Daniel Sit’s Life After Breaking Up with Fala Chen

After a low profile six-year relationship with Neway heir, Daniel Sit (薛世恆), Fala Chen (陳法拉) announced in June that they have broken up. Although the relationship ended only a month ago, Daniel seemed to have moved on with his life, and is often seen in the company of other women.

The love life of Fala and Daniel has always intrigued the public even though little is known of it. It is widely reported that the couple had secretly gotten married in the United States in 2008. They jointly purchased two properties in the United States, one in California and another house for Fala’s parents in Georgia. Despite this, the pair dodged queries about their marital status.

It is reported that Daniel has been enjoying a full social life since breaking up with Fala. He is often seen going in and out of his church with his church-mates. Recently, he was also spotted chauffeuring a woman around town. Another time, he was spotted having a congenial meal with a woman who wore glasses. Without Fala by his side, Daniel seemed to enjoy his new single status.

After eight years with TVB and losing the TV Queen title in 2011, Fala decided not to renew her contract when it expired in May this year. She felt that she had reached a bottleneck in her acting, and did not wish to remain at TVB. Instead, she wanted to further her acting skills by studying in New York and widening her opportunities. 

It was also reported that Fala wished to open her own management company. It was alleged that Fala needed Daniel to finance her business venture. However, Daniel’s status within the Sit family has been reportedly sliding, especially when his younger brother Ernie Sit (薛嘉麟) and his wife Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫) are expecting their first child. Daniel’s parents began to show favoritism towards the younger couple, and Mr. Sit gave business control to Ernie.

The complexities within the Sit family further stressed Fala and Daniel’s relationship. Without the financial backing of Daniel in her new company, the status of Fala’s business venture is unclear.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Life would just go on the same way for Fala. She’ll just find another wealthy guy to dig his gold.

    1. Yep, just like all the other gold-diggers in HK, just another TVB actress who failed at her first attempt to get a pot of gold……….she will keep trying but at her age, will have to turn to older and uglier men……….tough luck for her.

      1. Maybe she didn’t fail. MAybe he paid her a lot to leave quietly and not write a book about it.

  2. why would she want his family’s help to finance her new company? if she’s capable, she can make do without sit family’s monies, btw, daniel’s brother ernie sit and sis-in-law marie zhuge seem to be the real gold diggers

    1. That’s a pretty good question. And one could also ask why she would leave her comfy nest at TVB at the same time as losing her safety net.

      1. i think she wants to leave her comfy nest in TVB so that she’d leave herself to be in a memorable status for the audience and then take the the opportunity to improve her acting now before she drops. ;P

  3. I find it uncalled for to assume Fala is a gold digger. Why is that the case when the female is in a relationship with someone rich? I personally felt their relationship was real. If she was really a gold digger, Daniel would have sensed that. But, they remained together in a stable relationship for years. So, he sees something in Fala. And if the rumor about them getting married is true, then he also sees her as a wife material.

    I don’t see what’s wrong with finding a partner that is financially stable. Does that make all women gold diggers? Nonsense!

    1. You know Fala broke up with him because his family wouldn’t give her the gold she was looking for to start her own business right?
      He dodged a gold digging bullet.

      1. or perhaps he dumped her after finding out she cheated on him with TITS costar Chilam?

      2. No, we don’t know that because we do not know the intimate details of their lives. I’m ROFL at the idea that because it’s “reported” in a tabloid then it should be taken as truth.

    2. Well, it is not only actresses that look for well off people to be with, but also the normal average Janes do. Who would not want to be with a well off/rich guy so that they do not have to work as hard or can be a housewife? There are many women like that,BUT the big question is is that all that they go for? Money??? If all they go for is money then I guess you can consider them a gold digger. However, if they do love each other and all, then they should not be called gold diggers. But no one knows for sure if they are with the guys for money. ONLY they would know that…

      1. Hi HeTieShou, fully agree with you. If I’m an actress & pretty, I may also want to look for a rich man to get marry. Not just artists even girls on the street these days. I would say majorities of the girls want to marry a rich man, if not someone that they could rely on. My cousin once said this “if your life gets worst after getting married then why would you want to get married at the first place?” In short, what she meant was she expects life gets better after marriage. But, not everyone is lucky to find a rich man, love us. It really has to do with your karma I guess. Not all pretty girls have “hou ming” it really has nothing to do with your look, your body.

