Episodic Thoughts: “Three Kingdoms RPG” (Episode 1)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan, and Ha Yu.



This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.  

“Your knowledge of the era is from that game you always play. In your game, Zhuge Liang can even be defeated by Batman’s whip!” 

Missed about 5 minutes and the first scene I saw was Kenneth riding his motorcycle delivering food. Kenneth is Sima Shun, age I haven’t quite gotten it yet but definitely not your young adult. He is a slacker, plays video games all the time and he specialises in the 3 Kingdsoms RPG game. Narrator as in I think Shun himself (can’t recall so I just use the first person perspective) says “Whilst everyone who plays the game of 3 kingdoms will inevitably play the warriors, and I used to prefer those characters too but these days I prefer to play as the strategists. Because wars are won by strategists and my favourite is Zhuge Liang, the greatest strategist of all” and there you see Shun playing as Zhuge Liang (Zhuge Liang here has Raymond’s face! I thought it was rather funny, to see Raymond’s computerised avatar on screen and in the posters as well. Whilst in computing world he and his 2 other buddies whose names I didn’t catch are like 3 Kingdoms RPG experts, in real life, they’re sorta like losers. 

At home we find out Shun is the eldest of 3 children. His 2nd brother is a studious nerd who he has not spoken to for 4 years (and they have nothing in common) whilst his youngest sister who has a soft spot for her big brother is a science enthusiast, believing in time travels and stuff. To Shun, being studious and believing in time travels are waste of time. He feels that what he does with his time, that is playing 3 Kingdoms RPG game, going online to go cyber dating and such are his main staples in life. His father (Har Yu) who owns a cafe disagrees and sees his son as someone who is useless, spending too much time on  needless things. For income, Shun works as a part time ke-le-fe in a 3 Kingdoms production but even that he doesn’t do well at all. Whilst his mother loves him very much, the truth is his father is right; “You’re nothing but a slacker! You can’t do anything right. You don’t even have a proper job! Your so called proper job is just a ke-le-fe! When are you ever going to work hard, ever?!” but to Shun his father was nitpicking; “You never approve of anything I do! You never support me!” 

Pause here. 

His father has cause to be concerned. Even during his rather simple ke-le-fe job, he slacks off work. He never takes anything seriously. He calls himself 3 Kingdoms era buff but ALL his history knowledge comes from the game itself and as his father teases “Your knowledge of the era is from that game. In your game, even Zhuge Liang can be defeated by Batman’s whip!” but Shun protests saying “What I know is accurate and true!!” but when he explains the history to his sister, he did include all those power ups and special powers earn, so seriously, I doubt his version too. 

Anyway Shun receives an offer to buy over a profitable computer games shop for HKD $200,000 and the owner asks “Are you interested?” and immediately and he and his 2 other slacker friends (who have proper jobs, one is a production assistant and the other a mechanic so technically they’re better than him job wise but to them he is the son of a cafe owner and so a boss’ son and future boss himself) express interest but the owner asks “But can you afford it?” and Shun says “I have my strategy!” and his strategy as he explains will involve persuading his father by way of first asking, then pleading and at last begging. 

At home, during dinner, he asks his father; “Father, I have decided to become a boss like yourself! I have a friend who wants to sell me his computer games shop business and it is very profitable. Moreover I am very good at this. Can you sponsor me? Just HKD $200,000” but his father smarter than he is says “I will approve of your ambitions but if you want to be a boss, come home to the cafe!” and Shun shifts strategy to beg “But father, I am not good at that. I am good at computer games, this is right up my alley!” but his father outsmarts him as he says “Don’t use that strategy on me. It will never work. Why don’t you work a decent job and earn your money like everyone else?” and Shun protests “But you pay for *can’t remember the brother’s name*’s every trip and they cost more!” and father says “That is because your brother is studious. He is using those money for good purpose. You just play all the time!” and Shun angrily retorted “You never support me in anything! You always think badly of me!” and both father and son argument escalates as mother screams to them to just shut up and Shun ends the argument as he says angrily “I don’t need you! I will earn that money myself!!” and he stalks off into his room and slams the door. Frustrated, he wonders how he is going to get the money as his friend calls and he tells his friend what happened when he saw a poster in his room where there is a 3 Kingdoms RPG game competition, 1st place is HKD $200,000! And so he joins with his 2 other friends where he plays as Zhuge Liang and does well enough to be the top 4 I think for the 1st day. He seems confident he will win. 

