movie, Laughing will come back to be a gangster. It’s laughable. A cop then gangster then a cop then a gangster again, he shouldn’t try too hard to be a cop again in first place. It’s like Fala’s chac die and live and die and live again.

    Mandy’s chac is totally useless in my opinion. Have her or not, dun affect the series. And Derek why suddenly becomes weak in front of Laughing? Just to boost Laughing chac higher? Fail!

    My feeling is correct. I even prefer E.U over this one many times. At least, in E.U, there is a light of Laughing. In LOO, Bai Co’s light dun have much sparkling and layer. And LOO finally can make me feel tired with the Laughing character.

    Overall, I expected more with LOO but it’s a normal TVB series. The filming technique is the thing I like the most in this one. Nice color, compare to other TVB series.

  11. Off topic. Just finish watch ATV’s Silver Tycoon. Great series. Great script, great acting, great characters. Series like Rosy Business also paled in comparison. I don’t think TVB will ever be able to produce such series now. They will get complain letters for giving wrong immoral message if they make a series with a ending like Silver Tycoon.

  12. Having just finished watching the finale I found it interesting how all the possible different endings were already posted online, so of course I read all of them before watching the finale. I expected that Paris would be UC since the newspapers said she would be, but then that didn’t happen and for me the ending seemed like it was missing something.

  13. Paris alive meh?
    i thought they chucked her in the sea.

    last series, bai co died and then came back to life here. Madam jo should be alive again next series!

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