      2. Thanks guys and I agree with you as well Bloom, however, I think women should learn how to rely on themselves instead of just think they can find a guy to rely on. Women these days are more independent and should be that way since they are given a lot more opportunities than they were given in the past. I feel it is a bit sad that women think they have to have a guy to rely on and provide for them. These days, in a number of cases, women are the main breadwinners and providers, not the guys. But those really traditional guys would not like that and would consider that as “eating soft rice” which would hurt their ego sadly.

      3. @Bloom,
        I also wanted to add that you seem to really believe in karma. I used to really believe in it, but ever since the day I lost my dearest 6th brother, I wonder about it… I still believe in it, but not even half as much as I used to since I often see selfish people, bad people,etc… enjoy and have a great life but there are other great people who are selfless, good people,etc.. live a sad life… My mom goes on and on about the deeds from the past life, which is something I also wonder about. The next thing you know, none of it is true..

      4. Hi HeTieShou, something happened to me & I went to check with astrologer, temple & all of them said the same thing & it really coincide with what actually happened to me. That’s why I believe in karma.

        Honestly, I’m not happy that what we’ve done in the past affect what kind of life we’ll go through this life. I mean none of us would ever remember what we did in the past & we’re being punished for things that we dont know nor remember. It’s only a good thing to warn those ppl not to do bad things in this life.

      5. Hi Bloom,
        Thanks for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you believe in fortune telling rather than karma. Isn’t karma doing good deeds and getting good blessings back and if you do bad deeds, then you will have to pay for it??? I still believe in karma but not as much as before since I now wonder about many points of it. My mom is really religious and goes on and on about it.

        I really agree with you about the past life stuff because as you said, we do not know who we were and what we did in the past life/lives.Therefore,I feel it is a bit unfair to us to have to pay for the bad deeds but yet get to enjoy the blessings of the good deeds. I think it is just a way of explaining why some people have a good life while some don’t. That is something I still question and have thought that there can be other things that determine why we are in the current life that we are. The next thing you know, it is like a lottery drawing where if you are lucky then you will get a good life, but if you get a bad luck drawing then you will have to live a sad and hard life… So many unanswered questions that we may not get any answers to until we reach the other side…

    3. Also, I think if you are traditional and expect the guy to be the main provider/bread winner then you would aim for rich/well off guys. But if you are more independent, then I don’t think whether the guy has money or not would be important to you.

      1. HeTieShou, I dont know if you agree with me. Some women married a poor guy & after a couple of yrs the guy’s career take off & they became rich. Whereas some women married rich guys & not too soon, the guy becomes poor.

        If you were to ask me, try not to expect to marry a rich man, it’s important that both of you have your own career, no matter what the future holds, if anything happens to him, you still have a job. If the husband do well, probably then you might stop working, the rule is try not to rely too much on the man as we’ll never know what will happen

      2. Hi Bloom,
        I actually do agree with you and we should never ever expect to marry a rich/well off guy or go after one.We should marry who we love and are compatible with. If we are not emotionally happy, then all of the materialistic stuff is worthless. I totally agree with you about having you and your husband each having your own career because in case something happens to him, then you still are able to support the family. I have experienced the unexpected a lot so I know that firsthand. YES, it is not good to rely too much on the guy because what if he lost his job?? That happened to my brother and luckily his wife works and has her own career as well or else I honestly don’t even know what they would have done. Life is truly unpredictable so we need to be prepared and not rely on the guy or anyone too much.

    4. Same here, Hannah. I don’t understand why they always accuse females as gold diggers in relations with a rich dude.
      It’s funny how in reality they are called gold diggers, but Cinderella was never called a gold digger lol

  4. Fala has been working for years now for TVB even when she was in a relationship with him…if she was in a relationship for his money only, why would she continue working so hard under TVB’s crazy schedule? Wouldn’t it be better and easier for her to stay home and spend his money while pleasing his parents?

