Chen Kun and Bai Yu to Play Spies in “The Wind Blows From Longxi”

Following The Longest Day in Chang’an <長安十二時辰> and Wind from Luoyang <風起洛陽> written by famous novelist Ma Boyong (马伯庸), The Wind Blows From Longxi <風起隴西> is the latest novel turned drama with a blockbuster cast. Chen Kun (陳坤), Bai Yu (白宇), Angelababy (杨颖), and Li Qin (李沁) are confirmed to star in the historical war espionage drama.

Set in the Three Kingdoms era, the narrative revolves around an intelligence agent and a double agent in a tense battle of wits to protect their national interests. During the war between the Wei and Shu states, and the latter gains the upper hand as they defeat Wei with their newly acquired deadly crossbows. To steal this powerful weapon, the Wei military sent several spies into Shu.

Countering this, Chen Gong and Xun are Shu’s spies who have infiltrated Wei for many years who now must hunt down the enemy without exposing themselves. As they separate for their investigation, Xun Xu discovers there is a top-level spy named Zhu Long lurking within the shadows of Shu who is waiting for the right opportunity to initiate the ominous Qingping Project….

Critically acclaimed for its gripping plot, the drama adaptation of The Wind Blows From Longxi invited the original author, Ma Boyong, to lead a team of 10 screenwriters to expand on the story and intricate relationships between existing and new characters. Combining spy warfare with historical details and insights into the Three Kingdoms period, the 60-episode drama is sure to thrill with Chen Kun and Bai Yu in the leading spy roles.

Sources: Beauty 321; Douban

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