Meanwhile here I am a bit blurry as to what happened. He offends some guy who is dating one of the young starlets or RPG game girl. I suspect we will see that guy in the past later on. Anyway not much later he was almost run down by the same guy and so basically everybody knows these 2 got bad blood. 

Anyway game continues and to cut the long story short, he was so happy trying to kill off one character, another stabs him on his back and so his Zhuge Liang dies. He losses the competition. 

So back to square one. 

Back at his friend’s place he sees again that arrogant guy who he offends earlier and with his 2 friends decides to play a trick on him by breaking into his car, use some plaster or something on the interior when one of them pops open the glove compartment and out comes a big bag of pills. Not sure ecstasy or LSD or some drug pill. Scared, they run away and the guy comes back into his car, notices the bag of pills is outside when 2 policemen point their torch lights at him and so he got busted. His big time lawyer’s even bigger time sifu comes and says “There are signs your car was broken into. Could it be someone could have planted those pills inside?” and taking the cue, because he doesn’t want to go to prison for 6 years he eagerly says “YES YES! Someone must have planted it!!” 

Police investigates and witnesses say they saw 3 guys broke into the car and they could identify one of them. So that leads to our 3 slacker dudes and each told the truth about what happened. The other 2 got bailed whilst Shun waited for a long time, finally his father ran into the station and says “Son, I am here!” and instead of being grateful he shouted “If you don’t want to bail me out, just say so!” and his father a bit shocked said “You know how many procedure to do? I had to find a lawyer, fill in forms, it took some time and now you’re shouting at me?! Son, you do realise you are arrested for dealing drugs!! You planted those in that man’s car! Why don’t you just admit it, since you’re wrong!” and Shun angrily retorted “What kind of father are you?! My friends’ parents trust them but you, you don’t even trust me!!! I didn’t do it! I didn’t!!” and they were arguing back and forth until the police shouted “Sir, if you want to discipline your son, can you do it at home?!” 

Shun never go home. He goes to his friend’s place but his slacker friend says “Maybe you should go home. You need your father now. Lawyer needs money and he has money” but Shun says “No. I don’t want to go home to a father that never believes me.” 

Pause here. 

I understand the father’s distrust but to jump from computer slacker to planting drugs is a huge jump. Maybe the father should have believe his own son even if he is lazy useless immature ungrateful bastard but he is no drug dealer or whatever. One earlier scene shows how he asks his own sister to cook noodle for him AND then asks his sister for HKD100-00 as allowance, same money his mom gives his sister for her monthly allowance. Yes, our Shun is really really useless. 

Anyway he goes back to work as part time ke-le-fe and reports says Typhoon Shark is heading their way. As he rests he got a message from his sister who says police are out to arrest him because one of his friend’s says he was the one who planted the bag of pills inside the car! Disbelief sets in and he calls one friend (the production assistant) who says the mechanic friend’s mother threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t say it is Shun’s plan and then he calls his mechanic friend who says the other friend’s father says will kill himself if he doesn’t accuse Shun. Shun knows then his so called best friends have abandoned him and when he saw police looking for him at the set, he sneaks away and runs away. But since the typhoon is coming, he runs into a cave to hide when he sees some big bubble which he steps into it, admiring the beauty of that bubble thing when the earth underneath him opens up and he falls. Screaming as he falls, he grabs hold of the side of the cliff and suddenly stops and he says to himself “Phew! How on earth I could stop?” when someone underneath him timidly says “Sir… sir.. you’re stepping on me… help… sir..” and he looks down and his fall stops due to him standing on someone’s shoulder and that person is also clinging onto the side of the cliff. He climbs up and is about to run away when the guy says “Sir, please help me.. please…” and he drags him up and sees the guy dresses in ordinary ancient costume of an ordinary person. Shun himself at that time is also dressed as a soldier since he was at the set filming then. The guy thanks him profusely and Shun notices his style of speech is very traditional and he laughs “Hey dude! No need to stay in character all the time! Which production do you belong to? Oh never mind. I need to run! Bye!!” and he runs off as the guys shouts “Sir… wait! Wait!!!” 

