Christine Kuo on Dating Joey Law: “Love is Blind!”

TVB’s new classy, busty goddess, Kristine Kuo (苟芸慧) has worked in Hong Kong for two years. Although the Miss Chinese International winner was extremely popular with many men,  Kristine has been secretly dating former Mr. Hong Kong participant, Joey Law (羅天宇), for several months! In an older-woman, younger man relationship, Kristine admitted that love was blind and claimed that she “loved Joey for his stupidity!”

Kristine was the god-daughter of Joey’s mother. Kristine and Joey’s parents were friends and the pair were both Christians. Staying in Hong Kong by herself to pursue acting, Kristine’s lonely heart was eventually moved by Joey.  Several months ago, the pair starting dating despite Kristine being four years older than Joey.

While dating in Sai Kung, Kristine was photographed kissing Joey’s ear, leading to the exposure of their relationship. Tabloids alleged that Kristine often stayed overnight at Joey’s house.

Kristine admitted that she was dating Joey, “We just started dating and our relationship has not stabilized. Since the relationship has been discovered, we will face it bravely.” (Did TVB give you any pressure over the relationship?) “The company knew about it beforehand but we will discuss the matter again tonight.”

What did Kristine like about Joey? “I like him because he’s stupid! That’s what he said about me too! He is a very detail-oriented person and knows how to take care of me. He is kind-hearted and a simple man.” (Are you pursued by other men?) “Yes! However, I was afraid of the other pursuers. I feel very comfortable with Joey.” (You don’t mind that he’s younger than you?) “In the past, I would be unable to accept it. However, love is blind. When it comes, you cannot control yourself.” (Are you afraid this relationship will affect your work?) “It has rather helped my acting, increasing my emotional awareness!”

Aside from Kristine and Joey’s parents being friends, the pair were also Christians. Will Kristine spend the night at Joey’s home? “No. I am preparing to move to another place now. Joey’s mother is also my godmother and offered to set aside a room within her home to let me stay in the interim. However, I didnot want to say at their house, afraid of the resulting rumors.”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Kristine Kuo is quite beautiful…lucky Joey Law!

When studying abroad and working overseas, it is especially easy to feel lonely and fall in love. Since Kristine and Joey’s families knew each other beforehand, they had even more opportunity to develop love sparks!

I wonder if they were childhood friends? For me, I will always see a childhood friend as a childhood friend and unable to have those romantic sparks for guys who were already categorized in my mind, similar to co-workers always remaining co-workers. Once you know someone for too long, the physical attraction is usually not there either.

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  1. How come I don’t see any series from her beside the 6 mini episode???

    1. @Sky, She was in Home Troopers as one of the twin’s gf. Although TVB seems to want to promote her, her Cantonese amongst one of the weakest in TVB. Her expressions are very raw as well.

  2. Only 4 years. Not that big an age gap. 🙂

    It works for Little Dragon Girl and Yang Guo. 😀

    1. Bc xln and yg timeline don’t have Internet lol…

    2. Haha, I agree. I think they look beautiful together, in fact. 😀 Joey is cute and Jayne is right, Christine is quite beautiful. It’s so easy to look pass the age gap as the two seems like a sweet and innocent couple.

    3. 4 year difference only? But she looks so much older, or maybe he looks young

    4. Totally agree, four years is not that big of a deal…doesn’t even come close to qualifying for a May-December relationship. I think Kristine could look quite young if she let her hair down.

      PS to Jayne, for me, once a guy finds himself in the “friend/good buddy” category…that’s the end of any potential romance haha..doesn’t quite seem to be such a hard rule for guys though.

  3. what’s up with the thing about them being a christians? Does it matters? Being a Christians don’t mean anything. We r in the 21st century but people still believe in the bible? Jesus? god? lol…….

    1. @Sky, If you’re religious, I suppose it matters more. If the couple have opinions that are too different or contradictory, sometimes it’s hard to not fight over it. For those who aren’t religious, like myself, it doesn’t really matter.

      1. @Chriselle: been a christian doesn’t mean they stay together. Christian = most divorce.

    1. @P, It’s really not that surprising to see today’s generation of artists lacking in both acting and fluency in Cantonese. She has the beauty, lets see if she’ll improve.

