Bai Yu’s Fight for Justice in “The Long Night”

The following article contains spoilers for mainland Chinese drama Light on Series: The Long Night.

Mainland Chinese mystery thriller Light on Series: The Long Night <沉默的真相> follows the same dark and psychological route as other iQiyi crime web dramas such as Light on Series: The Bad Kids <隐秘的角落>. It explores the dark side of justice, in which some are forced to take drastic measures to unveil crimes. Adapted from a novel, The Long Night stars Johnny Bai Yu (白宇), Liao Fan (廖凡), Lu Xiaolin (吕晓霖), and Zhuo Tan (谭卓).

The saying, “Justice may be late, but never absent,” does not apply in this drama, which depicts how serious and devastating it can be when criminals are not immediately held accountable for their wrongdoings. The Long Night tells the story of Jiang Yang (played by Bai Yu), a newly graduated prosecutor with great potential and prospects. However, his life changes when he gets wrapped up in a murder case in which his university classmate Hou Guiping is the murdered victim. Although the court closed the case with the judgment that Guiping died of unfortunate drowning, Jiang Yang discovers the forbidden truth that a powerful group of people covered up Guiping’s murder.

Despite receiving death threats to stop his investigation, Jiang Yang stubbornly continues to pursue the truth. Not wanting to drag his family into this mess, he chooses to divorce his wife and silently focuses on investigating the case. After enduring many hardships like being framed, he finally identifies the people involved. However, he does not have much time left after being diagnosed with the last stage of terminal cancer. He also realizes that the evidence he collected may not be enough to convict the powerful group who would likely have the law on their side. Furthermore, it has been so many years since the murder, so it is unlikely people would be interested in it.

In the end, Jiang Yang commits suicide for the world to pay attention to the case. During the police’s investigation, they find his diary, and the truth behind Guiping’s death gets unveiled. Although justice is finally served, it is too late. This ending made many viewers wonder if it was worth Jiang Yang losing his career, marriage, and life for a person whom he was not close with.

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