As he runs, he knows he is lost. He is in some open field when he is confronted by 2 men dressed as again in some ancient costume except they wore soldier costumes, holding knives or spears, I can’t remember and one of them demands “What is the likes of you doing in our territory?!” and Shun laughs very hard as he says “Hey dudes!! Seriously, all these play acting, this is seriously funny!!” when suddenly they charge at him and he realises something is wrong when someone flew out and killed those 2. Shocked Shun says “No no, you’re not supposed to stab that way! You’re supposed to pretend to stab! No! No!” but the man who saved his life turns to him and says “Young soldier, you don’t belong here. I see you’re from *can’t remember the legion/command he was talking about*. Your commander has surrendered to Cao Cao. Your army is lost. Take my advice. Go back to your home, you have no army to go back to” and that guy leaves. 

Shun runs to those 2 dead soldiers as he mumbles “Wake up! Wake up! Come on! Cut! Scene is over! Oh no.. they’re dead!!” when the young man he just saved limps to him and says “Heroic sir, I found you! I was gonna tell you there are a lot of oppositions hiding here in the mountains.”


I didn’t catch the term used but I think he meant Cao Cao’s men or some yellow bandit. I really need to read up my 3 kingdoms history. 


Shun is still in shock and hears something and runs towards the sound when he sees a huge army charging along as Shun exclaims “Wow, not computer generated at all?!”, being led or may chasing after a man on a horse (probably white horse) when I think the young man says “Oh it is Chiu Chi Lung (Zhao Zhi Lung aka Zhao Yun – the 4th sworn brother always in white on a white horse who later will rescue and bring back Liu Bei’s son to him-I think the scene Shun sees is this very famous story – anyway good guy)” and Shun stares in disbelief as he says “Chiu Chi Lung? 3 Kingdoms’ Chiu Chi Lung?!” and he grabs that guy and asks “What year is this?!” and the guys answers something but Shun doesn’t understand as he shakes him some more “What dynasty?!” and he replies “This is the land of the great Han Dynasty” and Shun in shock looks toward the sky as he shouts “HAN DYNASTY?! I REALLY TOOK THE TIME TRAVEL EXPRESS TO THE PAST! I HAVE RETURNED TO THE THREE KINGDOMS?!?!??!?!?!” 

Next episode, no preview since this is same broadcast as HK and in AOD they never show preview. 

My first impression? 

Love it! I am happy that so far all those pop culture reference is kept to a minimum. The story is fast paced and I like the father and son disagreement angle which shows neither understands the other but the father does love the son but Shun thinks his father always thinks of him badly. But I think the father has cause for concern. Anyway story is for now like bullet train; very fast. Need to suspend disbelief a bit but I think the whole worm hole thing is a possible explanation. In case you were wondering, no he did not enter the game, he actually went back to 3 kingdoms era. And he brought along his his handphone hidden in his socks. Not that it will work but I suppose later on will make everyone believe his story that he is from the future. No doubt he will later return back to present time to right the wrong against him (drug charges – where he may earn some wisdom to fight off the charges) and perhaps mend his relationship with his father when he knows he IS a useless slacker. 

So far not much to comment on the story, which is why I just give you the summary, and I am not familiar with the names and all and I realise I am also not THAT familiar with the era when I thought I am familiar. 

One criticism I can give is on the production. The past looks cheap. It needs more people,  not computer generated people. Just imagine if this was Mainland China’s 3 Kingdoms production with Kenneth Ma as Shun, just imagine how grand that would be. Right now, even the costume looks underfunded. But the atmosphere is the worst; just not enough people I suppose. But then that has been TVB’s way since time immemorial when it comes to such series. 

For what it is worth, the 1st episode’s story is intriguing. Performances wise, this has got to be Kenneth Ma’s big moment as he dominates every single scene in this 1st episode. 