      Lol, I think she should follow Charmaine and Fala’s footsteps and read the newspaper every morning to perfect her Cantonese. Fala has had majo improvements in the last few years; I remember how much I cringed every time she uttered her lines, but her performances has been very enjoyable in CBML and ITEOTB. 😀 Her accent is quite cute now.

    2. She has an angelic complexion when I first saw her in Don Juan De Mercado; until the angelic moment ruined when she spoke with the dubbed voice. She has the looks, but to go further she should work on her language so that she won’t be dubbed. TVB’s quality of dubbing take away a lot from the actress.

  4. If Joey is interested in acting and TVB are looking for new actors (who are in their early 20s) to promote, I think Joey would be a nice choice. He has such a sweet and cute face. He reminds me of Sammul since both seems quite feminine and soft-spoken.

    1. He has one problem. He’s kinda short compared to other actors. Coupled with his baby face, I’m afraid he will be stuck in student and baby brother roles.

      He actually reminds me of a young Andy Lau. But, in the 80’s, not many actors are tall. So, Andy Lau is able to make it to the front. Nowadays, many tower over Joey.

      1. How tall is he? Can’t seem to find anything on google about him.

      2. If he can act, he can be Eric Tsang. Eric Tsang proves you don’t need height or looks to be respectable as an actor as much as Lydia Shum proves you don’t need to be stick thin to be a force to be reckoned with in entertainment industry. I pray above all else he can act.

        Anyway just saw that what’s that show with grasshopper? Joyce Cheng was on it, and va va voom! Very sexy corset or whatever you call that. Rather funny episode the way grasshopper teased her on how she she was always eating luxurious food when she was little! She looked almost embarrassed at that fact.

      3. How about Tony Leung? He the same height as Andy if not shorter. Their heights are average but they dominate the movie industry. However, i do agree that in this day and age, it not easy to be known without exceptional traits. Acting can be developed but physical traits aren’t possible if not born with, especially with height.

      4. @ Chriselle

        His Mr.HK profile state that he’s 5’10” (178cm).

        But, he looks short when standing beside other actors. Don’t know. Maybe he’s like Arron Yan. He’s not short, but, people around him are tall. His body proportion gives the impression that he’s short. Arron Yan is taller than Shu Chen a bit, but, Shu does not look short standing alone while Arron does.

      5. “His Mr.HK profile state that he’s 5’10″ (178cm).”

        Don’t trust the profile. Trust your eyes. See who he stands next to that you know is that height and see from there.

      6. He probably looks shorter because of his cute face. 5’10 is taller than some leading HK actors like Kevin Cheng and Tony Leung. I always considered the norm to be around 5’11, which is Andy Lau and Felix Wong. There are only a few like Ruco Chan and Joe Ma who are 6 feet. Moses Chan is also between 5’11 and 6 feet I suppose. Chinese are shorter than American actors in general.

      7. I don’t think Andy or Felix is 5’11. And I don’t think Joe Ma is 6′ either. Minus 2 inches, should be about right.

        And Joe Ma has bad posture also.

      8. Funn,
        I believe Andy Lau is 5’9″ and Felix Wong 5’10”.

        Joe Ma does look like he’s 6′ as he towered over everyone in “Triumph in the Skies,” where Bosco is billed as 5’10” and I believe Kenneth is around 5’10” to 5’11” and Ron Ng must be 5’10” as well.

      9. Ron Ng can’t be 5′ 10″. He looked way too short in the group photo. Again, I will minus 2 inches.

        OT. I once met Andy Lau many many many years ago when stars perform in night clubs rather than stadiums. If I remember correctly there were other TVB stars too but I could only remember Andy, because he was on stage, I was right below stage, he was dressed as Yangguo and he shook my hand and smiled at me as he sang. I distinctly remember a firm handshake and very cold hands. And even then he didn’t strike me as that tall. Wasn’t as skinny also. So yes it was long ago.

      10. to the people who have watched Gun Metal Grey, you can see Vincent Wong is taller than Felix Wong and Michael Mui.

        Felix def. doesnt look like 5 10′

  5. ” “Love is Blind!””

