Damien Lau Becomes Scriptwriter for “Prominent Family” To Improve Script Quality

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It appears that Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) may not be the only TVB artist ascending to the scriptwriter ranks at the company! New rival stations, City Telecom (CTI) and Now TV, were successful in recruiting half of TVB’s former production staff, forcing TVB to utilize new scriptwriters, senior editors and directors with less experience. The recent staff turnover at TVB resulted in daily impromptu scripting changes prior to filming, leading to numerous artists’ complaints.

Wong Cho Lam was criticized as lacking the qualifications to be promoted as a scriptwriter, while Prominent Family <名媛望族> star, Damien Lau (劉松仁), stepped in as a part-time scriptwriter for the drama due to the current understaffed situation at TVB. It was understood that Prominent Family producer, Chong Wai Kin (莊偉建), sought Damien’s help due to the veteran actor’s knowledge of Chinese history during the Republic of China era (1912 to 1949).  

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) revealed, “Aside from taking on the role as scriptwriter, Damien had to revise the dialogue and story. He has been working very hard!” Tavia Yeung (楊怡) commented, “Damien put his heart and blood into Prominent Family!” 

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) added, “Prior to filming on the set, Damien will attend production staff meetings. For this drama, Damien has worked very strenuously! Due to the staffing changes in the scriptwriting department, everyone is very anxious. Sometimes the environment will become quite chaotic, but it is just a transition stage!”

Producer Turns to Damien Lau For Expert Advice

On the surface, five to six scriptwriters were assigned to write the script for Prominent Family. It turned out that the majority of these scriptwriters were new on the job and were completely unfamiliar with the background and history of the Republic of China, the time frame in which the story of Prominent Family was set.  

An insider revealed, “When the filming for Prominent Family first started, Damien Lau did not get involved with the scriptwriting yet. Later, Damien discovered there were plot details which contradicted with the historical setting of the Republic of China timeframe. Damien offered his suggestions, upon which Producer Chong felt he made good points. Afterward, Producer Chong frequently invited Damien to production staff meetings [to discuss the script].”

Damien Lau Wins Admiration For Hard Efforts

Although Damien Lau did not receive additional compensation in serving as part-time scriptwriter, he won respect behind the scenes. Full of admiration, Producer Chong Wai Kin stated,  “Damien Lau is the soul of Prominent Family! The entire drama centers around him. Just based on his five wives alone, it is already quite chaotic! Kenneth Ma, Rebecca Zhu, and Ron Ng are in a complicated love triangle relationship. Due to historical backdrop set during the Republic of China era, if we do not ask Damien Lau, who else can we turn to?”

Damien Lau Happy to Work as Part-Time Scriptwriter

Damien Lau will portray a famous, wealthy barrister with five wives in Prominent Family. The story will center around the large family as well as the rivalry between his wives: Mary Hon (韓馬利) as Damien’s first wife; Idy Chan (陳玉蓮) as Damien’s second wife; Elena Kong (江美儀) as his third wife; Tavia Yeung as his fourth wife; and JJ Jia (賈曉晨) as his fifth wife. Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong (王浩信), and Sire Ma (馬賽) will portray Damien and Mary Hon’s children, who possess a good relationship with their father.

Damien stated, “I am very happy collaborating with everyone on the set of Prominent Family. I have bed scenes with each one of my wives! There is significant character and story development, lending more layers to the series.”

The media asked Damien Lau for confirmation if he has taken on scriptwriting duties for Prominent Family. Damien laughed and said, “I will not answer such questions. Even if you ask, I will not answer!”

However, on his Weibo blog earlier, Damien posted a photo of a table strewn with notebooks at his home. He wrote, “Although I continue to work during the Lunar New Year holiday and it was quite strenuous, this experience will remain unforgettable for the rest of my life!” Damien’s post may have hinted that he had contributed over and beyond normal responsibilities of an actor, perhaps taking on scriptwriting duties, for Prominent Family.

Despite 62-year-old Damien taking on two jobs, serving as actor and scriptwriter for Prominent Family, it was undeniable that the workload was very strenuous. However, his salary was not increased. Certainly Damien Lau was a bargain asset to the drama!


Excerpt from Sudden Weekly #864

Jayne: Damien Lau has long won my admiration and respect. Many years ago, I read that he had wished to become a director at some point in his career. He strikes me as a learned man and possesses thorough passion for his work, not only in acting, but the entire creative process. Allegedly, he also gave Bosco Wong some acting pointers during “To Grow With Life.” Veteran actors such as Damien are often selfless and critical for the development of younger costars.