First of, I may complain  about the ancient costume or the atmosphere, I however must applaud the modern day costume on slacker Shun. He really gives me the vibe of a computer game enthusiast slacker useless nobody, and especially his shoes. I love the attention to those details, from jacket to hair to shoes. His computer needs 2 more super wide LED monitors because I believe a slacker such as himself into gaming will invest in at least 2 side by side 30 inches or whatever LED monitors. That would be more realistic and also funny; because it will show that is who he is. 

Secondly, Kenneth Ma who really goes all out in this character with his expressions, his delivery of his lines, etc. He is funny when he is not trying to be cute and funny. Because Shun himself is sorta funny to watch even if you feel he is darn useless. Some scenes Kenneth captured the right expression, such as his disbelief as the 2 soldiers were killed, his reaction when he realised he was back in the past and especially his angst ridden scenes with Har Yu who plays his frustrated father. So far from 1st episode I am happy Kenneth shows great promise in this interesting character. However looking at the trailer, I am afraid the story will let him down because of all things, Shun says he wants to change the past. That is a big no no. But I suppose the series will explain that by him changing the past is actually the past itself. That sort of argument. 

So far 1st episode is entertaining and funny for all the right reason. Please please keep those smart aleck pop culture references to the minimum, please! 

Anyway just an observation. Strange isn’t it that in modern day a total useless slacker would in the end do well in the past as a strategist in one of the most talked about and romanticised period of Chinese history. I am eager to see how the story will justify Shun’s rise as a strategist and I just hope it won’t be stupid. I am hoping for a rather logical intelligent series.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com.

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  1. I believe Kenneth rides a bicycle and chasing a BMW convertible which is really ridiculous.

    1. Larry,Funn

      Reading the episodic thoughts, I can imagine that Kenneth excelled in his hilarious performance! He is very funny in real life and I can see how he would be able to deliver those wisecracks!

      While reading Funn’s very detailed episodic thoughts, I kept thinking of Stephen Chow’s character in “The Justice of Life” (他來自江湖). Stephen’s character was a big time slacker in there; did he even have a job?

      1. LOL yeap KM sounds like he excelled being humurous in Funn’s episodic review!

      2. this time i like funn’s review. ma ming was excellent in being funny. thumbs up to him

      3. Yes Stephen Chow was also a slacker but not a computer game addict. I believe if The Justice of Life is made today he may be a computer game addict as well. But seriously though, Stephen Chow is GOD of comedy. Kenneth has much to learn.

  2. 1st episode sucks… I think in some parts of the episode it was rush and rough edited. Nothing funny at all. Nothing worth watching it…..

    1. Larry,
      The recap sounds humorous enough. Your expectations too high lately? If you liked “Ghetto Justice,” the humor in “Three Kingdoms RPG” really doesn’t compare?

      1. I re-watch the first episode and theres really nothing humorous about it.

      1. My expectations is too low for this series…So be it.

  3. Haven’t watch but 3K episode sounds awesome from this review!

  4. havent watch ths yet but def lookung forward to it… luv ma ming

  5. I loved the first episode! LOLOL, especially the last 10 minutes of it! It was so funny when he was talking to the guy in the 3 kingdoms era.

      1. I loved the part when Kenneth said to the fighting people, “Whoa, haven’t seen you guys before. Don’t think I’m in your acting team…where’s the camera?!?!” 😀 LOOOL

      2. in the next episode ma ming has another very hilarious scene. keep watch for it.

    1. i agree. I love the first episode too. ma ming was very funny!

      1. Watched it haha, funny ! Waiting for Tavia to appear~

  6. 1st Eps was alright but i do look foward to the next eps. Kenneth was quite funny.

    1. ma ming is funny again in second episode. You must watch! 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’ll be enjoying the show as much as I wanted. I hope that phone of his doesn’t play a major role in the series. I don’t know how they can justify that thing having enough battery to do anything or the phone being able to do anything at all in the past.

    1. Haha he is using a Xperia on this series and as an user of the same branch, it battery isnt its strength.

    2. He has an extra battery. And frankly I don’t expect logic so I just went along with it. It doesn’t make sense when it comes to the phone but it helps to push the narration along.

