Raymond Lam and Linda Chung Join Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese Stars in “Time of Love”

To welcome the new year, TVB plans to invest $10 million HKD in a special drama production, Time of Love. The star-studded cast currently includes Raymond Lam (林峯), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), as well as various Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese celebrities. Hoping to take on a creative spin, the drama will feature four romantic storylines set in four different countries. The wide range of cast members and the fresh plot aims to capture viewers’ interest.

Story 1: Singapore

Following 2011’s My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐>, Charmaine and Raymond will return onscreen as a romantic couple in Time of Love. Their portion of the story is set in the busy city of Singapore, where Raymond’s character develops a crush on his office boss, portrayed by Charmaine. Since this is not the first time the two are collaborating together, they believe there will be great chemistry sparks.

Story 2: Malaysia

Meanwhile, Kate will be working with Taiwanese actors, James Wen (溫昇豪) and Chris Wang (宥勝). The trio will begin shooting for the drama in Malaysia on Christmas day. Their storyline will be the most tragic of the four, speaking of an entangled triangle love relationship. Kate’s character suffers from amnesia after a car accident, and will have numerous crying scenes. In fact, it was revealed she would be devoid of makeup for the entire series.

Currently broadcast drama Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, which stars Kate, is generally well-received by the audience. Speaking of her chances at the upcoming TVB awards ceremony, Kate said optimistically, “If I don’t receive an award this year, there’s still next year, and next next year!” Both Kate and Charmaine expressed support for Linda and Krystal Tin (田蕊妮) in getting this year’s TV Queen award.

Story 3: South Korea

In Time of Love, Linda will once again deviate from her usual roles to portray a stereotypical Hong Kong woman who is greedy for money. Her annoying yet funny character serves as another fresh challenge, besides her anticipated performances in Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II> and The Apothecary <大藥房> to be aired next year. Linda will be shooting in South Korea, partnering up with local actor Yeon Jung Hoon (延正勛).

Story 4: Japan

The fourth love story takes place in Japan, starring Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) from Fahrenheit, and Japanese actress, Naomi Watanabe (渡邊直美). Cho Lam portrays a cartoon-style old man who helps interpret the minds of lovers. He expressed his excitement in the new drama, since it is his first time playing such an interesting character. Filming in Japan will start in January, and Cho Lam’s girlfriend, Leanne Li (李亞男), will be tagging along. Asked if Leanne is going to keep an eye on him, Cho Lam replied, “Actually, she likes Aaron. I’m the one who’s going to keep an eye on her!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ok good to have some short stories. Hope they turn out good.

    1. I’m looking forward to this drama featuring taiwanese, korean and japanese actors. i mean aaron yan lol

      1. I wish they had choi siwon, or lee dongahe in it for the Korean part


        I am not impressed with the list..so many b-c listers not even the A list…

      3. not kidding it would actually be good for tvb becos the whole of asia would probably tune in to watch it then

  2. Linda Chung in the above pic really looks like a transgender. Very pretty.

    1. I don’t think Linda Chung looks pretty at all in the above photo. She looks very wicked to me.

      1. Yeah all Linda has to do is avoid wearing off shoulder dress so her masculine won’t show up.

  3. Didn’;t TVB tried short love stories before? Unfortunately I predict each is at least 5 episodes long and will be too bloated and long. I am also not convinced by the stories or even the guest stars.

    1. no each one is 1 episodes there is only 4 episodes in total. Hopefully this will be a good short series.

  4. Boring!! Star studded cast? Only Raymond is considered a star from Hk. Why does tvb keep promoting sausage lips? All she can do is she shove her butt in your face, pout or squint her eyes. What else is she good at?

      1. Kate Tsui ………….. because her lips are quite thick, which look like sausages (named by some Hongkongers).

      2. Woman, who has thick lips, is considered sexy. Leon Lai always likes girls with thick lips, such as Shu Ki, his ex-wife, and even Kate Tsui for a short while.

      3. Not sure about guys with thick lips ……….. sexy or not.

    1. LF is a megastar.Linda , James Wen (溫昇豪) and Chris Wang (宥勝)are superstars. The rest are merely actors

      1. James Wen and Chris Wang? No way, James and Chris are the stars of my all time favourite Taiwanese drama The Fierce Wife. If this is true, Kate would be one blessed girl to work with them… wow

      2. Are I reading correctly>
        James wen and chris wang are superstars?!

        I mean………..

        So many b-c listers in the show and people think they are big names…

  5. Excited for the drama, especially pair up Linda with yeon jung hoon ( vampire prosecutor).

  6. For some reason I like Kate now after watching bounty lady. In certain scene she is quite funny.

    1. Ivy 佢對愛滋病嘅理解仲好有趣添 現代社會普遍大規模使用疫苗 反而製造了大量自抗性免疫系統疾病 autoimmune disesae 包括各式各樣的文明病 例如腎病 狼斑疹骨節炎 風濕性骨節炎 甲狀腺病 甚至癌症 愛滋病 將愛滋病與紅斑狼瘡之類的autoimmune disesae等量齊觀 是顛倒黑白 Autoimmune disesae是免疫系統過度活躍自己打自己 愛滋病卻是 後天免疫力缺乏症 免疫系統整個癱瘓無力抵禦感染 兩者的原理正好180度相反 基本上我都好少睇西醫 因為無錢又無時間 又鍾意飲涼茶 但見到呢類怪論都好難唔笑到噴茶

  7. Wong cho lam??? What??? Definitely not watching him. No other actors??? Bosco, Ruco, Kenneth??? Why wong cho lam???!!!!!!!

    Hope it’s not bad for the other stories. Not interested in Kate though. So I’ll just watch raymond one and Linda one.

  8. Sounds like nothing more than a ‘glorified’ version of those typical Taiwanese idol dramas. Don’t like the cast, not interested in the stories, and don’t care about the guest stars…I guess this series is a ‘skip’ for me.

  9. This sort of dramas is extremely boring to watch. Not because the voices of the others will be dubbed, but also starring boring casts

  10. At least TVB is trying out something new and perchance this may catch viewers’s interest. Does it mean that Charmaine need no longer worry that she is acting in the series which will involve a lot of action? That one is supposed to star crayons Lam too.

  11. At least TVB is trying out something new and perchance this may catch viewers’s interest. Does it mean that Charmaine need no longer worry that she is acting in the series which will involve a lot of action? That one is supposed to star Raymond Lam too.

    I too don’t think Linda’s photo is flattering. She’s prettier than that.

  12. Yay, I’m looking forward to this because of the cast. I love James, Chris Wang, Aaron Yan, Charmaine Sheh. I like Linda Chung, Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui. And yes, why Wong Cho Lam? -_-

  13. I actually kind of like this idea of short stories and working with other countries’ stars. kudos to TVB for trying something new.

    BUT, I can just tell the hong kong actors will be outshone by the calibre of talent from the korean and japanese actors. Just saying lol.

    Also, smh for casting Raymond and Linda yet again. So damn sick of seeing their faces.

  14. I have a really good question.
    Do all of them speak Cantonese when they are filming or they just speak what they speak? It would be quite confusing right?

  15. Looking forward to this movie <3 <3 charray is awesome <3 hope it'll be a big success <3

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