Cecilia Cheung Pulls Sons Out of School Once Again

Negative gossip follows Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) wherever she steps foot. In a recent Singapore vacation, Cecilia was accused of flirting with various men while on a wake-boarding trip. Cecilia appeared in a bikini while surrounded by topless, muscular men. Accompanying Cecilia were her two sons, 6-year-old Lucas (謝振軒) and 3-year-old Quintus (謝振南), who were once again pulled out of school to take their vacations.

Netizens shared photos of Cecilia and her sons as they were spotted at various locations in Singapore, including at an amusement arcade. While Cecilia may have intended to take her sons on a fun trip, her parenting style is once again being criticized as being irresponsible in making the boys skip school for leisure activities.

Although no dates were found on the travel photos, it was reported that the principal of Lucas’ school has already issued a last warning letter to get him back to school. Even father Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) has claimed that he is looking into the matter.

While it was not stipulated in the Education Ordinance the minimum number of days a child must stay in school in order to comply with the Education directive, parents must have a valid reason for their children to miss school. By the number of warning letters the school has been issuing to Lucas, it is apparent Cecilia has not provided a valid reason for Lucas’ absences. Even then, she does not seem to be affected much by the warning letters, as she continues to have a good time with her sons while travelling.

Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i really don’t like her…no sure if it is because all those negative news about her…I never heard a good news about her ever…she crazy dating story/pictures when she was young…to now…whatever…can she just take care well on those two kids?! I am sure she should not have any financial issue…her x-husband will pay…please focus on the children…be a responsible mom!

    1. It’s always so easy to judge others and criticize others’ actions. I think Cecilia must’ve pissed some journalist off hence the negative press all the time. It seems no matter what she does, it’ll be written up to portray her as a bad mom, bad woman, bad ex-wife, etc. People, give her a break and stop judging. You don’t know her!!

      1. Any one who believes in gossips is an idiot. You don’t know her. Don’t judge.

  2. Cecilia Cheung is a funny person ….. lack of disciplines. It is very hard to believe that she is a good mother. A good mother needs to have good disciplines, good thinking, good reasoning, good self-control, and good behaviour. A good mother has to serve as a role model for her children.

    1. I won’t use the term ‘funny’ but rather an immature adult. She had a ‘chaotic’ childhood going into her teens. By destiny she met Nic and under her spell, he married her. Not that I want to mention about that scandal with Edison, but if she could do that I cannot imagine what else with other men.

      Was it not reported that she was never good in school, etc? If she’s living the high life as a divorcee, so be it but have some brains and don’t drag the boys into it.

      Dear Nic, please get a Court Order and get the boys back. You may try to do the right thing to have their mother with them but that woman is really not fit for the job. Little children cultivates bad habit from watching adults.

      1. Agree with you that Nick should take the children back. She’s such an irresponsible adult, but what can you expect when her father is associated with the mafia and her mum married a few times.

      2. I like your words “immature” and “irresponsible” to describe the personality of Cecilia Cheung. I used “funny” because I did not want to have too many attacks.

    1. I feel sorry for their kids. No matter how much they love their kids, they don’t behave and act like good parents (to me).

  3. If this is true, then Cecilia is not a good mother. But you really wonder if any of this is true because I just read another report about her searching for a school for them in Singapore. She as a mother needs to think for her children and their future.

    1. She was also reported to be searching for a school for her children in Canada!

    2. Searching is only a gesture; real action makes more sense.

      Agree that due to Cecilia Cheung’s family background and upbringing, it is very hard to believe that she is a good mother.

      1. that’s quite unfair to use what she had no control over and make basis on that.

        i don’t know if she’s a good mother or not but i personally grew up with a mom like cecilia and i’m praying i will be a good mother.

    3. searching for a school should be done after the school year though … and also she doesn’t necessarily need to bring a 6 year old along. a 6 year old can’t make any kind of decisions to help deciding which school ..

  4. If she has indeed be taking the children out numerous times in one year then yes, she is being irresponsible. But taking a child out of school for a vacation in limited fashion isn’t necessarily so.

    We have taken our son out of school for vacations here and there… usually for one week and never more than once in a year. Both my wife and I felt that the experience he gained by visiting other countries and experiencing the culture, seeing the museums, eating the good, and seeing how other people lived was just as important as the education he receives in school.

    We always notify the teachers before hand and always ask them for work he can do while away so he doesn’t miss anything. He completes his work while on the trip.

