“The Wind Blows from Longxi” Disappoints in Ratings

Historical war espionage thriller, The Wind Blows from Longxi <風起隴西>, has surprisingly aired to disappointing viewership ratings since airing on CCTV on April 27. The 24-episode drama stars Chen Kun (陳坤), Bai Yu (白宇), Angelababy (杨颖), and Sun Yi (孫怡).

Set during the Three Kingdoms era during the war between the Wei and Shu states, an intelligence agent must hunt down a double agent to protect national interests in a dangerous mission filled with political intrigue.

The drama adaptation is based on the original novel by Ma Boyong (马伯庸), whose other books The Longest Day in Chang’an <長安十二時辰> and Wind from Luoyang <風起洛陽>  were adapted into successful television series. As the author’s previous book-to-screen adaptations were well-received, The Wind Blows from Longxi was also expected to achieve strong ratings.

However, the viewership ratings dipped to 0.5 percent at its lowest, and only reached 1.2 percent at its highest on CCTV. The average rating for CCTV dramas is typically 1 percent. Despite the high budget, prime airing timeslot, and powerhouse cast, the drama failed to achieve ratings expectations.

Some viewers even joked that commercials being aired are getting higher ratings than the drama itself. Viewers noted that when commercials were aired, the ratings increased. When the drama started showing again, the ratings decreased. Due to this oddity, netizens joked that the combination of Chen Kun and Bai Yu may be ratings poison.

“The Wind Blows from Longxi” Trailer

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is that so? I read otherwise but will have to judge it for myself, I am really looking forward to it. Will start when this drama ends…
    Such strong leads….I really had hoped we would have another legacy… It is SO SO SO hard to find a good new dramas these days. Rom coms are still possible, Life slice are possible but others are getting worse….
    China really have the talent, budget, skilled writers and production team to products really good dramas but they are just get worse and worse…. often due to Sponsors/investors demands and expectations. Such a disappointment.
    Instead of improving with time… they just go downhill…

    1. Seems like those who were looking forward to this are also disappointed with the drama. One regular reviewer points out that cinematography, editing and narration of the story are problematic making the drama boring. The language used is also another factor, combining ancient and modern lingual.
      Truly don’t understand the declining quality of Chinese drama. Being one of the largest population with thousands of years of history, their dramas are now getting unbearable to watch with unbelievable storyline, recycled plots, bad acting, same bad cinematography…….

    2. the reason for that is that we live in data driven world. Fashion is made after analysis of social media trends, dramas as well. No one wants to ‘shoot into dark’ but do a lots of data analysis upfront. The focus is on profitability, meaning it is only made to be sold, hence moving away from creative process and towards appealing to majority. Despite sellability quality declined significantly. I am dropping most of the dramas these days really fast, many are so unwatchable and acting is stiff. What I hate most is repeated and recycled plots for tens or even more times, so unimaginative. On the other side if someone does take a risk and hits the spot than you can even get global phenomenon, like Squid Games. Having said that, i am looking forward to this drama, i’ll give it a try regardless of the ratings.

      1. Yes, we do live in the era of adopting advanced data analytics strategy to derive real-time insights from these data. Moving towards more use of Artificial Intelligence.
        Such analyses should aid with positive development and improvements. With those datas collected, shouldn’t it help produced better productions? It really should not be the opposite…
        I too hate repeated plots… use of unskilled actors and dramas filled with products placements.

  2. This is a serious drama for a smaller but appreciative demographic, as opposed to a popular idol drama for the majority.

    1. I love a good drama on Historical Politics… China have film some very good ones, rare few but there were very well done….I am seriously hoping this is one…

  3. Maybe we should have our own recommendations and current watch list. It can be dramas, variety programs, movies, anything of any languages.

    I haven’t been able to complete any drama since Reset. (Correction: managed to sort of complete Oath of Love). Currently watching the Chinese variety Workplace newcomers: forensic season.

    1. I saw the Forensic base variety program, I have yet to watch it. I am watching (Back to Fields Season 6) as I love rural lifestyles.
      As for drama… nothing currently. Will start watching Wing blows from Longxi after the drama ends…

      1. @Hohliu Would the participants be a reason to watch or drop a variety, especially those long running ones like Back to Fields?

        I have the issue to watch another variety “Who’s the Murderer” current Season 7. Been faithfully following it since Season 1 then the plots in the later seasons started to get too farfetched, some of the regular pioneer participants were less involved and personally feel a few newer participants really didn’t suit the program (one participant even angered long time supporters of the program). And now in the latest season, they lost Sai Beining in the regular lineup as well.

        I have hoped The Imperial Age to be worth watching but that drama was a disappointment. The veterans are good but the performance of leading actor, Feng Shaofeng, wasn’t. The storyline is average at best and with the badly chopped editing, the whole production quality worsens. Was motivated to watch Yongzheng Dynasty again after that.

      2. @BearBear In my case, it is the host family of 5, activities they do that make Back to Fields enjoyable for me….they weekly new guests does not interest me as much…as they often invite young artists/newbies I don’t even know.

        Losing Sai Beining makes the program “Who’s the Murderer” not enjoyable at all… He is one of my favourite China host/presenter…

        I have recently downloaded The Imperial Age but not watched it…..Gosh, the ratings for this drama was really much lower than expected.

      3. @Hohliu I shall refrain from talking too much about The Imperial Age until you start watching.

        So did you watch “Who’s the Murderer” season 7, is it as bad as I fear? Besides the pioneer participants, I like Vision Wei, Zhang Ruoyun and don’t mind Yang Rong (it’s hard to get suitable female participants) and Liu Haoran who has improved so much after Season 1 but their presence just not enough to lure me to watch the season.

      4. @BearBear I have yet to watch Season 7 (not interested enough), The hosts are are a solid cast, Vision Wei, Zhang Ruoyun, Yang Rong, Liu Haoran.
        Yang Rong’s journey in the ent- industry has not been easy.Her break thru in Memory series really hope her break away from her former Second lead roles….I like Yang Rong as a actress…
        But losing Sai Baining does make this program not as appealing for me…
        But without good dramas, at least there is a couple of Variety shows still worth watching… There are more interesting K-dramas currently.

  4. I didn’t watch this drama, but maybe the drama’s director, Lu Yang, should just stick to movies. He filmed great movies like Brother of Blades, but guess dramas aren’t for him. Many watch dramas just for the idol love scenes in my opinion

  5. I am watching it now. It is not that bad. I actually quite enjoy it. Even AB seems OK in here. i am on ep 17.

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