    3. this is an entertaining fun comedy. some people are taking this series too seriously and it’s TVB, we don’t expect every series to look as expensive as tiger cubs

      1. I would, however silly I may be or hopeless things may be, expect TVB to put in more budget for such a series. Because of lack of funding the series does give a low budget feel. And I suppose it is with the actors who are chosen for the supporting cast. Some of them I wonder perhaps TVB lacks people.

    4. Vincent only switch the phone on once in a while. There was a scene showing Vincent saying to himself ‘there’s only one extra battery left, better switch off the phone’ and he promptly did so.

      1. Isn’t there such a concept as “lau tin” aka battery leakage?

      2. I believe battery leakage only happen if you do not on the machine for a long time. That’s what a notice. Only equipment I have not use for ages have battery leakage. I think Vincent on and off his phone from time to time to check for messages.

  8. great start, hopefully the rest of the series keeps up!

  9. Kenneth iz 2 old for this drama, he n raymond should have switched roles or have somebody else replace him. ep 1 was good but ep 2 was boring

    1. Honesty I cant imagine MM as Zhuge Liang. I can see LF as Sima Shun since he acted useless funky boy before, in Fa sister for example but MM as a scholar? Hard to imagine to me. Does he have any experience of this type of role?

    2. ma ming is praised for his performance. his age might be old but his performance was excellent. haters will hate


      2. Jake, you are right… news comes out complainers complain Kenneth’s age ia too old for the role. Haters! :D.

      3. Ever thought maybe he is playing early 30s? I am not sure what is Shun’s age but my impression is he is 30.

      4. I think Kenneth is appropriate for the role. Because Shun is already 30 years old and still a slacker, it makes the character seem even more useless and I think that’s the point of the character in the beginning. He’s a useless slacker with no sense of responsibility.

      5. And shameless. The way he took money from his sister. I do know Kenneth is older than 30 but if Tavia’s fans insist she can play a 23 year old, surely Kenneth is believable as 30 year old since Kenneth is not much older? If he is young looking it wouldn’t make sense for the character Shun.

      6. agreed. KM is appropriate for his age here!TY 23 now that’s stretching it!

      7. Or maybe the lacked in facial expression of Ron is more tolerable? One has too many, one lacks. They can mix and take the half for both :D.

        MM can act 30 but he seems to force herself to be funny and act funny in here so he did give a lot of facial expression, too many. If he can reduce it, it’s better.

    3. No. If Ray is Shun, can you imagine the chok chok chok look? MM as Zhuge Liang is wrong casting.

  10. So far in eps 2 (I skipped eps 1) MM’s chac is ok, some parts annoying such as the wedding but tolerable. I only have a problem that MM should reduce the facial expessions. Not that many expression mean funny. But he is better than I expected on him.

    Spoiler included below:

    The series is better than I expected, too. I like the part of eating Panda. It made me laugh when imagining how modern ppl react to a normal thing in ancient time. A good joke. Obviously ancient ppl wont feel a matter when eating the pandas since there are too many of them.

    The wedding was a good part. Kaki acts well when she showed the required face of a girl.that lack the confidence and cant blv why a good guy chose her. Her actions are well done and the emotion in the face is shown. Kudos to her and hope she can continue it.

    Lol, dunno if it’s the effect of the love rumour or not but LF’s facial expression in this wedding scene is very caring with some worries. Suit the emotions. I like his eyes when he looks at her after finishing the speech. Very “loved”, not that modern love but like the belief of a man to a woman. However if he can speak louder a bit, it’s better. His voice is convincing but too low.

    I dun find this one is too funny. Maybe they should increase the situation like the panda one instead of putting too many modern slangs. Even modern ppl cant know that many slangs :D, proved by my frds in HK. But it’s kinda ok for eps 2. Hope the series can continue good.

    And the guy who made me laugh tge most is the ancient frd of Sima Shun. His face expression is so funny. He did well. What is his name? Like his silly face whenever Sima Ahun mentions of a slang.

    1. to each own. I don’t have problem with ma ming facial expression. ma ming’s role is comedic and he’s very convincing so far. glad to hear you think ma ming is better than your expectation.