    1. They just came back from 2 months holiday in Canada.

      And not to mention Cecilia common habit of toting the kids to high tea, shopping trips, and even her filming projects (previously) in Mainland China.

  5. She can always take the children to holidays during school holidays. If you can’t instil in the kid discipline and respecting authorities and schedules, what more can you teach the kid? Either home school them or let them have a proper education. If not what is the point of schooling if any parent can treat it like a holiday resort?

    Who was it that posted a whole long essay on Cecilia being a great mom? Obviously she is great when it comes to good times but seriously, what about when it comes to education?

    1. @Funn, agree with you. There must be a balance between having some good times and instilling discipline/teaching the impressionable young children to respect authorities and schedule.
      I’m not saying CC is a bad mom or bad parent, but she tries too hard and seems too insecure. It’s like she’s desperately trying to be such a great, fun mum for the children so that they will love her more and since she has lost Nic she doesn’t want to lose her kids’ affection too. Sad… because she can be a much better parent if only she’s emotionally well-balanced.

    2. Funn I agree with you. I think she needs to reconsider what she has done. I have an instinct that she is not worried about her sons’ future since her ex-husband and herself has so much money to cover any expense, so whether they get any good education isn’t really a problem. Even though Nicholas Tse has got some bad history during his teenage years, I still think he should take care of the kids because he seems to be very considerate and mature now.

  6. I really wonder if she even values education? Or does she just want her kids to enter the circle and become a celeb? Not everyone can make it big and be successful.

    1. I have a feeling her kids would end up in the entertainment circle. If they remain their good looks growing up, it’s not a hard thing, given they have celebrity parents and grandparents.

  7. My husband and I both have our MA and we both agreed that our kids do not need to attend college in the future if that is their decision. Because education after high school is a complete joke.

    ….however, my kids need to at least finish up to high school. At least then we know, they know how to read, write and do simple math. That is all we ask for.

    Pulling kids out to go on vacations is okay as long as it isnt excessive. But it appears cecilia is doing this like its a hobby. Yes it gives a bad signal to the kids. Yes it is abnormal to many. But yes it is her kids. Cant do anything.

    Parenting comes in all forms. We got druggie mothers who somehow produced genius and einsteins. Now those kids under odd parenting environments are called resilient children. No one really knows how kids end up till they reach adolescent. Time will tell. Time will tell.

      1. Yes I am.. I typed my email wrong. So the icon wasnt the same.

    1. I totally disagree. Everyone should complete undergraduate – its the new high school. But I don’t think preschool is that important especially at 6 and 3 – she should move to Disney World and teach them reading and counting etc. using the multiple theme parks in the World. They’re never going to be this age again.

      1. The reason why I think undergrad is pointless is because two years is spent on a revamped high school course. For those who pay, it isnt worth it. People are entering grad schools and programs that have nothing to do with what they did in undergrad. E.g. psych majors going into finance, finance going into health care.

        Forgot to mention that the more people going to and back to school, by the next decades or so… youll need a phD just to get an office job. A bit of over exaggeration but thats where college education is going.

      2. @Cleo, while preschool may not be that important for 6 and 3 years old and missing some classes does not seem such a big deal to an adult, a parent should not let their children get that idea into their head.
        What’s important is instilling discipline and teaching the impressionable young children to respect authorities/teachers/schedule and be responsible for their actions.
        CC should prolly look at homeschooling if she can’t follow a normal school’s schedules. I’m sure she (or Nic’s child support) can afford a private tutor to go wherever they go.

    2. Higher education is not for everyone, certainly. I have worked with a number of graduates from well known universities and yet, they have zero common sense or raw intelligence. The only reason why they pursued university education in the first place was due to their parents’ orders. I find it extremely ironic when I see parents telling their young kids that they must achieve high scores in their exams when the parents were neither top scorers during school days nor intellectuals themselves. The apple does not fall far from the tree. If the parents have average genetic intelligence, the children they produced are bound to be similar in terms of mental capacity.

