Mainland Version of “On Call 36 Hours”? Yang Mi, Bai Yu Save Lives in “Thank You Doctor”

Chinese actors Yang Mi (杨幂) and Bai Yu (白宇) are hard at work for their upcoming television medical drama series Thank You Doctor <谢谢你医生>, based on the Sheng Li (笙离) novel ICU 48 Hours <ICU48小时> about a team of emergency unit doctors who come to know what it means to save a life.

The story centers on ER doctor Xiao Yan (Yang Mi), who takes up a post at Tongshan Hospital and joins the newly-established EICU, a unit comprised of experienced emergency physicians. Carrying the pain of having lost her fiancée while living abroad, Xiao Yan holds a tough exterior. Because of this, she often clashes with the positive Bai Shu (Bai Yu), another doctor in the unit, but through their daily interactions and team collaboration, Xiao Yan learns that they actually have a lot in common, and learns to find hope in the most desperate situations.

Thank You Doctor started principal photography in November 2019 in Shanghai. It is directed by Zhang Rui (张睿).


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  1. On Call 36 Hours does not own the copyright to doctor series.

    Anyway just finished watching New Amsterdam and nearly burst out crying. And New Amsterdam did not copy On Call 36 Hours.

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