      1. It’s a surprise if you have problem with MM’s facial expessions :).

    2. “And the guy who made me laugh tge most is the ancient frd of Sima Shun. His face expression is so funny. He did well. What is his name? “

      His name is Cheung Wing Hong (張穎康).

      I’m glad that more people are taking notice of him now for this role.

      I’ve noticed him for quite some time already and find him to be a versatile actor. I most remember him in MOL, FH3 and CBML.

      1. Haha, he is so funny. I also noticed him in Witness Insecurity after watching ep 2 of 3K. But 3K was a better character for him.

      2. So far I think he did well. His expressions are more natural and he dun try to act cute or funny. Maybe his face alone is good enough. Like him when he does the I-dont-understand face.

      3. He was 5th princess’s husband in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’. 😀

        And he played a very smart guy in MOL.

      4. I rmb him in CBML but pethaps I dun rmb MOL that much or the habour side scenes covered all of my mind so I dun rmb who he was in this one. Mind to give me a light?

      5. @Fox

        He played Jason Chan’s younger brother in the MOL. Do you remember Jason Chan’s case? He played a university student in the series.

      6. Oh rmb him now. Yup it was him. A bonus to my list of watching in 3k.

    3. Fox:

      But surely, u can understand why Win Sun would act that way at the wedding. He is a modern fanboy w/ superficial ideals on beauty. Of course he thinks plain looking kaki is not good enough for his handsome idol. It’s like a exquisite flower stuck on a cow…

      But I like kaki’s sickly voice so far. It sounds not as annoying as her real voice. I remember her first scene in “relic of emissary”, playing Joel’s wife. Her voice was so nasal and whiny, it gave me the shivers. She was one of the worst portrayals of a queen ever.

      1. Josie, exactly my interpretation of that scene as well!

      2. That’s why I’ve said that the chac is a bit annoying but tolerable.

        Im glad that Kaki is chosen for this role. I cant think of anyone to switch it with her now.

      3. I can. It is not an important role, because if it is it will be a more well known actress.

      4. Fox:

        The only other girl I can think of right now is gigi Ho (older sister of lily). She hosts “scoop” and played Louis’ sister in “queen of diamonds and hearts”. She’s not that pretty but she seems smart.

        Also joey yung can play the plain girl w/ a heart of gold like in “jade and the pearl”. Too bad she can only do comedy.

      5. If Gigi Ho then it’s kinda interesting because Lily Ho plays the third party in this one.

      6. TY isnt plain. She might lose her prettiness but who can be plain with that nose :p.

      7. is this series written by new scriptwriter? that comment about kenneth’s superficial take on beauty sounds new from TVB’s typical script

      8. I agree with Josie. Also, remember that Kenneth has very high standard when it come’s to girls’ beauty. Remember when he was chatting online with some girls, another girl want to add him as friend, but, he said the girl is ugly and he go add her pretty friend instead. That girl is not ugly at all. Just bespectacled. So, him thinking HYY is ugly is also understandable.

  11. imho..I feel that Kenneth was a bit exaggerated with his performance. But he still make me enjoy watching tis series so far. As for Ray..hmmn..his facial expression seems just normal and nothin make me ‘wow’ at his performance. Maybe the later development character will change my view. For Kaki Leong , I love the way she deliver her speech but her expression still dun drove me into her character. Still typical of her.

    1. imo raymond didn’t wow me too and gives a normal chok feeling. kaki leung hasn’t done much yet we’ll see when she has more scenes

      1. I was thinking maybe Tavia should have been his wife. It makes more sense. Or get Jess to play her since historical isn’t the wife supposed to be dark skinned? But I suppose Kaki has very few scenes hence her casting.

      2. But it’s so boring to see FungYi again. LF and Kaki = a fresh pairing. But then, Tavia playing Huang Yueying is actually okay.. because she actually suits the character description… if you know what I mean.

      3. if TY is LF’s wife the TY fans wil be happy at first because of fungyi but later maybe complaint when they realize the character is supposedly an ugly woman ROFL

      4. Why i think Tavia is because the writer could have made the role into a special guest star role. Cast someone we never expect, someone famous, and for me why not Tavia? Either that or change Tavia’s age a bit and character a bit to suit her looks. I will say more when I do see her character.

