Cecilia Cheung: “I am the Happiest Divorced Woman!”

Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) accepted an earlier interview for a parent-child show hosted by her good friend, Albert Au (區永權). In the interview, she spoke about the changes she underwent since her divorce with Nicolas Tse (謝霆鋒) in 2011. She had learned a lot, and became a stronger person. In fact, Cecilia expressed that she feels like she is the happiest divorced woman.

Cecilia believes that she should always live in the moment and cherish each second. Also, she has learned that promises are just illusions. She needs to shut her eyes to understand herself and let go instead of insisting upon something. When problems occurred in Cecilia’s marriage, she did not want to go to others for help, because she feels that everyone views love differently. If she knows what she truly wants for herself, she will not regret her own decisions.

“Everyone has done something wrong. Your actions at that moment were what you had wanted to do, so don’t regret it. I had unhappy times when I cried in the night. When I woke up the next morning, I had to regain myself. There were times when I hid in the bathroom while I hugged myself and cried. I made no noise, and only tears came out, because I was afraid my kids would hear me.” Cecilia said frankly. Facing strong burdens within her family, she revealed that she appears to be a strong person to the outside world, but she is frail when she returns home.

Resuming  single status, it was the first time Cecilia revealed in the media that she has many pursuers around her. However, she admitted that no one is suitable. “I always give others the impression that I like handsome guys, but I actually like people with a good heart. I want to have a daughter, but that depends on God. It’ll come when it comes. I don’t want to specifically think about it.” She said.

Regarding her two sons, Lucas and Quintas, Cecilia said, “Right now Lucas is beginning to learn about the divorce. Quintas still does not know, and I don’t want to disturb young children. When they want to know, they will slowly understand.”

Cecilia further expressed that she thinks it is fine if she were to marry another man and perhaps has a daughter one day. “My sister and I have different fathers, but I still regard her as my biological sister. Maybe it’s because I experienced this myself. I believe that I need to teach and explain to children. If they ask something that I can’t respond to, then I won’t respond.”

Source: Sina.com 

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Really? I suppose you have to keep telling yourself that. Oh come on be honest. Really?

    1. Why do you doubt that? She is looking nicely luminous in the picture btw.

      for eg;
      (1) Now that she is an independent single once again, she is re-discovering herself and her needs. And probably feeling more empowered every time she solves something herself, or overcomes another obstacle/battle successfully.

      (2) What people wanted in their teens, 20s is probably not what she has discovered she needs now in their 30s. Her needs may have changed. And maybe Nic doesn’t fit her niche.

      (3) When still in the relationship, she MAY have been fixated on just holding onto Nic, at whatever cost.
      But now that’s it’s really over, and she’s looking from the outside … the overall clarity is probably more apparent to her.

      As to what didn’t work, what she made excuses for on his behalf etc etc etc.

      (4) A sense of liberation.
      Being part of the Tse family can’t be that wonderful. Deborah Tse seems like a fairly controlling, suffocating type of MIL.

  2. Well, if she was totally miserable while married, then I can see that.

  3. I’m sure she was very miserable when married to Nic. Which woman wouldn’t feel miserable if the husband is always at work and then to come home only to play video games all day long, and neglecting his family? From this divorce, she has rediscovered herself. Hopefully she doesn’t jump into any relationship right away with some random man just to get pregnant again. It’s selfish and bad for all the children involved. From this interview, it sounds like Cecilia was the one who filed for divorce.

  4. I’m sure she was happy to get out of that patriarchal family. Nicholas’s father was probably hitting on her all the time.

  5. cecilia should be grateful as she has a career in entertainment thats make her famous, fortune due to her entertainment industry, children (which imply she has complete part of humanity cycle) & family supports (from her own family & also nic’s family) …. many of us only can dream of how lucky she got & can only envy her…so she should feel grateful

  6. “I always give others the impression that I like handsome guys, but I actually like people with a good heart”

    Yeah we can tell by your history that you prefer guys with good hearts over looks. All the best until your next divorce.

  7. She said she hugged herself and cries in the bathroom quietly that tells me she is not happy and miserable. Her parents and ex Nic parents were all divorce which leads to a higher chance for them going through their parents foot steps. A broken family does not do any good in any young children’s mental development. Many probably agree marriage is hard…when you choose divorce you chose to give up. When couples fight hard, say terrible things towards eachother and never seek proffessional help, they failed. When you promised to be there for eachother in good and bad they only meant in good. In the beginning you learned to love that person because you seen the goods of that person but when you married that person you made a commitment and promised to accept that person even on thier worse behavior but many chose to leave when they see the bad side. No…you stick around and work it out together. Nobody is perfect, you’ll learn after going through the bad times and in return you became stronger couple. People fighteven with their siblings and parents but since is family you work it out but won’t do so for your husband and kids? My parents fight like crazy when I was a kid but they were never divorce, same thing with my husband side. My husband and I fight a lot and sometimes we don’t talk for days but we always work things out after a bad/dramatic fight within a week. Research showed divorce women’s are not happy people, they have times when they regret and times when they wish to be together like a real family again. But of course these feelings are store secretly deep in their heart because they don’t want to let anyone know especially their EX.