    1. Well Serena, you are making a lot of sense here… but your version is not as juicy or slanderous to Fala.

    2. Very true. If she gold digger she do what you say and get pregnant.

    3. greed it’s greed. the more u hav the more you crave~it’s endless until the bond breaks.

      did i just say that. whoa that tone sound so creepy…

    4. Fala has high ambitions as an actress. Maybe she thinks that working in TVB will help her reach her top actress dream, but after losing the award in 2011 and seeing her career not rising after that when she’s unable to be in movies or move to mainland China, Fala decided 8 years is enough and she needs to get out of TVB so that she can make movies and mainland dramas because a TVB actress is considered the lowest status actress in HK compared to singers or movie stars. Maybe Fala realizes this and that’s why decides it’s time for her to leave the lowly place.

    5. Good points Serena! Maybe Fala had a feeling that her relationship/marriage will not last a lifetime so had to work hard for herself in case something happens(which it has)?? Even if she was married, it is not a guarantee for life that she will never divorce…

    6. I personally feel Fala Chen is a modern & independent lady who still wants to have her own career. Maybe she’s realistic to know that not all men can be relied on. It’s sad to say that some rich man are also after your youth, beauty, body, they might go head over heels of you now. But, once you’re old, haggard & unattractive they would find another young, sweet looking ones. Eventhough it may not apply to all the men, but, there are many cases, again maybe Karma or your meng sui.

  5. although the relationship ended just a month ago, daniel sit is often seen with the company of other women.. that’s fast but maybe the relationship ended long time before this one month

  6. Don’t understand why woman wants a man that still dependent on parents financially at that age. Personally I like man who earns their own money therefore don’t need parents approval for anything.

    1. I have seen that with one of my former friend’s husband. Her husband is really capable of making his own money. However, he had to work harder to support his family and all. His family has a big company and all of his siblings work for that big company just like in Daniel’s case. The thing was if he ventured out on his own which he did, it was harder for him to earn money, he had to pay for his own house, his own car,etc… However, if he stayed and worked with his family’s business then they would buy a house for him and his own family, pay for his cars, all of the other expenses,etc…. Basically, they enjoy all of the benefits for their own family if they stayed. I am guessing that is the case with Daniel. Maybe he is used to living the high life easily instead of having to work so hard for it???

    2. “Don’t understand why woman wants a man that still dependent on parents financially at that age.”

      Next life. Reborn as a male and especially in a millionaire/billionaire type of family. You will then know why.


      Fall in love with a man THAT rich. You will figure it out. You may still choose your own beliefs but you will reach an understanding.


      Obviously, it’s a personal preference but I just feel like I can’t really respect a man who doesn’t feel like at least trying to make it on his own first.

      I don’t actually know that much about the Sit family though. Do Daniel and his brother not have any businesses of their own (even if they would probably have received seed money from the family anyway)?

      1. It is different life style. Those who were born being taught to work and work and make a living on your own, ofc they prefer and relate to those who work and make a path for themselves more.

        I do not know much about the Sit family but what I do know is for sure many rich families started.off not very well off. The first generation who made it big with whatever tools or resources are most likely going to want their kids and later generations to live in luxury, making sure they do not suffer the strenuous work they once had to go through.

        So as the generation that is basically acquiring wealth, it is different for them. Different lifestyle. Different values. But hey the more money there is, the bigger the internal struggles within a family. So really, poor, middle or rich people all got their equal share of real world problems. Lol.

      2. Good points Crystal!! I agree with you and feel that those who come from rich families and are 2nd generation tend to take what they have for granted because they did not have to work it. In a sense, they were born with a silver spoon so did not have to start from scratch and just enjoy what their parents,grandparents or ancestors left for them. Of course, not everyone is like that but I think we have seen that with a number of cases(like with Florinda Ho for example). I feel it is sad that in some cases, the parents do not teach their children to work hard but instead of just enjoy the family fortune.

        I totally agree that all families have problems to some extent, but the problems are different.

      3. Have any of you heard of this old saying in cantonese “fu pat kor sam doi” relatively translate to wealth dont pass to the 3rd generation. My friend says the 1st generation worked hard for it, the 2nd generation probably trying to preserve it & the 3rd generation helps to spend it.

      4. That saying is usually used for the families who just estsblished their wealth. It is used to tell the youngsters not to forget that we are stable now but not stable enough. Those are the families we generally categorize as “well off” not “wealthy”.