      5. Kaki is suitable for the role so far and she is doing it well her way. Dun need to change ppl. TY fans of course dun want her to act ugly woman or be hurt by male collaborators. They can be kinda scary whenever a guy “dare” to hurt her on screen. So if she acts Wong Yuet Ying, they will chop cut MM because of some scenes like the wedding one.

      6. Maybe they should give Tavia guest character as Sun Shangxiang. Tavia look suitable for tis character (seems many people feel Tavia a bit tomboyish) . Beside tis character can be fresh for Tavia.

      7. Then pair her with Lee Kwok Lun? They will even complain more, lolz. Just Michael Tse and they already bash him like a dragger, if Lee Kwok Lun, my gosh.

        Sun Sheng Xiang isnt tomboy but rather a heroin. However after getting married with Liu Bei she disappeared in the novel. I wont mention of history because ppl read the novel more and use it as reference for 3 kingdoms era.

      8. I just feel Tavia can look cool if she can act as Sun Shangxiang (brave to do anything that she think is right to do). I dun really bother whoever she pair with as long as her character interesting enough for me.

      9. Dont have any faith in the 23 maid, a-pop?

        I just dun want to see Lee Kwok Lun is bashed :D. You might not care but the other fans. I saw them complain that they dun want TY to act Wong Yuet Ying before the role in here is revealed because they hate any guys who dare to hurt litto TY. So dun let her act the famous wife or their new sweetheart MM will be bashed by they themselves. Not good for anyone.

      10. Even though I little unhappy with Tavia get role as maid(the age dun really a problem to me, the younger the age she get the better to me :p), but dun really mind as long can watch her in ancient series.

        Then they just cast her as Sun Shangxiang haven’t married to Liu Bei instead.Make her as unmarried heroin and fans of her will happy :p

      11. Then they will complain about the screentime. Already has complaints. However if it can happen Im the one who is happy. Less scenes to fast forward.

        Btw you might be angry but I find she looks so fake in the themevideo of this one, especially the crying scene. The thick makeup is the problem. After BTROC she always uses thick makeup on face in any role and it makes her look fake. then if she has the role like Sun Sheng Xiang and with this makeup style, I doubt she is convincing. Just remind me of how thick the makeup of the police Sai Lei Mui was last time.

      12. Why can’t TVB adopt the term call SPECIAL GUEST STAR?

      13. Too me , she cant do much thing on the thick make up since the make up artist that drawing her face. Maybe because not enough of sleep cause heavy eyes bag , dark circle and pimple make her have to put bunch of make up on face to cover up the flaws.

    2. I will write more on Raymond when ep 2 is posted.

  12. good start,true i am happy see fung and ma ming, nice voice from fung and funny performance from ma ming

  13. Apparently people are complaining on Kenneth Ma’s age as being old…. They also complain…
    “TVB series “Three Kingdoms RPG” premiered the night before, immediately receiving viewers’ complaints, saying that the series contained offensive language. The storyline was about Kenneth using coarse language to yell at friends: “You two PKs!” The Communications Authority immediately received 16 complaints afterward, including dissatisfaction with the series containing offensive language.”

    Source: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/

    1. apparently it was also mentioned that ma ming was praised in there.

      the second episode got 32 points AVERAGE. It shows people are interested.

      1. Lolz eps 1 with full of MM is 30 and then with appreance of LF it’s 32, why dun think so and pull all on MM, fiona? Haha.

  14. 3 Kingdom is leading ratings for current airing series now with 32 points average for episode 2. I knew this series will be well received 🙂

    glad this series beat down the old fashioned and outdated witness. 3 kingdom is very fun to watch!

