Chris Wang Accused of Colluding with Witnesses

Taiwanese actor Chris Wang (宥勝) was charged with forced indecency when he straddled and forcibly kissed his female assistant eight years ago. Before trial at the Taipei District Court a few days ago, Chris handed over the information of the witnesses that would be cross examined to the victim. He thought he was showing goodwill, but the victim accused Chris of colluding with the witnesses. The prosecutor even suggested the judge detain Chris and the court later ordered he be released on bail of 80,000 new Taiwan dollars.

The court arranged for a social worker and the victim to testify. However, the victim’s lawyer suddenly accused Chris of sending messages to the victim through a mutual friend and providing the victim with relevant information for cross-examination in advance as a reference. There is a risk of abetting and colluding with witnesses.

Chris’ lawyer argued the actor had done so out of goodwill with no intention of breaking the law. He was hoping for the possibility of reconciliation so he could get a reduced sentence. The judge ruled Chris is no longer allowed to contact the victim or witnesses anymore.

According to the ruling, Chris had already confessed to the crime. Although there was a risk of colluding with witnesses but the case had been closed, so there is no need for detention. Chris’ manager replied to the media on his behalf stating, “We respect the judge’s decision and will handle everything in accordance with the law and will patiently wait for more information.”

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  1. I’m surprised he came clean, considering that he could’ve denied everything. I’m under the assumption there’s no evidence, though. If there is, then yes, admitting guilt is better than lying.