    Indeed! Question is, who is the blind one here? 🙂

  6. She looks prettier in that photo than on tv lol

    I thought she was horrible in Home Troopers, couldn’t think of another actress worse than her in TVB.

    Seems like people are only making it such a big deal because she’s older and they’re apparently religious.

    I wonder if their parents approve, since she is Joey’s mother’s godmother. Isn’t it usually a taboo, since she is considered to be a “sister” to him?

    1. I don’t understand why people are making a big deal because of the age gap?? There are many many other “jie di” relationships and no one makes such a big deal about it. Why are they aiming at this couple only?? I find that strange.

      If they aren’t related by blood then I don’t see what the big deal is… But that’s just my opinion.

  7. I’m pretty surprised with this pairing. It seems that a lot of relationships have been revealed this past year. The paparazzi sure have improved on their “spying” and “following” tactics lol! But I’m not as shocked as I was with the Cho-Lam and Leanne pairing though. These two pairings are quite interesting. In both pairings, they both seemed to connect spiritually through their religion and have known each other for a long time.
    I think Christine has the look, but as most of you mentioned here, her acting and her accent is horrible. I don’t see taking on any other significant roles yet until she improves on her Cantonese. Joey looks small framed and too boyish looking. Maybe after a few years, he will be able to take on bigger roles as well. They both give off that sweet, innocent feel.
    Good for Leanne and Christine that they seem to love their partners for who they are and not how they look or in Christine’s case, how popular or young they are. Personally, I would find it hard to accept someone who is shorter or younger than me. But in the entertainment circle where someone’s popularity and physical attributes are so important, it’s good to know that both of these beauty queens opted to go for guys that were either shorter or younger than them. Same with Shirley Yeung who has had a stable relationship with someone who is less popular and makes less money than she does. And then we have Natalie Tong, who despite her rising popularity, will still be loyal to guy like Amigo, who in my opinion is just not someone who’s worth it. So, not all actresses are gold diggers and I guess it does prove that love is blind sometimes.

    1. Cho-Lam and Leannie is an odd couple. Leannie is so much taller and mature looking than Cho-Lam, he could pass for her son.

      1. haha you are funny. yeah def. a odd couple wonder how long it will last cause it seriously don’t see them getting married and having kids.

      2. @Funn,
        No, my friend isn’t lesbian and I know that for sure because she fears the female body. She is afraid of breasts, can you believe that?? If she was lesbian, she definately would not fear the female body. Some people would get the impression that she is, but she isn’t. She tried to chase one of my other friend’s guy friends but he rejected her since she is too tomboyish. Being tomboyish doesn’t equate to lesbianism.I have been friends with her for over 10 years so I know for sure she isn’t.

    2. These are some interesting pairings that you brought up and they’ve been in the news lately. 😀

      Lol, yes, when I read that Joey and Christine are both Christians, that instantly reminded me of Cho Lam and Leanne.

      Since they’re celebrities, they have a larger social networking circle going around and the fact that they choose these their respective partners shows that there is love between them.

      Leanne isn’t a true beauty, but she’s still pretty and hailed from MCI. For her to choose a shorter (and some might even call him ugly) Cho Lam, some might say that she can do better. Personally, while height isn’t the most important, I still want someone whose taller than me by at least 7-8 inches.

      In Christine and Joey’s case, age isn’t a big issue for me, but maturity means a lot to me. I heard that women matures faster than men. However, I still wouldn’t want anyone whose more than two years younger than me because women age faster than men.

      As for Shirley and Gregory’s case where the woman earns more than the man, I think someone on this blog made a good comment: if he doesn’t earn more than me, his income should still be larger than that of the average citizen. I agree with those who believe that money gives a sense of emotional security so I would want him to earn more than me.

      As for Amgio’s cheating case, personally I would not go back to someone who was unfaithful. I can forgive, but not forget and things would not be the same anymore. I do believe that Natalie and Amigo are probably only friends, but I agree with Jayne that’s it’s difficult to just stay platonic after the two have dated before.

