Chen Xiao and Li Qin to Face Life Head-On in “Ren Sheng”

Starring Chen Xiao and Li Qin, upcoming CCTV’s slice-of-life drama Ren Sheng <人生·路遙> officially started filming on March 3.

Ren Sheng is adapted from a novel of the same name written by author Lu Yao (路遥), an award-winning novelist who is best known for his detailed and realistic story-telling and captivating plot developments. Set in the 1980s, it tells an inspirational youth story in which a group of young people moves from the rural Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi to Shanghai to pursue their careers. During a period of dramatic economic reforms, the group faces significant obstacles while seeking opportunities. Each working hard to pave their own path in a big city, they also have to juggle the relationships built along the way with friends, lovers, and colleagues.

Helmed by well-recognized director Yan Jiangang (阎建钢), who is an expert in producing masterpieces such as Zhong Guo Di <中国地>, Ren Sheng aims to depict an authentic representation of life in the 1980s reform period.

The novel’s fanbase is delighted with the casting, as Chen Xiao and Li Qin have shown their capabilities in moving viewers in slice-of-life roles previously.

Source: Beauty 321

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