27 comments to Damien Lau Becomes Scriptwriter for “Prominent Family” To Improve Script Quality

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Well, I hope he does well because there are usual snickering that some who thinks they can write usually can’t. I hope he proves them wrong. Maybe he can revise the script so that his character doesn’t die and thus the story doesn’t go downhill. Maybe add shock value by adding a threesome scene. I mean these days TVB seems ready to brave the shocking stuff anyway.

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  2. Susan says:

    Among the veterans I have always liked Damien the most. Not only is his acting convincing, whether it is as a villain, cop, a professional or a thief, but he also seems to really enjoy being in the industry and therefore puts a lot of effort in what he is doing. With him revising the story and dialogues I think the quality of the drama will be quite good.

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  3. AC says:

    That’s pretty awesome. Although it is a lot of hard work, it seems like he really enjoys it and the whole filming experience. I love when he puts pictures from filming on his weibo. I hope he gets a raise and is paid nicely for his efforts!

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  4. Fox says:

    If this series dun do well, I hope the blame won’t run to Damien all

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  5. exoidus says:

    No wonder, TVB scripwriters seems not to do their due dilligence seriously.

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  6. thewong says:

    If TVB can’t pay artists more money to stay, maybe they can tempt them with more creative control over their projects.

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  7. Addy says:

    It’s not really Republic of China though XD it’s British Hong Kong! There’s a difference. But anyways, I’m sure the drama will be much better with Damian’s input. Respect.

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  8. Amy says:

    I like Damien’s performance in rippling blossoms cuz of his personality in the drama. not so serious.

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  9. Kay says:

    Has always enjoyed Damien as a person and actor. Such a professional actor.

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  10. Veejay says:

    Damien seems to be a funny guy, read those message in those pics, they’re hillarious funny.

    I guess Damien would make a scriptwriter since he has the experiences and have been in numerous roles.

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  11. Kidd says:

    Now, I’m even more looking forward to the series than before.

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  12. Larry 3 says:

    Must watch TVB series?


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  13. Khanh says:

    Damien has been one of my favourite actors in such a long time, I seriously can’t wait for this series.
    You would have to watch this!!

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    • moses replied:

      Damien could give the kelefe Wong Cho Nam a lesson ,he could teach his acting skill to younger actress like Sire Ma to improve ,he believe if TVB want the kelefe Wong Cho Nam in this serial ,he could kick the guy out by shouting ,huh kelefe Wong ,please go bact to acting class or learn you acting lesson from you buddy Johnston Lee or Wong ,huh are you in TVB as actor because you rich daddy paid money to TVB ,bravo Damien.

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    • irene replied:

      same here..one of my favourite actors..Adam Cheng too!

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  14. Grace says:

    Sounds like an interesting series!!!

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  15. lol says:

    Knowing that Damien becomes the scriptwriter makes me more interested to this series

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  16. sushiroll says:

    Oh f*** not another family fued drams. I’m so over this sh*t…….

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  17. Funn Lim says:

    re-read this and realise if this series needs the actor to rewrite the script the original script must have been very very bad.

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  18. Summer says:

    TVB needs to reflect on their production quality. They need an actor to point out their mistakes and error. What if they have no one to tell them the mistake and TVB air the drama. Then the audience finds out and TVB will once again make a fool out of themself. TVB should value their actors/actresses since they end up asking them to help even the behind-the -scene work.

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  19. Just a thought says:

    Jayne, I believe the series you were referring to was Growing Through Life? You must have had To Grow With Love in your mind because of Boscolie, haha. n__n

    On topic, Damien has always been a dedicated and outstanding veteran actor in my eyes so I agree with most comments.

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  20. Applelim says:

    Good to hear that he has stepped in. Sure he will provide rich resource and backup to the series.
    I have always like him as a actor as he is versatile in any role.

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  21. Charbydis says:

    I trust Damian! In the past when he was in ATV, he used to discuss with the director about historical scenes as well. I think Damian’s input will give “Prominent Family” somthing extra! At least we know he is not sloppy like the usual TVB writers.

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  22. Larry 3 says:

    If they would only fire 620, they would have $$$$$$ for scriptwritters or even producers, cheapass TeeVeeBee

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    • Fox replied:

      And lose quite a lot business relationships.

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      • Larry 3 replied:

        Thats great, because that business stradegy is dying.

        TVB needs new leadership.

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  23. Hayes says:

    Another drama I’m excited to watch 😀

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