Chris Wang Exposed For Groping Female Staff

The #MeToo movement rocked the Taiwanese entertainment industry this week, as victims poured out accounts of sexual harassment suffered under host Mickey Huang (黃子佼), 51, and actor  Taiwanese celebrities Chris Wang (宥勝), 41. The former was accused for forcibly kissing and taking topless photos of a 17-year-old, while the latter was exposed for assaulting two female ex-employees at his company.

On June 18, a netizen posted on Facebook accusing a certain male actor for sexual assaulting female employees around him, including grabbing their chest, licking their ears, and trying to take off their underwear. The netizen revealed that this particular actor was someone known for his “good father” image. The netizen also claimed the actor cheated on his pregnant wife and would often hug female coworkers from behind inappropriately.

The victim revealed that Chris was the designated driver during a work event and she was the last one to be dropped off. When they were alone, Chris reached over and began groping her chest and only stopped when she screamed.

The second netizen revealed that Chris used the bathroom excuse as a ruse to enter a female employee’s house. He then sat on her while forcefully kissing and trying to take off her clothes. She also suffered a similar ordeal at work – while they were in the office together, Chris suddenly came up to her and hugged her from behind.

Both netizens did not reveal the actor’s name in their posts. However, many people quickly deduced that only Chris fit the description. Coming clean almost immediately, Chris uploaded an apology and admitted to sexually harassing several women. He wrote, “I will not run away from the mistakes I made in the past. I’m extremely, extremely sorry.”

Chris’ family image tanked overnight despite his apology. After his confession came out, hundreds of commenters flooded his page asking him to quit the entertainment industry and voiced their disgust and disappointment in him.

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  1. I remember him in his younger days… I remember he was heavily promoted due to his looks then but he did not last top billing.

  2. I remember how they labeled him as this saint and hottie who married a woman that was much less attractive and looks like a Philipino maid. haha lol… sigh….. So many faces to these celebrities.

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