Chinese Drama “The Longest Day in Chang’an” Receives High Praises

Since airing two weeks ago, Chinese drama The Longest Day in Chang’an <长安十二时辰> has earned high praises. Netizens have been closely following the drama and praised that the production quality has a cinematic feel to it.

With 19 episodes released so far, the 48-episode drama achieved a rating of 8.6 on Douban. The drama was highly marketed with a stunning trailer, which successfully channeled viewers into the world of Chang’an and enabled them to seemingly physically experience the atmosphere in the ancient city.

Many deemed The Longest Day in Chang’an to be on par with films, and complimented the production crew for their attentive efforts on the tones, lighting, costumes, camera angles, props and costumes. They commented: “Got to give five stars for the originality on Chang’an. Extremely happy with this historical drama”; “The pace is so quick and intense, like American dramas. It’s right to bet on Jiayin Lei (雷佳音) and Jackson Yee (易烊千玺)”; “Very attentive production”; “Beautiful scenery” and “Such huge production, it doesn’t feel like a drama.”

The story starts off with a group of suspicious and mysterious people infiltrating the city. Constable-turned-prisoner Zhang Xiao Jing (portrayed by Jiayin Lei) works with genius investigator Li Mi (portrayed by Jackson Yee) to race against time and protect the city from chaos and destruction within 12 hours.

With differences in their acting experiences, this creates interesting chemistry between Jiayin and Jackson. Viewers are delighted to see a different side of 18-year-old TFBOYS‘ member Jackson in The Longest day in Chang’an.

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