      1. LOL so hard finding the significant other when you have so many requirements. and it’s not a one-way process either 🙂

      2. Yea, I totally agree with Exiodus. I think that as you get older, your requirements will change and you in a sense may become less demanding because for women, their biological clock is ticking. It is not a one way process… If you demand a lot from someone, then they will demand a lot from you as well. What I really don’t get is when some people aren’t so great themselves but require this and that from others. You need to evaluate yourself first. Also, some may want this and that but end up with completely the opposite of what they want since love is blind… Once your heart feels what it does, what you wanted before no longer matters.

        In this day and age, I don’t think it should matter at all if the girl makes more than the guy. THat is the traditional way of thinking. As long as you are both happy and can both support each other and all, then should it matter who makes more??

        I used to be really strict on age but not anymore since as you get older, your list gets smaller… As long as the age isn’t big to the point that it is ridiculous, then it shouldn’t matter…

        I guess religion is really important to some people. In my case, I don’t really care for religion as much. But I guess it can be a good thing that will keep a couple bonded and together too.

        If you are compatible, love each other and all, then other factors such as age and who makes more is no longer important…

      3. @HeTieShou

        The first thought that came to my mind when I read about your tomboy singleton friend is maybe she is a lesbian?

    3. Chriselle,
      You sound like a reflective person. Most women have a mental list of qualities they look for in a guy. The older the woman, the more clarity as to what we want in a guy.

      Some pyschologists believe that we will marry our “parent,” a person who shares traits of one of. Our parents,, whether those are positive or negative traits. This breeds familarity and deeply rooted in. Our subconcious are memoriies of our childhood and the love we learned from them. I believe in it, my husband resembles my mom in character and I resemble his mother in personality. These familiar traits at once attract us to a person; sometimes it is not just physical looks. Perhaps our subconcious already holds the answer as to what we are looking for.

      Men generally have a short list: pretty and decent personality?

      1. Jayne,

        You are making me think of the Oedipus complex…. That is true to some extent though… I would not want to marry anyone like my dad at all though. I would not mind marrying someone sort of like my mom, but minus the traditional views of the old world that she processes…

        I think the physical looks just draw you the other person at first for the most part. But after that, it has to be much more than physical attraction.

      2. Well i do believe that on average men have a shorter list of requirements and get shorter as time goes by and your requirements for a mate shifts like HTS explained earlier.

        Possible variables of interest would be: ability to connect on a deeper level, looks, lifestyle and age…

      3. HeTieShou,
        Many guys are indeed “mama’s boy” hehe. Since parents impart a strong influence on values we hold in life, it’s not suprising that when we look for a partner in life, he/she usually turns out to resemble one of our parents in more than one way.

      4. Exoidus,
        Interesting that you list “connecting on deeper level” as one of the requirements you look for in a woman. It indicates that you are interested in having conversations with her, which is a good thing. Many guys fail to consider that and just go mainly by phycial attraction.

      5. Btw, a former guy friend told me that he was looking for a woman with normal looks, doesn’t have to be too pretty and just average. And then he pursued me! I was offended because I thought back to what he said; so he considered I wasn’t that pretty? I thought he was just interested in dating for the sake of dating, so it didn’t work out.

      6. @Jayne, What do you think are some signs that guys are dating for the sake of dating?

      7. I think it is sad that some date for the sake of dating. But sometimes it is necessary for them to do so I guess. One of my friends dated a guy just because our other friend had a boyfriend. I think she just wanted to compare to her. It did not last and wasn’t serious at all…

        Yea, some guys are mama’s boy. That can be a good or a bad thing depending on the circumstances… We do date or look for people like our parents but I think that we also would try to avoid people like our parents if they had bad habits like smoking, drinking or gambling for example…

      8. @Jayne, Thanks for sharing the link. I believe there is a degree of truth in the article. Personally, I would like to avoid someone who has the personality and qualities of both of my parents. However, it has to due more to inner personality rather than what they actually do. Like HTS mentioned, I don’t like guys who smoke simply because I really dislike the smell and it’s bad for one’s health. However, I look at one’s heart and personality more and being a bit rebellious sometimes, I use to think that my parents caused me lots of frustration. Thus, I don’t want this frustration to repeat itself for the rest of my life. The article claimed that one of the reason people choose mates is to “right old wrongs”, but I personally don’t want to be reminded of what I would call a bad childhood sometimes. And while sometimes people think they can change, I feel that history will only repeat itself.

