Chen Kun Wishes Son a Happy Birthday with an Open Letter About Gratefulness and Love

Pictured left: Chen Kun’s 17-year-old son, Alex.

February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, but also the birthday of Chen Kun’s (陈坤) now 17-year-old son, Alex Chen (陈尊佑).

Valentine’s Day is time dedicated to not just romantic love, but love for family, friends, colleagues, and oneself. In Chen Kun’s open letter to his son, which was shared on Valentine’s Day, he urged his son to see the world with gratefulness, positivity, and love.

Translation below:

Mr. Alex Chen, happy 17th birthday!

I want to use this opportunity to tell you my two wishes. First, please always regard the world with a heart of gratefulness! Be grateful to all the people and all the things that you already own. Additionally, be even more grateful to the people and the things that you do not yet own, and to the incidents that do not end up as wished.

Once you learn how to use a gratitude mindset to face the world, you will then truly understand that the people who misunderstand you, laugh at you, and scorn at you, are actually using a different, more powerful way of pushing you to grow, a kind that is even sharper than praises. Use love as the power to push you. Therefore, please use your heart to dearly hug the friends who have not yet started to understand you.

Second wish: I hope you stay aware and be careful with the “negativity” inside you, because by stubbornly holding onto your negative emotions, happiness will run further away from you.

After all, there is a time limit to life. One more second of negativity loses one more second of happiness.

Lastly, please love yourself well. Respect yourself. Find more time to calmly ask yourself about what you want to chase after at this stage. Finally, do whatever you please! Seeking pursuits is the beauty of life.


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