    1. how is 3 kingdoms not old fashioned? there were many dramas that used the same plot as 3 kingdoms, like a step in the past a chip off that block, ACTUALLY 3 KINGDOMS IS MORE OUTDATED! THis series only get high ratings not because of the synopsis but of RAYMOND, hes a rating winner

      1. 3 kingdom uses current popular satires and jokes such as chok and the V sign.

        so now you think the ratings caused by Raymond? imo so far he doesn’t wow me yet. maybe later but not yet

      2. uses popular saties and jokes? Chok is in every series and jokes are also in no good either way! Your f kin crazy! THe ratings are because of raymond, u think its because of kenneth? IN YOUR DREAMS! SO what if raymond hasnt impressed u, it doesnt mean he’s the one for the rating booster!

      3. It is old fashioned but it also works. It is funny. That is why the ratings.

      4. agree with Funn. the ratings show that people love this series. it’s not often we get a good funny series like this.

      5. Ratings mean that there are a lot of people watching this, ratings doesnt mean its a good drama! If u like to compare then lets compare it to heart of greed!

      6. Its not Raymond Lam… he’s now a ratings poison.

        Kenneth is the star appearing a couple eps.

      7. Since u like to compare 3 with old fashioned witness, then lets compare 3 with heart of greed

      8. I think the plot is the main point so far :). Nobody is shining in this one first place or both shines the own way. However the selling point is the plot. The series is quite fast paced and intense.

      9. ratings depend on how exciting and fast moving the plot is

    2. WI is doing good, too. So dun compare them about od-fashioned. Both have LKH smell, very strong indeed.

  15. Why is Kenneth too old? How old is Shun actually? My impression is he is an immature lazy bum, eldest in the family so my guess is late 20s or 30 or so. That isn’t old. Zhugeliang is supposed to be mid 20s or so at the start of this series so Raymond is ok.

    1. some people have narrow thinking that only schoolboys play games

    2. I agree. Shun is a 30 year old slacker + computer addict. Kenneth does not look too old for the role.

      1. It maybe bad makeup? Or they complain he’s getting to 40 years old.

      2. those might be the same crazy Ron fans that everyday complain about ruco since last year because in sales.presentation Ron is in KM’s character

      3. But Ron is not in this series. Ron can do stoned though.

      4. @ Funn

        Ron played the gamer who traveled back in time in the sale presentation clip. So, some Ron fans might consider Kenneth as ‘stealing’ Ron’s role.

      5. Ron would be quite ok but I don’t know if I can believe him as a brilliant strategist later on. Somehow Kenneth is believable of someone wise even if he pouts and all. Less pouting here. If Ron is just an observer then I will say Ron will do well but with him as a participant and since Ron’s fans may think he is hot and all, they might start hoping for Raymond-Ron pairing.


      6. Sima Shun is a MK guy from beginning to end, never be a brilliant strategist. He knows the future so he uses it. The smart parts are still covered by Zhuge Liang. Glad they dun make Zhuge Liang the stupid guy and have to reply on the future guy. In eps 2 it showed.

        2R is the best brotherly couple or can convert to BL dreams if like. Dunno why but whenever they are together, they seem to do better as they understand each other very well? Like in The four, although Lang Huet and Mo Ching lack together scenes, their together scenes are sweet :D. The piggyback!

      7. He doesn’t know the future. He knows bits and pieces and he knows the wrong info. He doesn’t even know Zhuge Liang married a plain ugly wife. He will learn to be brilliant strategist if the wikipedia cast-character name is true. Huge spoilers so I will say no more.

      8. I know the story will probably go like he knows the past because he knows the video game but I hope this series will move forward by debunking everything he knows so that he can actually learn something useful.

      9. Learn to be, not one. He knows wat to do in famous works for example Liu Bei invites Zhuge Liang. The marriage of Zhuge Liang wasnt mentioned in the novel so many readers even dun know that.

      10. His entire knowledge is based on video game, not the novel. Readers who are curious will read other books to supplement that of ROTK.

      11. from the conversations here 3K’s plot and character design sounds good. Is TVB improving their script?

      12. ratings mostly depend on the storyline. WHB was deemed good but ratings suffer because storyline too slow. MOP also suffers low rating because too slow. Do you want to call Moses rating poison?

  16. Oh it was a bicycle? Thanks for the correction! Now his character is even more of a loser!!

  17. Just feel Kenneth Ma is not suitable for the role.
    This pales in comparsion to the one with Louis Koo- that was really good!

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