Derek Mak Wins “See Me Fly Again” Competition

TVB-organized talent search competition See Me Fly Again concluded on December 26, with three male contestants coming out tops. Emerging as champion, 34-year-old pilot Derek Mak (麥大力) won a cash prize of $100,000 Hong Kong dollars, while 30-year-old Keith Shing (盛勁為) and 28-year-old Godwin Luk (陸煥恆) were first and second runner-ups. Ardis Yeung (楊銘熙) won the talent award with his performance of Jacky Cheung’s (張學友) “Hair Was Awry” <頭髮亂了>.

TVB held the See Me Fly Again competition to recruit talent from the airline industry, which was severely impacted by the pandemic. The contestants, which included flight attendants and pilots, competed to win cash prizes and a chance to audition for a role in a drama.

Expressing surprise at his win, Derek Mak plans treat the rest of the contestants to a meal. Asked what he thought was his winning edge over the rest, he humbly replied, “I’m not sure–everyone is really talented, tall, and well-built.” Honored for the chance to perform in front of such a big audience, Derek called the contest a great learning experience.

When his name was called during the runner-up announcement, Keith Shing appeared embarrassed when he was referred to as the rumored boyfriend of former Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak (麥明詩). Keith was not disappointed in the results, but thought that he lost out in the looks department since Derek is of mixed parentage. Describing the contest as a “party” he joined as he had the time, Keith realized the contest was tougher than he had thought and thus developed utmost respect for Miss Hong Kong contestants.

While both Derek and Keith were keen to become artistes, they did not rule out the possibility of returning to aviation careers in the future.

Similarly, Godwin appreciated the chance to befriend other contestants. “I took part to enrich myself since I have little onscreen experience. These few days have been tremendously beneficial, and the friendships made were priceless. The fun we had created memories for a lifetime.”

Ardis was Ashley’s Classmate

As for Ardis, who put up a good performance but did not get into top three, the contest fulfilled his dream. “Since I didn’t have any expectations, I was less nervous and could perform better. I love performing and used to be a dancer, so I have aspirations in this field particularly in singing and dancing.”

As Ardis used to be in the same class as stewardess-turned-actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢), he mentioned that the latter had advised him not to be overly anxious, and to take part with a relaxed mood.


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  1. I find it disgrace that TVB would host a crappy competition like this. If TV wasn’t dead a while ago, it is certainly dead now…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      i actually find it to be quite a novel idea. there are still plenty of boys and girls coming out of the pageant every year. talent of not is another question. they have the numbers just not using them.

    2. @jimmyszeto did u even watch the show ?? the show was actually better than what people expected… it was quite entertaining kudos to tvb for coming up with such an idea and producing such a show to air on boxing day

      1. @kenexia
        It does not matter if there was good talent or not after watching the show. It’s the idea of it that’s ridiculous and unfair. Why randomly choose the airline industry for a competition? What about the other industries hit by Covid like restaurants?

      2. @jimmyszeto well knowing tvb, I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose to make one for restaurants … btw this show was so popular they decided to shoot a short drama with the winners of the show

      3. @kenexia
        So manipulated it’s unreal. They might as well have just allowed ‘males only‘ to enter from the airline industry’. There was no chance they would let a female win. TVB need males. Plenty of pageant winners still on standby waiting for work…

      4. @jimmyszeto I dont think it’s ridiculous that TVB is recruiting from the airline industry. I heard many female artists used to be flight attendants. But we cant blame TVB for not covering every other industry. I think the contestants are thankful that they have an opportunity for a career change.

      5. @kenexia Yes, the show was better than expected. Fresh idea with a good concept behind it given how the airline industry was affected. Also, the contestants were very presentable, probably due to their customer service training

  2. So silly. Pilots spend long hours mostly by themselves or only with a few other people, quietly focused on flying. What qualities make them good for acting? He’s good looking, but already mid-thirties. Why can’t they go to acting graduations and recruit real young talent?

    1. @potatochip most of them lost their jobs and are trying to start a second career in show biz.. actually tvb is quite smart at recruiting some of them from the airlines industry

      1. @kenexia
        Plenty would want to start a career in showbiz due to the rapid money and plenty have lost jobs in all sorts of industries. What’s your point?

    2. @potatochip
      It’s because HK or people around the world view the airline industry as glamorous although alternatively pilots can be considered as vehicle drivers and cabin crew are just ‘customer service on plane’ workers. It’s just like TVB just pot luck picked an industry they ‘perceived’ as beautiful people suitable for acting. In fact you probably can find more suitable people working in the circus. It’s unfair to other occupations and in other ways glorifying one but ignoring others…

      1. @jimmyszeto

        My two cents…..Cabin crew is normally trained to be presentable (as part of their job requirements – I always wonder how those CX girls keep their buns up so beautifully for 24 hours when I can’t even last half a day without my ponytail getting messed up!), plus, I think height and looks is one of the selection criteria in their initial recruitment process. If TVB is going for looks (which they would be!), I imagine there is quite a decent pool of that among cabin crew. In addition, airline is one of the hardest hit industries at the moment so, appreciably, there would be quite a large number of folks in that industry looking for their next job. It seems somewhat natural for TVB to pick that industry. In addition, people like the idea of there being a next “Triumph in the Skies” or “Airport Strikers”! But honestly, this is just my guess. I have no idea what went on in their mind. I didn’t even watch this on TV the other night!

      2. @summerdale
        I’ve heard the winners were mainly pilots. So are pilots trained to be presentable and charismatic or is that something you have generated in your mind after watching too much of Captain Cool?

      3. @jimmyszeto

        Haha yes I did like Captain Cool! I don’t know for a fact but again I suspect there’s a looks/height criteria at the point of admission. I am trying to think of the pilots whom I know – a very small sample unfortunately – all white guys from CX. There seem to be a certain baseline requirement….But like I said, I don’t know for a fact as the sample is not big…

      4. @jimmyszeto The second runner up was a flight attendant who showed off his muscular body throughout the show. I think the winners were chosen by HK voters. The winner, Derek Mak is very charismatic though!

      5. @luye
        I just saw Derek Mak in an AXA TV advert. Not sure if that was shot before or after the TVB event. Hmm…. he did look his age or even a little older

  3. That guy is super charming! Sure, he’s a bit older than the rest but they should definitely be able to find a TVB role for him. These “returnees” as we call them here (who speak English hesitantly and who seem slightly overwhelmed by the HK audience) have a certain charm about them. Like Lisa Tse. It’s not just the looks (although the looks definitely help!).

      1. @m0m0
        Right. Definitely not tall. But hey, if Jackson Wang (my hero!) can be a megastar at only 5’9″, there’s hope for the rest of the not-so-tall folks….

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