      1. Unfortunately if you have 100s of candidates applying for a clerical job you would prefer the one with the highest education. In Canada our undergrad is at least three years. I used to think Master’s was pointless, I was working after university while my friends were working on their thesis for their Master’s. Now I am working full-time while doing Master of Health Administration because if I want to move up for higher salary positions in the hospital I need my MHA. I want to improve the healthcare system but with an undergrad especially in computer science it is impossible. I went to university and studied comp sci because of my parents (computer family). I was pissed so didn’t do well in university to get into MHA right away.At the same time if I didn’t know computer programming I wouldn’t be able to be able to get a job in the hospital that can lead me to become a healthcare analyst. Studying is hard work. I just started part-time Master’s so have 3-4 years to go. I am turning 29 this month so I am not young. Unfortunately without MHA it is near impossible for me improve healthcare.

      2. It is true in real life. If you want to achieve your goals, a university degree is almost a must now. The rest will depend on your luck, ability and intelligence, fate, social interactions, networking, ambition, etc.

      3. I have to disagree. I don’t believe in forcing our children to get 4.0s or getting into the best school but I do believe they need to get a college degree. My parents never went to college not because they’re not intelligent but because their parents can’t afford it. I didn’t finish college because my parents need help financially so I drop out to help out my parents. I do believe a better education will lead to better job and better life for themselves.

  8. i believe she has her own reasons. Every parents wants the best for their kids.

    1. One would think she does want the best for the children but everyone can see the manipulative ways she uses the boys to wring more money out of Nic. Lucas is at that impressionable age where his future personality begins from now (i.e. good and bad habits, attitude, etc).

      Nic may have had a short ‘rebellious’ stint during his own teen years but his childhood was solid and that’s why he was able to overcome those years. His parents may be divorced but Deborah did a good job with Nic.

      By the way, was it not reported earlier (or last year) that CC keeps some sort of ‘boy figure’ which she obtained from Thailand and ‘prays to’. Funn Lim, are you able to clarify this ??

      1. Agree Nic is a rebellious and started smoking at v tender age which Deborah had mentioned in one of her interviewed by Tvb and she managed to do a good job to discipline Nic but Patrick Tze couldn’t careless and encourage Nic to continue his bad habits this is why their marriage breakup.

      2. I don’t blame Deborah. She did her best to be a good mother. Poor Nic to have such a careless father. Otherwise, he will be a more disciplined person and probably have a more disciplined wife.

      3. Honestly, parents guiding you and teaching you is one thing, but whether you do it or not is a different story. I have seen good parents have bad kids and vice versa, so it really varies. I had good parents so luckily, my brothers and I turned out well. However, I must say that a big part of it was our personal character as well. One of my uncles cared less about my cousin and gave her a lot of freedom(I am guessing that was what Patrick did. I think he just gave Nic too much freedom to do what he likes)and turned out well. It really depends on each individual as well.

      4. The development of a person’s personality is usually influenced by the following:
        1) A person’s nature and self-control
        2) Parents’ guidance
        3) Peer pressure
        4) Education in school

  9. Yeah, agree with Cecilia. The kids need a better education environment. I read the principal of the school is pompous without substance thats why Cecilia is not happy with the current school and decided to check out Singapore schools with the kids.

  10. I think it’s Ok for her to take Quintus on vacation as he hasn’t really started real school yet. But for Lucas who is 6.. he should already be in kindergarten or 1st grade. Missing a lot of school at that point is not helpful for his study and for getting him on a school schedule. Not smart. But then she never was..

    1. my first grade was kind of wasted on me – there was no groove

      1. It is not learning, it is discipline and interaction with other kids.

  11. What gives you all the right to judge anyone based on articles from the media lol. Go get a life and mind your own affairs.

    1. @Tamborine – Agree. But this is an entertainment website and everyone here just like being busybodies (myself included) Our life is too boring and somehow gossiping about those in the entertainment industry seems better than gossiping about people we know cos they lead such ‘interesting’ lives 😛

  12. It doesn’t make sense, unless we were her.

    (1) She was registering Lucas in a Surrey Vancouver school and;
    (2) She’s now pulled the kids out of Canada, to Singapore?

    Maybe after a taste if Cdn education, she’s re-thinking options.

    I was educated and familiar with BOTH SG and Cdn systems.

    = Personally, between the 2 systems – my 0.02 is Singapore’s would be wayyyyy better for establishing strong academic foundations and study skills.
    Not to mention the compulsory bilingualism. (what use is French really?)

    Learning through play without much guidance or any structure (often the case with Cdn elementary schools) does not really set the child up for self-discipline or good study habits when the going gets tougher.

    Time enough to send them later to Canada after this has been instilled into them early.

