Chinese Espionage Drama “Undercover” Premieres September 1

Produced by Huayi Brothers, the Chinese espionage drama Undercover <卧底> will premiere on Dragon TV on September 1. Starring Niki Chow (周丽淇), Fu Chengpeng (傅程鹏), Li Zifeng (李泽锋), Liu Congdan (刘丛丹), and Hu Yajie (), the 40-episode World War 2 drama centers on the Communist spy Qin Chuan (portrayed by Fu Chengpeng) and his expeditions after successfully infiltrating Kuomintang’s fascist clique, the China Reconstruction Society.

A press conference was held in Shanghai to promote the upcoming series. Portraying a triple agent, Fu Chengpeng is not unfamiliar with spy films. The prolific Chinese actor is known for starring in military or police-themed television series, his most notable one being the 2012 Chinese war drama Dancing With Wolves <与狼共舞>.

In Undercover, Fu Chengpeng portrays the Communist spy Qin Chuan, who successfully infiltrates the Kuomintang’s elite clique, the China Reconstruction Society. After gaining their trust, Qin Chuan is ordered by the Kuomintang to spy on the Mei Organization, a secret office established by the Japanese to spy on the Kuomintang.

Due to his ambiguous identity, Qin Chuan has to leave his wife Xia Lan (portrayed by Niki Chow), who is also a secret agent working for the Communists. The Hong Kong actress said Undercover is her second Mainland drama and first spy thriller. She described Xia Lan as a tragic character, who has to carry the weight of the revolution and is unable to reunite with her husband.

Niki said, “After I got cast, I immediately went into study mode. I read many books about the era and watched many spy films. Xia Lan is a very sad character, to the point where I even cried reading the script.”

On her most memorable scene, Niki expressed, “I had to kiss Fu Chengpeng literally two days after filming started. We weren’t very close then, so it was embarrassing.”


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