Chinese Actress, Ren Jiao, Falls to Her Death from Hotel Room

On October 15, the naked body of Chinese actress, Ren Jiao (任嬌), was found on the lawn beside a hotel in Suzhou. The up and coming 28-year-old actress had fallen to her death from the balcony of a hotel room. It is currently unknown whether there was any foul play.

There have since been many alleged claims as to the cause of her untimely death. While some reports claim that Ren Jiao may have overdosed on drugs, others are alleging that she was suffering from depression. However, video surveillance showed Ren Jiao chatting happily with The Legend of the Condor Heroes star, Yang Xuwen (楊旭文), on the night of the accident. The two were then seen heading back to Yang Xuwen’s room together. The 24-year-old actor has allegedly been taken to the police station for questioning.

Yang Xuwen was in Suzhou for filming during this time. Although Ren Jiao was not a cast member in the drama, she went to visit the filming set with her mother. Ren Jiao’s good friend and fellow model, Wang Xin Yao (王馨瑶), did not believe that Ren Jiao committed suicide, stating that the day before the accident, Ren Jiao was touring Suzhou with her mother. The two friends had made plans to get together after the trip. She said, “Ren Jiao is a very happy and positive person. She would not commit suicide… She is so young and beautiful and her career is on the rise. Why would this happen? Last week, we made plans to have dinner. A few days ago, you were still sending messages within our group chat. How is it that you’re already gone today?”

There is currently no confirmation as to the reason for her death.

Ren Jiao made her filming debut in the 2015 horror movie, Midnight Whisper <半夜叫你別回頭>. She later had a minor role in Wong Jing’s movie, iGirl <iGirl 夢情人>, which also starred Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Chrissie Chau (周秀娜).


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  1. WThis is so tragic. I heard a while back that Ren Jiao suffered from depression. I also heard that she dabbled in things. If that is the case, drugs and depression is a lethal combination

    What I can’t figure out is why she was on the set of Yang Xuwen’s project, unless they were friends or they were dating. It seems rather suspicious. Makes me wonder if she was snuffed out, knowing that her mental state and other factors could easily be blamed. Hmmmmmmm….

    Whatever the cause of her death is, it is still really sad. My thoughts and prayers are with those close to her, especially close friends and relatives.

  2. I love him so much as Guo Jing, I sincerely hope he has nothing to do with her tragic death. He have such a bright career ahead of him even if innocent his name is already tainted

  3. I don’t know her. It is always a pity to have such a young promising life cut short. On the speculations, toxicology report will answer the drugs part. Depression is not something anyone can see or predict. They mask their pain well. However for me a big question is her nudity. Article says she was found naked on the lawn. Either she accidentally fell or she didn’t. But why was she naked? Who was with her in the room when she was naked and fell to her death? Was there signs of struggle? If no, there wasn’t. if no she wasn’t taking drugs, if no she didn’t look like she was depressed, if yes she was naked, yes someone was with her, my guess is it could be foul play or purely accidental but her nudity will provide a clue and connection. I pity the one in the room with her when she fell. He or she will have a lot to answer to.

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