Chris Wang Appears in Court for Sexual Assault

Known for his “good husband image”, Taiwanese actor Chris Wang (宥勝) lands in hot water after being accused of sexual assault by his female assistant. As Chris has innocence, the case was taken to Taipei District Court where the actor requested a cross-examination with the victim.

The incident allegedly took place in 2016 in which Chris suggested taking his female assistant home after work. The female assistant agreed and she drove Chris’ car to her residence. Once they arrived, Chris asked to use the assistant’s washroom, lingered inside her home and allegedly sexually assaulted the assistant.

 The assistant accused Chris of suddenly sitting on her lap face-to-face, grabbed her hands, took off her underwear, licked her ears and grabbed her chest. The assistant struggled to get away and Chris allegedly did not stop.

According to public documents, the prosecutor summoned the female assistant to testify and found that Chris could be charged for sexual assault. Chris was prosecuted in November 2023.

After being indicted, Chris went to his social media and wrote, “I never did it. I believe the judge will clear my name.” Chris had largely remained quiet prior to his court appearance, but after appearing in court, he revealed that he previously stayed silent to protect the victim. As Chris added that the defendant did not actually file a lawsuit against him and she had not commented to the public, he wanted to respect her and did not want to explain much to the public.

Now the court proceedings are taking place, Chris claimed that he will fully cooperate with the investigation to prove his innocence. The actor also insisted that the facts were not as rumored. When asked if he wanted to defend himself, Chris said that since the case has entered the judicial process, he “will speak his piece in the courtroom” for the court to judge.

Chris added that he is very grateful for everyone’s concern and that with Chinese New Year approaching, he asks that everyone take care of themselves. When asked if there was a possibility for him to reconcile outside of court, Chris responded, “This will be decided by the judge.”

Source: World Journal


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  1. I thought he is a happy married man with a lovely family….looking at the year…this would have happied just a year after his marriage..and he would have a daughter less then 1yrs old?
    Regardless, If this really happened. I hope victim have evidence…otherwise it will be hard to put him jail.. Only if it really happened.

  2. Why do people believe married men do not assault women? Why do people believe people who have a “pure image” do not assault women? Stop idealizing people and understand that anyone with too much power, money, and status, is more likely to be corrupt because they can get away with it. Simple as that. Someone who is broke & desperate is also very likely to commit a crime but they are not corrupt about it because they will not be able to cover it as well nor have enough money to hire lawyers that help them dance in the gray. Wake up people.

    1. I too want him punished for his crimes but that is only possible if the victim have evidence as I do feel it is possible to get away with crimes in some Country more then others. It is a shame if victims do not get the justice they deserve… The law is not always just… a good lawyer can get away with many.

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