  13. I think it’s tough enough having two famous parents and famous paternal grandparents, the kids need stability and a form of structured life. If the stories are true and all these pictures reflect their time on holiday rather than the children going to regular school then something needs to be done. In the uk it is an offence to not sent your children to school and parents can be faced with a custodial sentence. With the amount of money the family have surely if this is the life Cecilia is going to lead then a private educational tutor should be hired to travel with the family at all times. It’s a selfish act to use the children as your ACE card against your ex family and it’s selfish to keep them away from a normal life of being a kid.

  14. I am no authority in raising kids . Nevertheless, had raised one who is grown now. We never took him out of school for vacations! Unthinkable to us why Yank a child out from class…? NO way! Although he was a bright student, a straight A student all through his schooling years. ..! Then later he graduate student. .. THUs fulfilled our responsibilities in parenting..[ Ahhh never mind both of us came from dysfunctional families. Parents on both sides questionable examples…?! ]

  15. There’s another point.

    Schools in NAmerica start their school semester in Sept.

    Singapore starts their school yr in Jan.

    Unless she test-drove the Cdn system already (wasn’t Lucas attending kindy for 2 wks before she uprooted back to HK) …and decided the SG system was a better option to explore for Jan 2014.

    Some friends in HK and Beijing actually prefer sending their kids to the Singapore International School in HK, citing better learning or higher standards.

    Again, we don’t know what’s really going on within that family. What the Tses tell the press too is selectively skewed, and often in their family’s favor.

    But I am in agreement with Crystal and Cleo. A degree, is just a stepping stone but is not a guarantee for a wonderful career waiting. Some BA and MA holders are Starbucks baristas in Canada. or cell phone salesmen.

    And missing Canadian Grade 1 esp, is really no big deal. Standards are very lax.
    Compared to Asia … half the kids can’t even read in Grade 1 or worse don’t know their alphabet. If an advanced 5~6 yr old could already read a whole chapter book since 4, and write simple sentences – they just get bored, or act out behavorially (esp for the boys).

    1. well those BA and MA that work in starbucks and others must be in Arts like History, literature etc. LOL
      Not for business and sciences 🙂

    2. people with BA in sciences, engineer, business etc could find a job almost right away u know… not for other BA in Arts lol

    3. some people do make a lot of money working as phone salesman. If i have the outgoing personality and the ability to bs on the spot, I would’ve done that instead.

      1. It is always easier to find jobs if you do a professional degree in university/college. However, it is harder to get in and more difficult to get through in those 4 years. In other words, if you work harder in university/college, your life will be easier after you graduate. If you have an easy time in university/college, your life will be tougher. You get what you paid for.

      2. Sandcherry:
        Your thinking is the reason why education pursuers will inflate but the quality of the educatee will continue to decrease. I shouldnt say your thinking since its most people’s way of seeing education now.

        Not going to lie, our great great great grand kids are going to need a master or maybe doctorate just to get an office job… if this continues.

  16. I wish she’s my mum…. many times I wish someone will take me out of school & jetset me around ….lol… !!!

    1. @ebbie – LOL…. hmmm… if I put myself in a mature adult shoes, I’d not condone it, but if I were a kid, I’d like that too…
      But I do not wish she’s my mum. I’d hate to be laughed at in school by all the perv guys who’ve seen her naked 🙁

  17. In the U.S., getting a B.S. degree in science is useless if you don‘t have any experience. If you’re going to get a Bachelors, pursue a PhD….don’t stop.

  18. Personally, i felt that Cecilia is not a good mother and whatever she did is to gain some news and popularity for herself. She is holding on to her two sons as part of ransom against Nicholas. She is a brainless woman

  19. Cecilia should get a hold of herself. What she’s doing to the kids now will only bring them trouble when they grow up and is showing that she’s not fit to be a mother. Why doesn’t Nicholas fight back for the custody?

    1. because nicholas isn’t fit enough to settle down and be a dad either! if he took them they will just be left to paid nannies! still not enough parenting!

      1. Yeah. I think Nic is not ready to be a real dad too. Out of the two, CC would still be a better parent. She just needs to get her priorities right for her children and have some balance. Not just fun time only.

  20. shame on cecilia! what a bad mother figure she is! just because she’s a dropout and low edication doesn’t mean she need to drag her sons along with her!

  21. Obviously her kids wont be after a job that relies on education. Come on they are loaded, they dont need it. However, education makes you a better person. What she,s doing now is essentially making them spoiled brats who wont think twice about fulfing responsibilties.

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