    1. I don’t think the parents’s divorce has much to do with it. If I remembered correctly, it seem Nic doesn’t really love her when they get married. He married her because of the kids, and wanting to be a responsible father, unlike his dad. We don’t know how much she got pregnant was ‘coincidental’ or accidental, but it was foreseen that they won’t last long. No marriage would w.o the fundamental love and desire to be together till death do we part.
      You think she’s miserable? No doubt she is, but just like most soap drama where the girl forced the guy into a married, 95% doesn’t work out lol

      1. They got married in late September 2006, and Lucas was born on August 2nd of the following year, so the baby was not accidental. She conceived Lucas in November 2006, that’s about 40 weeks.

      2. It was NOT a shotgun marriage, or for kids.

        They had blissful pictures where they eloped to Bali or Phuket – happily single. Pictures that revealed they were obviously into each other.

        They were on and off together a lot.

        The final time being when Nic was 2-timing and cheating on Faye, with Cecilia. Faye and Nic were living together then.

        They wouldn’t have gotten found out either if Cecilia and Nic didn’t get involved in some accident, and smashed some high profile sports car Faye bought him. I think he fled the accident scene too.

        Both are volatile immature people, with dysfunctional families behind them. But for Cecilia, I get the sense her bark is worse than her bite … but Nic’s bite is worse than his .

        “Responsible Nic?” Actually I get the feel after reading their seperate versions that he is avoidant. Cecilia seems always the one left with the kids.
        He couldn’t have build his career to that extent if she wasn’t around holding the fort and sacrificing her own career.

      3. @nomad822

        It was Albert who bought him the sports car after the successful sales of his album.

        At the time Nic was seeing Cecilia, he no longer lived with Faye. He moved out in late 2001. Reports say he was two timing though.

    2. What you say is true, but to a certain extent. But working it out, only works if both parties are on the same page, or have the same common vision (ie end goal).
      Otherwise, if only one party is working at it, all you get is a one-sided resolution of one person tolerating. At some point, it’s unhealthier for kids to see constant arguing.

      I got the feel the one working and daring to confront the problems are Cecilia. Nic sounded like the escapist who uses work to bury himself … and then comes home and uses work as another excuse to game (to unwind because he had worked so hard for the family).

      Add the pressures of an interfering MIL who pretends to ‘act cool’ and stuff, and the pressure of being in constant media scrutiny … and it’s a recipe for disaster.

      Sure no one is perfect. And they are BOTH immature.

      But I do think in this case, there was no point flogging dead horses. But one party alone (Cecilia) could not have saved the marriage unless she was happy to be deaf, dumb and blind for the sake of family peace and her kids.

      And it’s surprising how many Asian women actually choose to do that (stay deaf dumb and blind), just because they are:
      (1) to afraid to stand alone and be independent
      (2) maintaining family harmony and peace. and keep status-quo for the world (friends, relatives) to see. are these women happy?
      (3) for the kids, and then divorce later once the kids are independent

  8. Good for you Cecilia! Honestly, in these last few years I didn’t know what to think of her but after reading this I kind of understand her a little more. Everybody knows Cecilia was wild in younger years but she was also stronger during that time compared to when she was with Nic. She always seemed desperate, needy & emotional while with him. I don’t know if it was due to the scandal or what but she lost herself in those years. Its good to know she’s finally focusing more on herself and kids than trying to find a new man.

    1. I think it’s because she’s so needy and emotional coupled with her jealousy that drove Nic to repel. But then Nic is also needy, emotional, and the jealous type. Those two people are too similar so they crashed.

  9. I’m glad she’s doing well. Women can be independent and I do think she is happier and more mature.

    Off topic slightly: So is marriage overrated or is divorce the trend in today’s society, you think?

    1. the trend is more modern women r getting divorce; while singles women are increasing; laws are getting easier for getting couples to initiate divorce. even trends r women late 50s where the kids r adults, then the women felt they have completed the motherhood responsibility & now ready to divorce to escape from the bad husbands

    2. Glad she’s doing well too.
      Marriage is definitely-overrated!!!

  10. One of reasons she can be very happy is because Nic is a very very rich man.

  11. Not sure if she is truly happy,but good luck to her because she seems like trying her best to move forward and not dwelling over the past.

  12. “happiest divorced woman”? What does that mean? What qualify it with the word “divorced” – does that mean she’s not as happy as a married woman? As a single woman? As a young woman?

    The fact that she herself is still labeling herself as “divorced” tells me she’s not as happy as she’d want us to believe.

    1. That should be “Why qualify it with the world ‘divorced’ ”

      wtb edit button – lol…

  13. I understand what you are talking about TVB Fanatic. I think that it is a defense that you have to put up after a divorce. Not to say that you cannot be happy or find happiness after the divorce but after so much pain there is always a need for an escape. That is at least the feeling I get from this article.

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