      9. @HTS, Btw, the case you mentioned about your friend reminds me of a rebound. Usually rebounds don’t work out and it’s damaging for both parties.

      10. Chriselle,
        IMO, guys date for the sake of dating when they are lonely, when they are looking more for companionship or to be in a romance rather than truly attracted to the woman. When a guy has never dated before and just wants to try it or has been single for so long, he feels lonely.

        I’ve met guys who are interested in every woman they come across. They are not selective at all! They don’t know what they want in a girlfriend, but once they talk a few times on the phone, he starts feeling for her. There was one guy friend who used to fall for several women at the same time, while he was still friends and not dating anyone exclusively. But he could never clearly state why he liked them for specific reasons.

        In the early stages of pursuit, if the man doesn’t show much interest in what you say, looks bored during conversations, but still asks you out, hmm…makes you think he just wants to date for the sake of dating.

        The guy I mentioned earlier gave me the impression he was looking for a long time and was eager to just date. He didn’t convince me what he saw was special in me; he made me feel that I just happened to cross his path. On and off, he “pursued” me for a year, although I don’t know why. We never even had any deep conversations together.

        Women date for the sake of dating too…for similar reasons. Everyone else around you has a boyfriend and you want to feel in “love.”

      11. @Chriselle,
        Yea, rebounds can hurt but in my particular friend’s case, it did not hurt at all. They were both not serious at all and did not “date” for long so it was really nothing much… Plus, my friend is not the typical girly girl that was ever into relationships at all so it didn’t hurt at all. That guy that she “dated” is now happily married with 2 kids while she is still single and may be single forever. since she is tomboy that is anti-male.

      12. HeTieShou,
        Yes, there’s a good and bad side to being “mama’s boy.” People say that how a man treats his future wife, you just have to look at how he treats his mother.

        If the man is bullied by his mother, obeys to her every wish, he will likely be more submissive towards future wife.

        If the man is considerate and treats his mother with respect and truly cares when she is sad, trying to comfort and share her problems, he will be kind and considerate husband that will sort out your problems (maybe not all the time, but at least the important problems).

        If the man is contemptous of his mother and thinks a man still knows best, scolds his mother for her little mistakes and nagging, he will likely do the same to his future wife. He will want to be the one making the decisions in the marriage, even on minor issues like which restaurants to eat at, what’s for dinner and likely to pick on your small mistakes.

        If he is always sitting with his arms folded after dinner while his mother cleans the dishes, you know he’s been spoiled in chores. When you get married, you will take place of his mom and be #1 maid.

        Most people just consider how guys behave with their friends. But family treatment, especially respect or lack of respect for mom is most important.

      13. Jayne,
        Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think that both men and women date for various reasons. When I was a lot younger, I used to think that all boyfriends and girlfriends that dated would all eventually get married. I think I had that kind of my thinking because my 3rd brother fell in love at a young age and was going to marry his first girlfriend ever. However, in the end it did not work out. I think that was when I discovered that it wasn’t so simple. I guess timing and the stage that you are at in your life are really important when you are seeking for a partner to marry.

        Oh yea, speaking of guys that go for every girl. One of my friend’s friends is like that. Every single girl that is decent looking and crosses his path, he would try to go after them. I guess he is still young and wants to experience everything.

      14. Jayne,
        Actually, what you said is true to some extent but not always true. IN my family, my brothers are all spoiled but now the ones that are married,their wives boss them around. They treat their wife well and even though the way they treat my mom has never been bad, however, it is not even half as good as they treat their wife. I guess sex really talks. I wish that they can treat my mom better. They don’t do much for my mom and would do this and that for their wife. I actually find that really sad because I believe my mom is still more important. Wives you may divorce in the future, but your mom is forever your mom.

      15. ” I actually find that really sad because I believe my mom is still more important. Wives you may divorce in the future, but your mom is forever your mom.”

        I agree. 😀

      16. HeTieShou,
        How sons behave towards their mother before and after marriage is often different. It is often unavoidable to have a power play between mother and daughter-in-law, more so if they live together or see each other a lot.