  7. Who is Daniel Sits ? He looks like my friend’s hubby omg lol

    1. A plain looking rich guy. If your friend’s hubby is as rich as Daniel Sits, he would have bagged a hot young girl like Fala Chen too.

  8. If Fala really was a gold digger, she would have left TVB long ago and got herself pregnant to please Daniel’s family. She didn’t… she prized her career first.

    There have been numerous stories on the conflict between Daniel/Fala and his parents / brother… this doesn’t seem like the traditional path for a gold digger – which also includes leaving the meal ticket to pursue their career.

    1. She wanted everything, fame, fortune, and freedom.
      Now she gave up fame/fortune for freedom to do her own thing.
      Daniel just wanted to hit it while it was young fresh and famous, now he’s onto greener pastures that only cost 1 million not 10 and will be a lot more obedient.

  9. In HK, it’s all about status and money. Fala may not be a gold digger, but she sure will not deal with any joe less than her status and money.

    1. Good point Jeff and I agree with you. Even if Fala is not a gold digger, she will not be with someone who is of a lower status and has less money them she does.

    2. That is reality! Who would? Even most simple girls would not get guys who are poorer than they!

      1. Not necessarily, there are some nice girls that are more independent and have a higher status then the guy but really love them and would be with them. That is why there are women who are the breadwinners and the term house husband exists these days. But of course that is even more rare with HK girls.

      2. @ HeTieShou

        Maybe there are “nice girls” who are also successful and independent, but I find that ambitious girls prefer men who are ambitious too.

  10. Sometimes it’s not just being a gold digger.
    I felt people who make that comment really did not experience certain things in life.

    Some women really go for personality, heart and a whole package that attracts them. That package we are talking about here includes success in career or being an achievers of sorts.
    Not all women are so shallow to just go for looks!!

    We find a successful guy attractive and eventually love comes in!! So in other words…. So many comments here are quite shallow and baseless!!!

    1. Maybe Fala didn’t find Daniel Sit that successful because he had to listen to his family in anything and had to rely on his parents financially. He did not have a say in Sit’s business. Moreover, I think Daniel Sit likes to hang out with girls quite easily.

  11. I think the rumour could be true that Fala broke up or was about to break up with Daniel Sit when she went overseas to film TITS 2. Probably it was one of the reasons why she broke up with him. Her decision was not well accepted by Daniel and his family.

    Well, I guess it is very hard to be a professional artiste and good wife and daughter-in-law. If Fala follows the footsteps of that Marie Zhuge, she will have to give up her acting career. It is hard to achieve both.

    1. Not surprised if Fala had so many emotional problems during the filming of TITS 2 overseas ……. jet lag, insomnia, plus the breakup with long-time her boyfriend, Daniel Sit.

      1. Poor Fala, plus she had to act with those veterans who would improvise their lines.

      2. it’s part of any profession though. everyone has to deal with their personal problem and their job.

        no pity from me. myolie sucked in Tai Chi when she had to go through the stress of gaining weight rapidly.

    2. Yeah – don’t see fala as a gold digger at all. The relationship failed because of Fala’s desire to pursue a greater recognition in her acting.

      I hate how the media has magnify her flaws. In reality, plenty of artist are equally flawed.

      Again, said it before, Fala did a lot of harm to her career by taking this role. The silver lining is she knows she’s not good enough and willing to venture off to get more training.

      1. @ pandamao

        I don’t think she did a lot of harm to her career. Most TVB artists have a series or more where they were heavily criticised. People usually have a short memory. The most important thing is she is self-aware enough and is doing something about it.

      2. True too, Advo.

        We can say the same about Myolie when she went through all those crazy criticisms.

        Props to Fala though. It’s an admirable trait.

      3. I agree with you that Fala is not a gold digger. I believe that her love for Daniel was genuine. It’s just that the relationship failed to work out at the end due to the differences of goal and aspiration.

        I also hate how the media magnify her flaws and make the breakup seem so ugly.

  12. at least fala is trying her best to make do in life, daniel sit is still under the shade of family’s shelter and spending his time with other ladies?

  13. “He is often seen going in and out of his church with his church-mates.”

    I remember reading an article some years ago about Fala angering her future mother in-law for bring Daniel Sit to church, while Mrs.Sit is a Buddhist.

    Daniel Sit still remains in the church after breaking up with Fala. I guess he really find this faith suits him.

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