Netizens Appeal to Police to Open Up Cold Case of Actress Ren Jiao’s Death

The world has witnessed former EXO-member Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) career crashing down after rape and drug allegations surfaced. As Kris’ crimes come under heavy public scrutiny, some people feel relieved that even elite celebrities are subject to the same laws if they are guilty and the victims may finally see justice served, even if it is a bit late. However, Kris’ case sounds an alarm to other criminal injustices found in the entertainment industry which may not get proper closure, specifically the mysterious death of Chinese actress Ren Jiao (任嬌) in 2017.

As Ren Jiao’s death is now relegated as a cold case, netizens are appealing to the police to investigate the reasons behind her death, which some suspect as foul play.

When Ren Jian’s naked body was found on a lawn outside a hotel in Suzhou,  various reports claimed that she likely fell from the balcony of the hotel room because she overdosed on drugs, or became depressed and committed suicide. However, her behavior observed in video surveillance footage showed her happily conversing with actor Yang Xuwen (楊旭文), who later took her back to his room on the night of her death.

Although the 27-year-old actor was questioned by the police, a lack of evidence could not determine that he was involved in Ren Jiao’s death. With no confirmation behind the reason for her death, Ren Jiao’s case was unfortunately closed despite the disturbing circumstances of her death.

Too Many Victims and Not Enough Justice?

With Kris’ case as the trigger, netizens are hoping to seek justice for other victims abused by the hands of popular celebrities. Some point out that while there were early alarms raised in Kris and Yang Xuwen’s incidents, they had the backing of wealthy bosses to silence further probing.

Xuwen is a clear example. Even his controversial whereabouts on the night of Ren Jiao’s death and his apparent involvement with the actress did not lead to a lengthy police investigation for suspicion of murder. The Legend of the Condor Heroes <射雕英雄传> is still filming several dramas every year without any impact to his career, as if nothing had happened.

As to why Kris is finally unable to suppress his crimes compared to his sex scandal in 2016, netizens believe his big boss Qi Jianhong (綦建虹), the Chairman of Yaolai Group, has fallen on hard times and can barely save himself. As Kris’ case has blown up on social media and become impossible to suppress, it is an awakening call that there are more celebrities like him who may have abused their status and power over more silent, suffering victims without the ability to have their voices heard.

Source: World Journal

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  1. he won’t be the only one…there are many out there just like him. very few are actual good people in e-biz

    1. I don’t agree as there are good and bad people in show biz or anywhere. Andy Lau, Felix Wong, Tony Leung, chow yun fat and many others are great people. You should not think that based on just a few cases. From China, there is Ma Tian Yu, Hu Ge, Jackson Wang and many others who I feel are great people too.

    2. @m0m0 there’s good and bad people in every industry, celebrities simply get more coverage and publicity. I think what you are referring to is how stardom usually attracts a lot of shallow and materialistic people and resources and fame will surface problems that are already there. If you are a good person to start with, wealth won’t change you. It’s that simple.

  2. I remember reading about the incident of the actress…What surprised me was how the case was closed so quickly by Police…And the actor involved just released a statement….and even more surprising was the actor was still active in the industry. I felt it was all very very dirty… I dont bother watching the actor anymore…regardless what the truth is.

    1. I didn’t even know the actor/actress above and first time hearing them. It shows how police can be so negligent in some cases. But then not just China, I hear alot real crime stories on youtuber channels and alot of them are quite unbelievable how they treated some cases. Especially cases in Korea/Japan and Canada and of course USA too some jus t can’t wait to file it away if they don’t get leads or bother to investigate further even if there were lots of questions. This one sounds odd just reading it and this KW’s issues came out now they react to it. So depressing!

    2. He automatically think he killer her? Honestly since we don’t know the truth, we should not automatically think he did it although he does sound suspicious.

      1. Who killed who? No one said she was killed… but to close the case so quickly is wrong. Regardless, he was let off too easily. As there should be more to this.

      2. It seems like you implied that he killed her. There was no proof to that. Even here in the US, there are many cold cases that either never get solved or don’t get solved until decades later.

      3. Really? Why bring US in the conversation. Who cares about US cases here…It is this specific case that concerns me…as it was closed too quickly. Killed her? LOL, he was asleep with she jumped. I said dirty…I did not say murder… Oh yes, I forgot, you tend to side the male idols and like to victim blame the females… Sound like this is the case too.

      4. No, I don’t want to side with anyone! I just want to be fair as you know the saying “you side with the logic not the person/people”. You seem to automatically go to the females’ side all the time. My late parents were traditional but always taught me to judge fairly and don’t judge anything or anyone too early or you usually tend to be wrong. I find that so true…

    3. In such a situation, I too would stop watching his work. There is something very fishy there. Makes me wonder if the roles were reversed, if Ren Jiao would be held in custody under suspicion, or jailed. Like I said before, if the true private lives of some of these idols were truly revealed, especially a certain idol, there would be heart attacks galore.

      1. Well if you don’t know if he is guilty or not then why stop watching his works? Plus, there is way more to a series than just the cast.

  3. woah…. That’s a horrible death… RIP. Hope some leads come out and justice is served if her death involved others.

  4. Hmmmmm…. sounds suss to me! Whi onearth plan to commit suicide to be foundnaked inthe front lawn of a hotel?

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