        My earlier advice regarding seeing how a man treats his mom is indicative of how he treats his future wife. Once he is married, he usually will place wife above mother. It is not just the sex bond, but if the wife is constantly complaining about husband’s mother, he may start resenting his mother in small ways too.

        Maybe your brothers’ treatment of your mom may have been a product of aging and it depends on how well your mother communicates with them as well. If the mother is constantly fighting with daughter-in-law over silly issues, the mother needs to also step back and realize this hurts her relationship with her own son too.

        Sometimes, parents’ positions in our hearts also evolve with age. When we grow older, we think we are capable of making our own decisions. Some parents nag without reason and nag to get attention. They nag because they don’t know how to communicate with us, which in turn gets our resentment. Sometimes we may lose respect for our parents, thinking they are from the older generation, especially if they did not have as much school or world experience as us, that their advice does not matter anymore.

        Do we love our parents out of obligation because they have sacrificed so much for us? It’s hard to truly love them as friends and be on same mental wavelength, especially if education and life experiences were very different.

        I love my mom more because of the former reason. I know she has sacrificed a lot for us, but when I have a practical problem to resolve at work or other issues, her advice is often not in-depth in enough to work. I talk mainly small gossip with her, but when I have bigger issues, I usually talk to my sister who understands a little more.

        People’s relationships with each other are constantly evolving. When we were young, our parents meant the world to us. Then our world grew bigger with friends, lovers, spouses, and children. The way we love our parents also evolve with aging. To sustain the parent-child relationship and keep it strong, it takes effort, understanding, and good communication on both sides.

      17. I think women tend to place their moms in positions of higher importance than men do. Daughters are more attentive to keeping a good communication, would likely visit mom more after marriage as opposed to sons. If daughter-in-law doesn’t get along with husband’s mother, then the son will visit even less.

        Once you get married, your immediate spouse and own children will likely take precedence over your own parents. It is the natural biological instinct for parents to love their own children more, instead of children loving parents more. Nevertheless, you will always appreciate all that your parents have given you of course.

      18. Generally, no. I disagree Jayne. Both sexes put their mothers on pedestal, if they really respect their mother that much. Also depends on culture. I know for one Indian community, man puts his mother on a pedestal.

      19. I think Jayne what you mean is a woman will take care of her aged parents, sons probably won’t which is true in any culture. Parents want sons to depend on, when in truth the dependable ones are the daughters.

      20. Ha ha! Oedipus complex! A man’s sexual desire for his mother?? There’s a girl version called Electra complex.

        Sick but could be true. But why choose to equate closeness and love for one parent as akin to sexual need?

  8. Joey Law reminds me of a young version of. Japanese actor, Yuji Oda.

  9. Apparently, Joey played a student in class 5C in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, but I seriously don’t recall him in the show… what was his storyline ?? Or was he a cameo with no lines ??

  10. He is a good-looking. Guy and she is beautiful. I am glad she is dating sum gweilo. Like most abc girls, that would be a waste.

  11. A 4 year gap is not bad at all… THere are many happy couples that have a way bigger age gap. Barbie is 5 years older than her husband. Look at Catherine and Zhang Dan Feng, she is 11 years older. I think that is a big age gap. I think it is a bigger deal if the girl looks a lot older regardless of what the age gap is.

    It is normal to feel lonely and fall in love when you are studying or working overseas. Many of my former classmates went to teach in Japan and some of them bought back Japanese wives while some just stayed in Japan. I guess it is fate… Regardless of where you are in the world, if you are meant to meet then it will happen no matter what….

    I think that childhood friends and co workers can fall in love if they are meant to. But of course it varies from case to case.. I do agree with Jayne to a certain extent that that just can’t happen at times. Which is why many celebs are good on screen couples but can never be together in real life. However, as we have seen, there are some on screen turned real life couples but it is just rare…

  12. I think the comments are more interesting than the article. Maybe there should be a forums section for these types of digressions.

  13. Her name is Christine Kuo (:
    not Kristine.

    I agree with Chriselle, her expressions are so raw, if her Cantonese was better, or that her mother language is Cantonese, her acting wouldn’t have been as bad.

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